Saturday, October 17, 2015

How to see an "alien" world in the clouds.

1. Go outside and lie on your back
        and look at the clouds, above, in the sky.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cell complexity and the death of naturalism

Diagram of the simplest known self-reproducing life form on Earth.

Naturalism is the idea that life on earth arose spontaneously, without outside intelligent agency, from simple proteins combining to form a living cell, able to reproduce itself, and able to evolve over time into the myriad of life forms we see today.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Darwin's theory of evolution is philosophy, not science

Untestable theories aren't science. The theory of evolution is an example. It is too broad to test conclusively, so therefore it isn't science, just speculative philosophy, and those who teach it aren't scientists, in my view.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hallucination & revelation compared

Hallucination implies false data is being received by the self,
      Revelation implies true data.

Atheist has spiritual awakening on LSD

by Jaritheskater

I experienced my spiritual awakening through LSD as well. I had used it 3 times before, a couple of years before the breakthrough. In those years i had built up a huge scientific, materialistic ego, considering myself atheist.

My brother and some friends were getting into spirituality while i was still deep in the science delusion. When i took the LSD this time,

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Did one or many gods create Earth?

It is commonly believed by followers of monotheistic religions that the original being (God /Creator) who began all processes of creation, single-handedly created the Earth and all life upon it.

This is a simple belief that satisfies many, but the reality is we have no way of knowing the truth of this matter, unless we have memory of this event occurring- which I know of none that claim to have.

In reality, there is no reason to believe that the original Creator is responsible for every individual act of creativity that has occurred since the original movement from formless being into the creation of worlds.

Clearly, humans are also creative beings, responsible for having a dramatic effect on the world around them, and so, similarly, it is possible that the original Creator may have given birth to additional creative beings who went on to create other beings, worlds, and forms of life to inhabit these worlds.

In other words, the original Creator may have delegated further creation to a variety of beings that "He" created.  We would call these beings gods due to their greater creative powers than we humans and if these gods possess free will then the worlds they create would be their responsibility and not the responsibility of the original Creator.

There is no reason to suggest that the physical universe was the work of one creative mind.  It may be the work of several or even a vast number of creative minds.  If so, the universe would be the combined responsibility of all these creative beings rather than the responsibility of the original creator just as the situation on Earth is the combined responsibility of the individual free will beings living upon it.

Many people struggle to understand why a supposedly loving God would create diseases, nuisance insects and the battle for survival we see on Earth.  The answer may be that the situation on Earth and the life forms that exist upon it may be the work of a large variety of creative beings who may not always have created in a "Godly" way.  That is, some may have created out of ignorance or even ill-will.  The truth is, we have no way of knowing first hand.  But what we do know is that if all life forms were created by beings other than the original Creator then these beings bear responsibility for them.

For more on this topic see the work of Matthew Ward and Kim Michaels, amongst others.

Sharka Todd

We can channel the paths life takes-

but we can’t create it!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Is God in control of the world?

Clearly, if mankind has free will - which I believe* we do - then an external God is not in control of the world.  That means we can't thank or blame a God for the actions undertaken by man.

Does this mean anything goes?  Yes, I believe it does, as the bloody history of mankind shows.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The benefit of high pitch sounds in nature

There are high pitch sounds heard in nature that you don’t hear when you are in a building.  These sounds come from wind in the trees and grass, insect and bird song, the sound of running water and crashing waves.  These high pitched sounds help to keep the mind balanced and our mood lifted and are one of the benefits of spending time outdoors in natural places.

Sharka Todd

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How paradise on Earth will be created

I believe paradise on earth will only be created when every man and woman grows in love and awareness to the point where their thoughts and actions promote and contribute to life rather than detracting from it and destroying it.

I don't believe paradise will be achieved through the descent to Earth of some supernatural being from the heavens.  This would still leave the problem of unenlightened humanity.  For it would take more than the appearance of one person to suddenly enlighten everybody, I believe.  After all, the original appearance of Christ and Buddha did not result in the sudden enlightenment of all humanity so why would a reappearance of either now be any different?

Sharka Todd

The Law of Attraction

Star Wars Episode 2

The way to promote something in your own life is by focusing on it. This will cause it to grow in influence in your experience.

This is an expression of the "Law of Attraction" and is how all "good" (wanted) and "bad" (unwanted) things are brought into our experience.

All things grow under the influence of our attention and therefore it behooves us to focus on the things we desire to see happen if we wish to live a happy life.

Sharka Todd

An explanation of the Law of Attraction (LOA)

Attention to any subject includes it in your vibration (your experienced or psychic reality) and makes you an attractor to more of the same.  Meaning if you focus on something that makes you feel bad this will impact on your feeling state and that feeling state will act as a magnet attracting more events that generate a similar feeling response.

Basically, the mind and emotions (your psychic reality) are seen as magnets drawing experiences that produce feelings in alignment with one's current mental state and also influenced by previous focused thoughts.

