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Imbalance: the enemy

 Wars and other conflicts are created by unbalanced souls.  A soul out of balance will try to upset others to spread their imbalance around.  Look at Hitler- he infected a whole nation susceptible to his madness.

This cannot happen when each of us remains UNMOVED by the ploys used by these unbalanced ones. 

To continue to work constructively for ALL BEINGS we must remain emotionally balanced.  The destructive acts of unbalanced souls are to be EXPOSED- not fought against.  To do so would tar us with the same brush and lead us to the same imbalance.

Let's not get drawn into their game- but instead, stand tall, remain poised and channel our energies for good!

Sharka Todd

The use of force

There are those who favor using force to change existing political orders.  Force is used to get people to do things they don't want to do.   Nobody enjoys being forced in this way.   It is interfering in their lives.

Such use of force results in the build up of resentments which spill over into future conflicts.  Therefore the use of force contributes to long term unrest and works against peace.

To achieve a peaceful outcome trust and friendship must be built.   To use force only delays this process.

Sharka Todd

Healing rifts for God

To heal rifts in the human family is Godly.  To create divisions is the work of the evil one!

To bring mankind together in understanding  and love is the work of the noble soul.  Let's bring peace and understanding to the Earth!

Sharka Todd

"Blessed are the peacemakers."

Right wing = left wing

In socialist countries power is concentrated in the hands of a few political chiefs.  In capitalist countries power is concentrated in the hands of few big business bosses.

Right wing parties tend to favor big business in their dealings.  Left wing parties favor concentrating power into the hands of government.  Both result in the centralization of power.

What is the alternative?

Withdrawing power from governments and corporations is achieved by bypassing them in our daily dealings.  Many of the functions they perform are unnecessary and better carried out by individuals, small enterprises and communities.  

Big business has only got so big because we have supported it!

Sharka Todd

Those in authority

Those in authority are the servants of the people. 
The people are NOT the servants of the leaders!

The leaders behavior should be accountable and fully transparent to the public.
They are not to be blindly followed!  Instead, their behavior should be closely examined.  They must earn the respect and trust of the public over time.

Blind faith in Earth leaders is naive and dangerous!
Only God, or the process of life, itself, is to be trusted!

Sharka Todd

Israeli tank with peace symbol (PIC)

Photo by Musa-AL-SHAER, edit by Sharka Todd

Wellbeing abounds- ABRAHAM-HICKS

The one factor that has been unknown by most humans, that is understood by the beasts, is that Well-being truly does abound; and that you are blessed beings who live in an atmosphere of grace; and that unless you are doing something to pinch off the Well-being, it will be yours.

Look for the evidence of the Well-being, and be an advocate for Well-being rather than an advocate for getting rid of what does not feel like Well-being. Then little by little by little, your own personal experience begins to take shape in a way that is more satisfying to you.


Fallen beings feed on human fear and anger- KIM MICHAELS

Edit of an article written by Kim Michaels in the book: Lord Maitreya's Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

Power Elite 6: Understanding the rationale behind irrational acts 

The basic equation is that a fallen being can only absorb light of a lower vibration, which is why such a being cannot steal spiritual light directly from others. It must get those who have spiritual light to misqualify that light, to lower it to a vibration that the fallen being can absorb. It does this by getting people to engage in any type of activity that lowers the vibration of their mental and emotional energies. An obvious example is any activity that causes you to feel anger or fear. Yet many activities will feed your spiritual light to the conglomerate of fallen beings and beasts, which is why Jesus told you to be aware so you do not cast your pearls before swine (Matthew 7:6).

You now see that although human beings commit many acts for which they have no rational or logical explanation, there is a rational and logical explanation for why people commit such acts. The stark reality is that these people have become tied to the conglomerate of fallen beings and beasts, and thus their minds are – at least part of the time – controlled by, even taken over by, this force. The dualistic force can manipulate people – by pulling on their mental and emotional bodies – into committing actions that misqualify light. When you look at the action itself, you can clearly see that it accomplished nothing positive and had no constructive purpose for anyone on Earth. As just one example consider how many battles have caused people to be killed without actually accomplishing anything decisive or constructive for any society. Yet the action was not motivated by a desire to accomplish a constructive purpose on Earth. It was triggered by the desire to produce misqualified energy that feeds the fallen beings and the beasts behind them. 


A substantial number of the people on Earth have their minds so controlled by dualistic forces that they are literally like cows that live only to have their energies milked by the dualistic force. One obvious example is how addicts live and breathe only to get their next fix. Yet even many so-called normal people feed one or more of the planetary beasts through seemingly innocent activities, such as smoking, drinking, watching excess TV, sex addiction, gossiping, pornography, buying the latest consumer gadget or fashion, or watching a violent sports activity. Basically, any activity that can be addictive will feed one of the planetary beasts, as will any activity that causes you to feel negative emotions or think negative or selfish thoughts.  

