Friday, June 29, 2012

Sleeping with the fishes.

Underwater hotel.

Swimming with the fishes.

The tragedy of life.

Return of the fish gods, Rotan and Squillious.

CANNABIS is now widely available...

as an oral spray!

Some fish are BIGGER than others!

Paid work is useful...

but too much of it can hold you back!

One of the best grass hut views...

you will ever see!

"SOURCE" has replaced the word "GOD" for some people...

and it describes the ever-present ENERGY-
that upholds THE BEING...
and THE REALITY in which it is situated!

PURITY is being in touch with your source-

the good feeling inside!

World AMNESTY Day- where all crimes are forgiven-

and all PRISONERS released!

The fun path is the only path!

Sometimes science fails to provide-

for the full well-being of its subjects!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Jessica Biel with neon body art

Image edit by Sharka Todd.

Aussie bush camp

Pic by Sharka Todd

Barack Obama shopping for books

Zooey Deschanel- "Do you know what I mean?"

Zooey Deschanel on a talkshow with plats, pig tails

Time magazine's Ron Paul edition

Image edit by Sharka Todd

“First came the word” - ERIKA LAXIS

Erika Laxis, glamorous portrait
Erika Laxis

Be aware of the stories you have been telling about yourself and your life. Be aware of how you think about yourself and your life. Your thought/beliefs and your spoken words will reflect as feelings, like feeling good or not, feeling love or not, feeling sad or not, feeling free or not…

There is only one source of life and it is the eternal always infinite presence. The close feelings to it are love and appreciation…

Your greater self is in ecstasy as it is aware of your consciousness and your life… Life is for the purpose of creation and experiences, expansion is the bi-product of it and that is the eternal nature of the universe…

There is always life and always will be and for being is becoming more… Every Idea/concept/reality inspires a new Idea/concept/reality…

Be a part of your own creation, be a part of your expansion… happiness is in moving consistently with your vision…


Time separates events but it doesn’t accumulate-

like objects do! 

Rather, it helps to keeps objects and events separated!

Sharka Todd

The universe is a reflection of what is in your consciousness-

Sydney highway road at night

at any point in time!

Image: Sydney street scene, Being Lara Bingle (tv show)

Sometimes anger...

is the appropriate response!

One man's pseudoscience is another man's-

gospel truth!