Friday, August 31, 2012

Purity of thought speeds healing - STUART WILDE

I was shown in the inner worlds that the act of making your thoughts pure heals you very quickly, because it destroys the dark influences around you that promote pain and disease.

I can read people’s etheric life force at fifty yards and so I can see inside an individual’s soul, but with that ability I found myself commenting mentally, especially if the person I was watching was rather ugly, or downright evil.

But to have a pure mind one must have no reaction at all, one should react neither to a person’s loveliness, or their darkness. One has to be neutral and wish everybody well and of course any rancor or spite is out of the question.

After a few days of my new discipline I found how clean my mind was becoming and how I was disconnecting more and more from the global Matrix of control and people’s dysfunction and pain. I offer a silent love and redemption to everyone I pass in the street or elsewhere, no matter who they are. This action seems to liberate one, it feels so light.

I did find that when I’m tired I relapse a bit, but I soon catch myself and I go back to my discipline resting in the state of ‘pure mind’. I found this simple discipline also helps reduce my negative thoughts and worries as it brings with it a clean serenity.

In essence, one redeems oneself as one becomes more and more neutral and detached. It is a form of piety; one that is never expressed verbally to others, and yet you can be sure in that silent piety your Christ light shines ever more.

There is a perfection in its simplicity so that is why I believe a pure mind heals you, it restores the broken symmetries of your body and soul. (sw)

Stuart Wilde 2012

As a Carlton supporter I freely admit Hawthorn...

is the greatest team in 2012!

Evil is that which causes imbalance in the individual…

and shields them from their true spiritual nature!

Pic: Star Wars Episode 6, Return of the Jedi

Keeping everything as light and spontaneous as possible!

Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, at a Pacific conference with aide

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, speaks with an aide at a Pacific Islands forum.

From the spiritual world the earth is seen, not as a physical object,

but as a sphere of thoughts and feelings!

Office block fire, Japan (PIC)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Well-being is the natural state

It is only our thoughts, when they are ill-directed, that cause us to fall out of the natural state of well-being that we are born into. Any optimistic train of thought, or the absence of thinking entirely, will return us to our natural state of feeling good in the body, happy to be alive, and in touch with the life around us!

Sharka Todd

We are placed in difficult situations so we can learn...

to healthfully deal with those situations!

The Law of Attraction brings to you events...

Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black (film)

which share the feeling essence of what you are focusing upon!

So when you feel poorly you will tend to attract events which enhance this poor feeling and when you feel well you will attract events that enhance this feeling!

Sharka Todd

Science is unable to say the underlying glue of the universe is love-

because love cannot be expressed mathematically!

“It’s too risky.”

Obi-Wan Kenobi with Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones.

Feel your way in.

Star Wars- The Clone Wars

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Using subtle feelings to navigate through life

Star Wars Episode 1- The Phantom Menace
by Stuart Wilde

You are everything. Everything emits a feeling. So you are all the feelings of the universe. Therefore, if you want to know what is round the next corner you only have to blank your mind and enter the feeling. Remember, subtle feeling is ESP, not emotion. Of course, most people are not used to listening to their subtle feelings for information, as they are either all mental activity, or they confuse feelings with emotions.

What seems to be an extra sensory perception of feelings is, in fact, your primary perception. The mind and its free will are the override. They enter a guessing game when in fact you already have all the answers, you always did have. You also know exactly what is going on and what is about to happen next. All human action rises from a hidden subconscious impulse and that impulse has a feeling.

When you get good at it, you can ‘feel’ the very subtle impulses that will occur in the future. After you master listening to your feelings, you don’t have to plan or think. It’s all obvious, minute-by-minute. It’s such a relief. Of course, once your life becomes immediate, you won’t be able to plan very far ahead, as at any moment your subtle feelings might cancel your mental plan; however, it does allow you to be right all the time. Your subtle feelings are never wrong.

Once you follow the subtle plan, life becomes magical—but you will not at first understand the synchronicity of life that is all around you, weaving its magic. Yes, the universe is close-by and all around you. Simple. That is why I say get rid of free will; it’s a disaster and part of the control trip. You’re probably a slave to it. Drop it. Stop searching and planning, stop it. Stop pretending your intellect knows what to do. Feel out what you ought to do next. You’ll get good at it very quickly. At first you may make a few mistakes by letting emotion or thinking get in the way, but you will soon master it.

Soon nothing will be able to hide from you, and after a while your subtle feelings will talk to you in more complex ways, like visions. If everyone went with their feelings, this zoo, this prison, would fall apart. We’d leave the world of emotion and mind and enter the Kingdom of Heaven, as our subtle feelings are part of the Kingdom of Heaven. They offer us the real truth.

Roof spikes- a new trend

Image: Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Carlton FC affirmation poster.

Carlton v Essendon, the re-match.

MCG, August 18, 2012.

Between two worlds.

The Golden Compass

Futuristic Melbourne architecture.

7 News, Melbourne Australia.

Be Passionately Alive- JEFF FOSTER

Jeff Foster laughing

They used to say, "follow your dreams", "fulfill your destiny", "achieve your life's purpose", "listen to your heart's true desire", "follow your passion", and I never knew what the hell they meant.

So I compromised and settled for less than what was possible and worked in jobs where I felt half-alive and so, so far from the wonder of existence. Life and creativity and adventure and passion wanted to burst out of me, but I had no idea how to facilitate or release them, and besides, I was too terrified to unleash these energies lest they disrupt the status quo too much... or destroyed me completely.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

The longevity of a body depends on the density of the world-

it inhabits!

Architecture in Stockholm.

ABC tv

The origin of evil spirits - JE PADGETT

by Luke through JE Padgett

Of course there is no personal devil in the sense of a Satanic majesty, but there are spirits of evil which abound in the unseen world and are constantly with mortals, exercising upon them their influence of evil, and suggesting to them thoughts and desires that eventuate in sinful and wrong deeds. But these evil ones are merely the spirits of departed mortals and are not beings of a superior kind in power and qualities.

Sin, as we have told you, was never created by God, nor is it the product or emanations of any of God's perfect creations but is wholly the result of the wrongful exercise of man's appetites and will, when the desires of the flesh are permitted to overcome the desires of his spiritual nature.

Fear of aging…

can speed up the process!

And then I shot him dead