Most people are not completely taken over by dualistic forces, but they do have ties that allow these forces to steal their energies on a more or less frequent basis. These are the people who have the potential to take action and free themselves and the Earth from the influence of dualistic forces. The first step is to become aware of how they are personally influenced by dualistic forces and then extricate themselves from that influence. The second step is to cry out to God for the Light of God to banish these forces – and the state of consciousness out of which they spring – from the Earth. And the third step is to go out and challenge the influence of such forces on individuals and on the institutions of society. If people knew better, they would do better, but who will help them know better? Certainly not the forces of duality and the institutions they control, including most religious institutions.

© 2009 by Kim Michaels

Read the complete article here.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Consciousness cannot be explained

Ping Pong anime TV series 

Consciousness is the space in which explanations occur and is prior to all explanations.

Every explanation for consciousness is just a thought- an object in consciousness.  Consciousness just is, that is all we can rationally say about it.  “Explaining” it is just a nonsense- a conceit of the ego.

We can speak about the conditions required in a physical body to enable consciousness to function through that body but we can't speak about consciousness itself.  This is because it has no physical or mental characteristics which can be described.  Instead, it is the screen on which physical and mental events occur.

We can speak about physical experiences, sensations in the body and thoughts- all objects in consciousness.  We can speak about the intensity of consciousness as we can with the intensity of light.  Sometimes it is dim, sometimes it is powerfully bright.  But this does not explain consciousness, itself. However, it does make it clear that the power and clarity of our consciousness does depend on bodily process whilst our consciousness is focused through a body.

Consciousness is that place where experience occurs.  We can only speak about the experience and not the mental space in which it occurs.  It is prior to language which is experienced as an object in consciousness also, as all things are.  Consciousness just is, and that is the whole story!

Sharka Todd

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What we can learn from war (PIC)

Image edit by Sharka Todd, original image by unknown.

Scene from "The Congress" (PIC)

Image from "The Congress" (film)

The scientific evolution of man (PIC)

Image edit by Sharka Todd

Sunday, July 27, 2014

YODA- How to tell good from bad

“You will know (the good from the bad) when you are calm, at peace. Passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.”

- Yoda

How the power elite rule

The elite rule by using their money and influence to brainwash the population into believing that what is good for the elite is also good for the common man.

This is done, first of all, by influencing underlying currents of thought- paradigms or philosophies held by the public.  This can be achieved by funding and influencing institutions which play in a role in shaping the way the public view the world.  An example of this is how academic institutions promote the doctrine of scientific materialism and actively discourage any belief or discussion of a spiritual dimension.  Such a belief helps to keep the public feeling small and largely worthless.

Secondly, common beliefs about specific topics are influenced by the continual bombardment of the population with a viewpoint that serves the elites.  Any other viewpoint is either ignored or actively discouraged.  Ideally, preferred viewpoints are presented by "authoritative" figures that the population has been taught to trust and revere.  Alternative viewpoints that don't serve the elites are marginalized, ignored or ridiculed.  This has the effect of keeping most people believing as the elite desire.  This is largely due to the common human desire to fit in and be accepted by their common man by believing as others do.

The way to overcome elite rule is by questioning handed-down "truths" and accepted wisdom which will enable us to come to our own conclusions about the nature of life and its constituent factors.  A truly empowered, independently thinking public cannot be controlled by an elite for long.  Our own role is in achieving this independence and reclaiming our rightful personal power which puts us beyond the reach of those who would seek to use us for their own selfish gain.


Interesting articles on the power elite by Kim Michaels here and here.  The spiritual origin of the power elite- articles by Kim Michaels.

Treat life lightly

A light, non-grasping approach to life results in the best outcome;  being too serious or too careless interferes with our guidance and our best performing of acts!

When we hold onto life too tightly we don't allow the natural flow of well-being and wisdom through our bodies and we blind ourselves to a clear perspective on life!

WAR- We are responsible for our own actions!

To say someone else is to blame when WE fire off a weapon is somewhat disingenuous!

Just because somewhat else has committed a violent act doesn't mean we should do likewise!  This would just be lowering ourselves to their level of mindless brutality and this is no way to act for a person who believes in the value of life!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Japan's tidal wave (PIC)

Image: Sinking of Japan (film)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Everything is mutually interpenetrating

by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (1910-1991)

All aspects of phenomena are completely clear and lucid.
The whole universe is open and unobstructed – everything is mutually interpenetrating.

Women hunters wearing camouflage (PIC)

Does Judaism teach "turning the other cheek"?

 by Rabbi Litt

We do not believe in “turning the other cheek.”

