Friday, October 31, 2014

To “explain” something is generally to explain it away...

 in terms of what we already think
  we know...

but things stand alone...
   and can't be understood
 just by referring them to other things!

Sharka Todd

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Typical "early phase" UFO communication

The use of a "feel good" artistic light display creates a feeling of well-being in the general viewing public and it's a nice way to initiate contact between races!  It puts us all in a good mood which helps the eventual meeting to be as uplifting as possible for all involved!

The bottom two photos are of the 2009 Norwegian spiral anomaly seen in Norway and Sweden on the eve of Barack Obama's 2009 Nobel Prize speech given in Oslo, Norway.

Below, Matthew Ward discusses the Norwegian spiral and the reasons for its appearance.

Sharka Todd

From Matthew Ward:
Your next decade will be an explosion of dynamic revelations that will forever change life in your world, including the imminent recognition of other civilizations’ presence. Other long-suppressed truths that will lead to a multitude of reforms will follow like tumbleweeds blown by the wind and lead you into Earth’s Golden Age.

Our primary message today is a special kind of offering, but first we shall address the question in many minds: What was that phenomenal appearance in the skies over Norway?  I asked my mother to copy what I told her in reply to Jean Hudon’s immediate query []:

“Matthew says this is the most profound sign yet from our brothers and sisters in other civilizations that the time is nearing for their presence to be properly acknowledged—there is no way that those who do not want that to happen can explain away this dramatic sign.

"The overall spiral represents the unbroken interconnectedness of all souls from our Beginnings in the light—the intense light at the center—and the blue spiral aimed at Earth is the most forceful evidence to date of their desire for us to consciously connect with them in the same spirit they have come. The timing and location are significant, selected to mark the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to US President Obama for his vision and dedication to achieving world peace and to indicate that they are here to assist us reach this goal.”

Message from Matthew, December 17, 2009

The main difference between the various "origin of life" explanations...

... lies in the number of miracles they require!

Sharka Todd

Hello all you crazy clowns! 你好你的瘋狂小丑 !

 起來啊尼特 !
حتى يرقى القمل!

And introducing the "red-box" crew

Phillis and Daphne!

What kind of thoughts?

unthinked thoughts想法     생각!

Carlton up by 35 points

Marc Murphy, captain of the Carlton Football Club, Australian Football League (AFL)

If bazookas were made available to the general public…

neighborhood disputes would be over quickly!
أن تقصير المنازعات حي!
鄰里糾紛將縮短 !

Sharka Todd

These guys rock so hard...

some people might not be able to handle it!

Origin stories and the limitations of logic

No ”origins of life” story (whether scientific, religious or mythical) passes muster with logic.  Logic says everything must come from something.  So what/where did life and the universe come from?  And what/where did that thing come from?  And ad infinitum.

Eventually, we must get to the point where we are left with an entity or an essence where we say: "It just is."  "It comes from nothing that we know of!"

Sharka Todd

There is nothing wrong with orthodoxy, but...

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with Orthodoxy but when it uses its weight of numbers to bully alternative views then problems arise.  Tolerance is an essential quality for the civilized being. The ability to accept that not all people think as we do.  Sadly, we often find those that share the most common perception of the world use their force of numbers to attempt to destroy the beliefs or bodies of those who think in other ways.  This is, of course, the sign of a very insecure group at work operating from the lower motive of fear.

Sharka Todd

An Australian spiritual master called...

If you don't love God/life...

you may as well be in the trash can!

Nobody with an "A" intelligence is a skeptic

Photo by Sharka Todd

They are too smart for that.  They believe.  Not in any moldy old book, but in the goodness of the All.  Beyond that it's hard to say.  Skeptics are followers who run with the pack and hold onto whatever current paradigm is currently in vogue.  No truly creative person has even been a "skeptic"!

