Monday, August 31, 2015

Truth v stories about truth

Many people confuse stories about truth with truth, itself.

But what is truth?
Truth is "what is".

How do we know "what is"?

Through the senses we gain a glimpse of the appearance of "what is" but "what is" changes every moment and the truth is: we don't know if the appearance of what is is actually "what is"!

So stories about "what is" invented by the various religions, science, etc. are just that:  stories.  Some may point towards some kind of "sensed truth" or "thought truth" but they still remain only stories and not truth (i.e. what is), itself!

Sharka Todd

Stop burning vegetation needlessly!

I see people burning vegetation on their properties and polluting the air when the natural purpose of dead vegetation is to house animals and insects and to feed and structure the soil.  To burn vegetation needlessly is not only a waste, it actively degrades the environment and reduces its ability to sustain life.

Sharka Todd

Beauty has been numbered, truth is a formula-

and we have now found the God particle!

Sharka Todd

All the words in the books are ancient history....

Only now is real!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The big boys fly!

Hawthorn v Brisbane, Launceston, 29 August 2015.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Seth on natural health, wellness and disease

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Seth on immunity, vaccination and death

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Religion, God, atheism, and timeless being

Nathan, Ex Machina (film)

Written in response to a post on Facebook by an expressed atheist about religion, God and the creation of the universe

I think it's important to distinguish between religious concepts and non-religious concepts of a creator, or original being. It's not just a choice between religion and atheism. There are far more interesting and intellectually satisfying views than those two, in my opinion.

As for the universe being created by a thing rather than a being, we need to think about this: could non-life REALLY give birth to life? It takes a living being to create a machine, for example, machines don't self-generate.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Reality v description of reality

Sometimes people make the mistake of confusing a description of reality (be it scientific, religious, or other) for reality itself, when clearly these are two separate things!

Just as an experience is not the same as a description of that experience, so is any description of anything completely separate from the thing itself.  That is why some people say that reality just is, rather than attempting to describe or define its qualities which may make people believe that the description is the reality which is clearly is not!

Sharka Todd

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Science and the richness of life

Science is predominantly about that set of phenomena that are measurable and repeatable, whereas life, as lived, is about all phenomena, predictable and unpredictable, measurable and immeasurable.  As a result, life is far richer and more spontaneous than what science is able to describe.  This is why many people take issue with the notion that the descriptions of reality science provides represents the whole truth of life on earth and that no other means of gaining knowledge are of any value in this pursuit.

Science has proven a very useful tool for the advancement of human knowledge but it cannot deliver a complete view of reality, in my opinion, and needs to be combined with other ways of knowing to provider a fuller view and a richer understanding of life and our place in it.

We need to be aware of what science is good at and where it remains empty-handed so that we can have a more balanced view of its value and the value of other types of knowing which may not be able to measure a phenomenon but are able, still, to prove to us that these things are real.

Sharka Todd

If we are not in the mind of a God-

then where the bloody hell are we?

Sharka Todd

Science, philosophy and truth

In science there is contention because each practitioner believes they are dealing in truth, which is singular, not plural.  Therefore conflict between scientists when their findings disagrees becomes a possibility, for after all, only one can be right, right?

However, in philosophy there is no need for contention because philosophers realize they are dealing in descriptions of reality, and not reality itself, which is seems as outside our grasp in its entirety.

Sharka Todd

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nature, nurture & soul: psychology with reincarnation

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Most psychology that is taught or discussed confines itself to the materialist paradigm which denies the spiritual dimension of the human being.  Here is a chart where reincarnation is included as contributing to the human psyche.

Sharka Todd