If a homicide bomber blows himself up in a crowded section of Tel Aviv, G-d forbid, then Christianity teaches to “turn the other cheek.” Judaism teaches to wipe evil off the map.

The Israeli government will seek terrorists out and pull them from where they sleep. The Torah allows for us to protect ourselves from murderers at all costs.

The Pope has publicly said many times that the Israeli government should not actively go after terrorists in Ramallah or Jenin or Gaza because we have to learn forgiveness.

Who is turning the other cheek?

According to Jewish law if someone is about to kill someone we are allowed to kill him first. The Torah allows for the death penalty in many cases. The Torah allows for harsh penalties for theft, lying, and harming a fellow person.

Source: Jewish

The man who destroyed Barry Long

Gary Hart.

Image source and more information on Barry Long and Gary Hart in the film: Scenes from an Enlightened Life.

Pictures of Barry Long (PICS)

Warning sign when entering Earth's atmosphere

by Sharka Todd

Warning signs upon entering Gaza (PIC)

Image by Sharka Todd

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Killer judge executed in Iraq (VIDEO)

Galatians, 6:7
Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

A characteristic of a true prophet

True prophets speak from their own realization of truth rather than just rehashing the words of previous prophets, though these may be used to illustrate a point.  This is the main difference between a prophet and a preacher, lawyer or academic.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The end of the world, not the earth- BARRY LONG

by Barry Long

I HAVE SAID that the world is going to be destroyed, not the earth. That’s very important to remember; because it's the earth, not the world, that you love. The earth will be here; and if you really come to life in the time you’ve got, you’ll be here too.

The earth and the life-forms on it will receive a savage, punishing blow. The earth too has to pay a penalty, as it’s already doing, for the selfishness of the intelligent life – us – that came out of it. We humans are of the earth; we are the original life-form of pure reflective intelligence on earth. But out of our ignorance – our willful disregard for life – came the destructive human self-conscious intelligence that created the world. The earth is responsible for us as a mother is responsible for her child. If the child is irresponsible or unloving, the mother will suffer in some way.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The best car color is dark grey-

so the car blends in with the road!

The Boomer Island compound, Tasmania (PICS)

Mansion/castle located on Boomer Island, Tasmania owned by Gunter Jaeger

Above photos by Sharka Todd

Satellite image from Google Earth.

Friday, July 11, 2014

As the situation in Israel and Palestine reveals-

the way to keep a conflict going is to seek revenge for what has been done to one's people.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pro- creates anti-, anti- creates pro-...

while the truth is usually in the middle!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Intuition and the Jedi

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

The understanding and use of the intuitive "sense" is not encouraged by modern institutions- but in Jedi circles it is given pride of place!  The Jedi view the subtle senses as conveying messages that can't be gained any other way, and which prove useful for one's continued well-being and the well-being of others.  Indeed, intuition is seen as playing a role that the thinking mind is incapable of fulfilling, for the thinking self exists in a kind of vacuum that may be totally removed from what is actually going on in the world around us.  It is only the senses (both subtle and gross) that allow us to be in touch with the world around us and allows us to respond to life in the most appropriate and constructive way.

Sharka Todd

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The problem with political parties

The problem with political parties is that people sometimes vote for candidates on the basis of their party affiliation rather than on their individual merits. Additionally, established parties can act in concert to keep new political parties from gaining any real power thereby stifling dissent and new ideas.

Banning political parties is hardly the answer for this would force alliances between members underground where they would be harder to scrutinize.

The answer lies in having an intelligent and informed electorate with the degree of perception required to determine the value or otherwise of individual candidates and the ability to vote on this perception rather than following a blind allegiance to a political party.

Sharka Todd

Ways to honor God

Religious teacher telling listeners to

Image edits by Sharka Todd

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The danger of "values-based" politicians

hitler on horseback being saluted by followers, nazi flags fluttering

The role of the politician is ideally to serve the wishes of the public, not to impose their own agenda upon them. Sadly, many people attracted to public life seek to make the world over in their own image. It is these “values based” politicians we need to be wary of.

There is nothing wrong with people having values- this is inevitable- but it is important that such people are not chosen to lead when their desire is to usurp the free will of others, forcing them to live according to the values of the leaders.

Such political candidates seek to outlaw behaviors they find objectionable, often on supposedly "moral" grounds.  In this way they seek to overthrow the free will of the individual.  This results in a kind of imprisoning of the public- by limiting their choice of behaviors- by their elected officials so that the officials and their supporters can feel comfortable.

Those who value freedom need to be on guard to ensure they don't vote for such individuals, discouraging their attempts at muzzling human behavior.

Sharka Todd