It is also argued that focusing our thought on a certain outer event or object will help propel that thing into our lives.  Here we are looking at the thought part of our nature and it's workings through the LOA.  All thoughts will have an emotional or feeling component of course and the interaction of these two to generate an attractive force is something I am still in the process of understanding.

For more information on this topic I recommend the book "The Message of a Master" by John McDonald, available as a free download on the internet.

Sharka Todd

Monday, September 14, 2015

Social ineptness and the need for laws

The more socially inept the individuals within a society are, the greater the need for laws to reign them in.  For laws are unnecessary if we each act with an awareness of what is best for ourselves and other people in any given situation.

Laws exist primarily for that section of the population that either does not have the best interests of others at heart or just doesn't understand the consequences of their actions on others.

For the rest of us there is no real need for laws as we are self-policing and socially aware.  Unfortunately, we still remain subject the same limitations created to deal with the socially ignorant and the willfully anti-social and this is a cross we just have to bear.

Sharka Todd

There is no "problem of evil"

People talk about “the problem of evil
but there is no problem of evil-
for evil is just the result of people making free will choices
and that is an essential part of the learning process
of being a human being!

Those free will choices we call "evil"
the person involved may call "good".
It's a matter of perspective.

But, truly, what we call "evil"
is not the working of some external God
but instead the poorly considered actions
of those who are out of touch with their soul
and the oneness of creation!

Sharka Todd

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Between making things mandatory and outlawing them-

 there is freedom of choice!

The importance of realizing your uniqueness

I think accepting that you are unique and that certain things and situations may not suit you is primary if you are to live a happy life and not be too influenced by social pressures to conform.

Sharka Todd

Who or what is God? MATTHEW WARD

QUESTION: “The various nonreligious references to God are confusing. Is God a Supreme Being Soul, Prime Creator, Creator Source or Highest Angel?”  

ANSWER: God is a soul—every life form everywhere is a soul—and, as the Supreme Being of this universe, He is the source of all life within this universe, but He is not Creator Source or Prime Creator. Those are other designations for Creator/Creation, the energy source and the being-ness of everything that exists throughout the cosmos. Only for ease of speaking do we say simply Creator.

Nor is God of the angelic realm, but He is one of their manifestations—the first souls with life form potential. They were the androgynous gods and goddesses, who had the option to remain as pure light or take on a form; of those who chose to be light, Creator selected some to co-create the universes and rule over them. You call the god chosen by Creator to co-create this universe and be its Supreme Being by different names, including God. Eventually, some of the gods and goddesses who wanted to embody lived for a time on Earth; they could manifest whatever physical appearance they wished, which is why some figures with quite unusual features are in drawings and artifacts of ancient civilizations.

Source: Messages from Matthew, August 17, 2015

Monday, September 7, 2015

Response to a Stephen Hawking quote

Stephen Hawking: "The human race is just a chemical scum on a moderate-sized planet, orbiting round a very average star in the outer suburb of one among a hundred billion galaxies".
Sharka Todd: "The human race is an amazing mixture of highly creative, self-aware beings that exist on a beautiful, life supporting planet that is part of an inconceivably larger whole that we call 'the universe.'"

Monday, August 31, 2015

Truth v stories about truth

Many people confuse stories about truth with truth, itself.

But what is truth?
Truth is "what is".

How do we know "what is"?

Through the senses we gain a glimpse of the appearance of "what is" but "what is" changes every moment and the truth is: we don't know if the appearance of what is is actually "what is"!

So stories about "what is" invented by the various religions, science, etc. are just that:  stories.  Some may point towards some kind of "sensed truth" or "thought truth" but they still remain only stories and not truth (i.e. what is), itself!

Sharka Todd

Stop burning vegetation needlessly!

I see people burning vegetation on their properties and polluting the air when the natural purpose of dead vegetation is to house animals and insects and to feed and structure the soil.  To burn vegetation needlessly is not only a waste, it actively degrades the environment and reduces its ability to sustain life.

Sharka Todd

Beauty has been numbered, truth is a formula-

and we have now found the God particle!

Sharka Todd

All the words in the books are ancient history....

Only now is real!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Religion, God, atheism, and timeless being

Nathan, Ex Machina (film)

Written in response to a post on Facebook by an expressed atheist about religion, God and the creation of the universe

I think it's important to distinguish between religious concepts and non-religious concepts of a creator, or original being. It's not just a choice between religion and atheism. There are far more interesting and intellectually satisfying views than those two, in my opinion.

As for the universe being created by a thing rather than a being, we need to think about this: could non-life REALLY give birth to life? It takes a living being to create a machine, for example, machines don't self-generate.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Reality v description of reality

Sometimes people make the mistake of confusing a description of reality (be it scientific, religious, or other) for reality itself, when clearly these are two separate things!

Just as an experience is not the same as a description of that experience, so is any description of anything completely separate from the thing itself.  That is why some people say that reality just is, rather than attempting to describe or define its qualities which may make people believe that the description is the reality which is clearly is not!