Sharka Todd

What intelligent design (ID) doesn't say


A response to the above exhibit

In the above exhibit they are confused and targeting creationism, not intelligent design. Intelligent design (ID) says nothing about who the creator(s) are/were or where they did their creating. ID could be talking about extra-terrestrial life designers or something other-dimensional. They don't specify that part. Not all ID believers are Christians or believers in a typical God by any means.

Just as we don't know where the universe came from, neither do we know how life formed (from supposedly inanimate matter) and became self-aware.  Those who say they know are just ignorant of what they don't know.  That's because nobody knows these things, at least not through conventional means!

Sharka Todd

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Comparing the world to the mind

Photo by Sharka Todd

When we explore the outer world we are, in a sense, exploring the "outer" or public part of our own mind.  This perspective views everything we are capable of experiencing and knowing as being part of our own own, unexplored mind.  This equates to the Buddhist (and Vedantic) view of mind which believes the world is the mind.  In this case I have differentiated between the inner or private mind and the outer or public mind but this division is in many way artificial.

Sharka Todd

Andrew Cohen's impersonal life.

by sharka and others

Nature reflects the inner self

Many of the most powerful realizations...

can sound quite trivial on the re-telling!

She is love

Zen meditation practice

Monday, October 27, 2014

Emotional leaning: something to avoid!

Jen Ocazaki, Angry Boys, TV show

Emotional leaning on another is ungodly and is what is called emotional blackmail.   That is, we make it clear to the other person that they must act as we want them to, or else there will be hell to pay!

Letting people live in freedom, without demands from us, is what being godly is all about!

Sharka Todd

People say I’m anti-science, but...

the four horsemen

 I’m really more pro-experience!

Sharka Todd

Life is purely anecdotal.

Sharka Todd

"Randomized, placebo controlled trials" are great...

 but nothing beats personal experience for finding out what works for oneself and what doesn't!

The Paris Abode.

Image by Sharka Todd.

The 'believe is right' poster.

Image by Sharka Todd.

Vaccinations and health considerations

I think vaccinations may have specific value for those with strong faith in them but I am no fan of accepting them unreservedly.  I actually believe in an old-fashioned notion called "spirit" which I think determines to a large extent whether we get sick or not.  Specifically, I believe that a happy outlook helps achieve a healthy body state.

When we are filled with pessimism or dread I think our health suffers and, accordingly, we are made vulnerable to disease.  To me, a key factor is what some may call hope. When this is gone people start to fade and offer diminished resistance to any difficulty, including disease.

If we see life as an opportunity and we enjoy what we do, then the health outcome is generally very good.  There may seem to be exceptions to this rule but I must say, I cannot see into other people's souls and private thoughts, and so I cannot know why a seemingly happy person develops a deadly illness.  But I do believe there is generally a reason for it, on a psychological level.

We need to exercise our demons and move into the fertile arena of a positive relationship with life.  This makes us a creative and functioning members of society that contrives positively to the whole and is likely to maintain good lifelong health.

Sharka Todd

Pro-vaccination v anti-vaccination: Is there any middle ground?

To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi: "people must do what they feel is right" and as long as governments and others don’t force people’s behavior, then they will!

With vaccines, however, the problem is that because diseases are spreading conditions some people will want others to be forced to undergo procedures they believe will stop the spread of disease that may eventually reach them and their family.

This is the dilemma we face.  Once again it’s a classic case of individual freedom versus a perceived public good, seen as requiring government intervention, and sometimes, the use of force.

But until force is used, may I suggest we respect each others decision (to vaccinate or not), for, after all, even if we think those who disagree with us are poorly informed they are only doing what they believe is right!  And we can ask for no more!

Sadly, the level of fear mongering and paranoia has reached the point where parents have become frightened about the dangers of having their vaccinated children mix with unvaccinated children.  This could lead to an unhealthy schism in society, leading to mistrust and discrimination all because people have lost faith in the ability of the natural human to ward off disease.

