Sunday, July 18, 2010

Philosophy began...

when the first pipe was smoked!

Accept all and emerge victorious!

If we can accept and view with a compassionate heart everything we experience, both outside ourselves and within our own mind, we emerge victorious in life!

Image of Gangaji

Friday, July 16, 2010

The isolated bubble of self-concern: ORFEO ANGELUCCI

New York street scene, busy, concerned man walking along the sidewalk

One afternoon when I was in downtown Los Angeles
I stood on a street corner and watched the hurrying
throngs of people. All were so earnestly intent
upon personal ambitions, pleasures, frivolities, worries
and personal problems and so completely wrapped up
in their own private worlds.

Few even so much as noticed their fellow-beings on the streets.
It was as though each person lived in a world apart; encased in a
tomb of separateness and living death. Like shadows
they hurried busily on their separate ways lost in dreams
of unreality.

I realized that in truth each went his way alone;
even those nearest and dearest to him never really
touched the deeper core of his aloneness. This is
the tragedy of mortality.

Things seem pleasant enough on the surface.
Earth with its flowers, trees, sunshine;
the cities with their paved streets and fine buildings;
the trim houses with their neat lawns — all
appear fair enough. But it is like a mirage,
for the material world is a prison world where each man is a
bondsman locked in a prison cell. The prison cells
cannot be opened from without.

Remember, love is understanding and understanding is love
throughout the universe. Hence love is the constant of all worlds.
By love I mean only selfless love and not the carnality which is
often mistaken here on Earth for love. Love is infinite freedom.

Orfeo Angelucci, Secret of the Saucers, p.114-5

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Communication: the key to breaking the Elite's spell

source: Korton 9/29/01

During the coming days, months, and years, you ones will be witness to many events that will be considered senseless in terms of rational thinking. You will be told by your government what to think and believe regarding these events (such as the World Trade Center attacks).

This is not new. Your current society has been molded to swallow the mainstream media's explanation of events, and you have been diligently trained to NOT question, else the fear of ridicule and outright persecution will surely follow, most often from your closest friends, relatives, and co-workers. However, there are measures you can take to learn to sift through the facade of presented information, and learn to LISTEN for key words that will give you clues and help you to discern when you are being manipulated with half-truths or blatant lies.

LISTEN for key words such as:
"Insiders are REPORTED to have said...." (You should be thinking to yourself: But they may not have.)
"Officials say it APPEARS to be...." (But it may not be what it appears.)
"The ALLEGED terrorist was...." (But we could be wrong.)

Your news media sources know that often they are forced to report truly important news with a certain slant or spin that will often lead to the news stations presenting fabricated stories from "protected" sources. To help these news organizations protect themselves from being sued into non-existence, the ones writing the stories that are fed to the teleprompters are trained by very skilled lawyers to use such key words and phrases as: IT APPEARS, ALLEGED, REPORTED TO HAVE SAID, GENERAL OPINION IS, INDICATORS SUGGEST, and so on.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

SKEPTICS in name only!

The true skeptic admits they do not have all the answers. If they have not directly experienced something for themselves they make no absolute claim about it. The true skeptic has an open mind and is open to all possibilities.

The false skeptic thinks they already know the answers, even in areas where they have little or no direct knowledge. They use a distorted view of science to back them up, even though science is in a continual state of revision and can only answer questions in a limited field. These people are not true skeptics, they are naysayer's. They have little interest in discovering truth but instead wish to stir up trouble among others.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The PROFUSION and CONFUSION of modern life.

OUTLAW anything that could remind them of their God nature!

Heaven forbid the people become spiritually independent!

The greatest TECHNOLOGY available today...


Sometimes you've got to STEP OUTSIDE the box...

to see the bigger picture!


Victory over controlling forces cannot be gained by force of arms.

Only by complete resistlessness which is ULTIMATE POWER can controlling forces be rendered powerless and thus overcome.


Resistance leads to what we resist pushing back. Life becomes miserable for us and we lose our freedom. But with total resistlessness we are unaffected by the actions of others. If we are forced to act in a way to please others, we do so but with no INNER resistance. We do it freely as if it were our own choice.

In this way our peace of mind is maintained, the "controllers" are happy, and all is well! The alternative is an ongoing war either fought externally with weapons or within our own soul. Both are destructive and remove the peace of mind and harmony that make life worth living!

Prison cells...

Home for the socially disenfranchised!

source: Planetes

If you can escape CLOCK time...

please do so!



Give someone 12 years...

and it'll take 12 years!

Matthew Ward - the Ego

"First I’ll add to my comments about ego—it is self-identity and you don’t want to let that go. What fosters spiritual growth is molding the ego in ways that are aligned with the soul’s contract choices—you know when you are in tune with the contract through comfortable feelings about yourself, like self-assurance that you’re being—or becoming—the “who” your soul signed up to be."


The PRIME directive

Go you own way, and offer freedom for all others.

Image: Star Wars Episode II

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The finalists

Don't look back!

You may not like what you see!

Ideally, your outlook should inspire you!

Hi. M' name's Snoid...

pleased to meet ya!

Instant Karma - Stuart Wilde

Your waking intellect (your personality) brings to you an instant karma. For example, if you are diligent and responsible, life tends to treat you the same way. If you are uncaring and irresponsible, you pull to you all sorts that will treat you erratically and let you down.

If you are out of control emotionally and unattentive, you slip off the sidewalk and sprain your ankle. If you stay in control and focused, you complete your journeys without incident. If you are generous, people treat you warmly, if you are mean, life will treat you more harshly.

Your waking intellect bends reality to suit your personality so quite naturally you see and comprehend life and events as you want to see them.

Stuart Wilde