Sharka Todd

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Science and the richness of life

Science is predominantly about that set of phenomena that are measurable and repeatable, whereas life, as lived, is about all phenomena, predictable and unpredictable, measurable and immeasurable.  As a result, life is far richer and more spontaneous than what science is able to describe.  This is why many people take issue with the notion that the descriptions of reality science provides represents the whole truth of life on earth and that no other means of gaining knowledge are of any value in this pursuit.

Science has proven a very useful tool for the advancement of human knowledge but it cannot deliver a complete view of reality, in my opinion, and needs to be combined with other ways of knowing to provider a fuller view and a richer understanding of life and our place in it.

We need to be aware of what science is good at and where it remains empty-handed so that we can have a more balanced view of its value and the value of other types of knowing which may not be able to measure a phenomenon but are able, still, to prove to us that these things are real.

Sharka Todd

If we are not in the mind of a God-

then where the bloody hell are we?

Sharka Todd

Science, philosophy and truth

In science there is contention because each practitioner believes they are dealing in truth, which is singular, not plural.  Therefore conflict between scientists when their findings disagrees becomes a possibility, for after all, only one can be right, right?

However, in philosophy there is no need for contention because philosophers realize they are dealing in descriptions of reality, and not reality itself, which is seems as outside our grasp in its entirety.

Sharka Todd

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nature, nurture & soul: psychology with reincarnation

(click on image to expand)

Most psychology that is taught or discussed confines itself to the materialist paradigm which denies the spiritual dimension of the human being.  Here is a chart where reincarnation is included as contributing to the human psyche.

Sharka Todd

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Greece and the Illuminati, an update: MATTHEW WARD

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Many of your analysts think that the Greek people’s resounding “No” on the recent referendum put their country on the road to irreversible economic ruin. The country will manage. “No” put the Illuminati on the road to irreversible economic ruin.

Friday, July 24, 2015

There are many gods who collectively make up God

Text below from the book "Letters from a living dead man":

Earth is either a placement for trainee gods…

or something else!

Sharka Todd

The dark takeover of religion

True religion affirms the oneness of creation and the divinity of the beings that reside within it.  It describes a path that leads from the delusional view of the self as being limited and lacking, to one that reflects one's true nature as a powerful creative being.  Any religion that doesn't affirm the power of the individual and their innate oneness with the creation and its creator is a flawed and false one, in my view.

What do we see when we look around the most popular religions in the world?  The idea that the individual is flawed and largely powerless, and must beg for scraps of mercy from an all-powerful God.  The gap between the individual, who is described as inherently sinful and limited, and God, who is inherently perfect, is stressed.  Of course, this makes no sense.  As an extension of the Godforce we are as perfect as God is.  Indeed, we are God made flesh.  The process of life is one where we realize that we are The One and that there could be no other One but the Self, which we each are.  Instead, false religion stresses the separation between the self, who is poorly, and God, who is great.

The idea of the sinful, powerless individual promoted by much of religion is seen by many as an intentional concept put forward by dark elites who have the goal of gaining power over vast segments of society and who have attempted to achieve this through the takeover of popular social movements such as religion and science.  By promoting the view of the self as small and insignificant through these social movements elites attempt to keep the population subjugated and willing to act as slaves for the elites rather that reclaiming their true spiritual power.

The current dark teachings of religion are in direct opposition to the teachings of their original founders who stressed the divinity of the individual and their oneness with creation and God.  When one accepts one's true nature one's consciousness is elevated and one's actions come into alignment with the true will of God which is for people to multiply their talents and contribute to the glorification of this creation.

Sharka Todd

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Children's rights- the next step!

The United Nations has a convention on the rights of the child, which is a step forward for mankind, no doubt, but ignores the primary human right which I believe all humans should possess- the right  to self-determination!  That is, the right to choose one's own path, to the best of one's ability.

Because children are not seen as mature enough to make their own important life decisions adults are given that role.  This is fair in the case of very small children but as the child grows and matures I think they should be given increasingly more autonomy and the freedom to make their own important life decisions.  Unlike many people, I actually think that if children had greater control over their life there would be a better outcome, not only for them, but for society in general.

As it is today, children and youths are treated as babies until they reach their late teens when they are given some control over the direction of their life.  The compulsory schooling system offers children and youths very little control over their life which results in a disconnect in many children and the building of resentment against their adult caregivers, and society in general, due to their lack of control.  If they were given more command over their lives, and access to a broader range of interesting activities during their schooling years, then I believe young people would engage more deeply with life and contribute more richly to the culture in which we live.  As it is, we encounter many problems with youth who find their considerable energies and talents largely wasted or stymied as they are forced to sit in classrooms and carry on with largely boring and irrelevant classes that have been foisted upon them.

See also: Teachers should not be prison jailers- children need choices, Enhancing the education system for all, and Schools not school.

Sharka Todd

Children are becoming more willful, which I think is a good thing-

as they need to free themselves from the tyranny of (misguided) adults!

Sharka Todd

We’re here to make our own world, our own rules...

our own reality!

Sharka Todd

Bad v evil: who will gain control?