Dealing with the cause of disease rather than symptoms:

People have bought the myth of the "innocent victim to disease" promoted by western medicine, forgetting (I believe) that it is we who are in control of our body and what it manifests, not some outside agency!  

For more information on this topic I recommend the work of AJ Miller who discusses how the soul creates illness in the body and what we can do about it (see video below).

Sharka Todd

Medicine will not save you…

only my new Jedi powers can do that!

Metaphysical immunity

Advice from Stuart Wilde

"The trick is to become very soft and equitable and humble, and to collapse your ivory tower voluntarily before it is collapsed for you. So you head for simplicity and balance and a gentle, uncomplicated path. And you come off an obsession with self, turning instead to helping other humans and the magnificence of nature and God. That is the safest way to go."

Thank you. Stuart Wilde.

The bad guys are good guys...

and the good guys are bad guys, too!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Westerners, natives, life and death

Westerners generally think they know more about life and death than native people because we have science, but I think this is naive.  Our view is generally small and sterile compared to those who live their lives close to the earth.  All our time spent indoors in houses and towns, watching TV and reading the newspaper has made us very uniform and conditioned in our thinking.  The more time spent in nature away from the other people programming our minds makes us wiser, and makes our view of life broader, I think.


There is no doubt superstition clouds many people’s minds but this is not unique to non-western or native cultures.  The cure to this is for us each to have an independent mind and not accept anything we are told as an inviolate truth.  Instead, we must trust our own experience and form our own understanding of life.  I think this is best done when we are in regular contact with the natural world and are able to lay our own thoughts aside for a while to observe how the natural world functions.  I think this is where true knowledge and faith in life comes from.  Otherwise, we will just find our ourselves interacting with other human minds and their artifacts and this will never free us from the limited, conditioned thinking of the human race which is steeped in many illusions and lacks the magical and spontaneous nature of the natural world!

Sharka Todd

Does measuring something mean we understand it?

I don’t accept that by measuring something we understand it.  Even if we know something’s component chemical parts I still say we don’t understand the thing itself.  This is a false belief promoted by science.  I think quite the opposite is true.  That by measuring things we only create the illusion of understanding and that such “analysis” is actually a barrier to communion, which is where true understanding lies!

And when we commune with something living we notice something- that the physical form we see is purely the expression of mind that lies "behind" it.  For communion is of mind with mind.  It is our scientists obsession with matter- measuring it, analyzing its component parts- that makes many people think matter is prime.  But the true mover is mind, and just because mind is intangible and cannot be measured it is assumed out of the equation by many "scientifically"-minded people.  Very sad because there is no future in matter, only mind.  Matter lives and dies but mind is eternal.  That is where true hope lies.  It is also where true wisdom lies and the truth of the saying of the spiritual masters that All is One.  For we are each expressions of this one mind that is experiencing itself in many different forms and it's crazy for us to get too attached to the form we inhabit for it is only temporary.  It's just a house for the soul to inhabit for a short period to learn and experience what it must before it moves on to bigger and better things!

See also: Is math the key to understanding?

Sharka Todd

The key to understanding something

The key to understanding something, for me, is get into the sense and feel of it rather than thinking about it.  For thinking just creates a barrier between yourself and the thing you are thinking about!

Sharka Todd

Clothing - cotton v polypropylene

Cotton is for warm, dry conditions as it holds moisture and becomes cold in cool, moist conditions and becomes heavy and cloying in hot, humid conditions.   

Polypropylene is good for cool, damp conditions as it doesn't hold water and helps keep you warm.  It is also hard wearing which makes it good for outdoor use.

Sharka Todd

The enigma of the human race

I can honestly say I don't know with any certainty where the human race came from nor where it is going, although I understand there are many who claim they do!  Clearly, a long-lived civilization with utmost integrity and brilliant record keeping can have some idea of its past, however the future must always remain a mystery!

Sharka Todd