Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is the naming of disease harmful?

In conventional medicine great importance is placed on giving a name or disease template to the list of symptoms a patient presents. This is done so the healer can prescribe a treatment plan that is believed to best treat the underlying illness.

Without such a diagnosis, conventional medicine is generally unable to make any treatment recommendations to the patient.

From a mind-based medicine viewpoint the naming of dis-ease patterns in the body is seen as potentially highly disadvantageous. This is because any identification by the patient with a previously described disease pattern may only aid in fixating their mind upon the diagnosed condition and its expected progression. Such a fixation may make any movement away from existing conditions more difficult than it would otherwise be.

Monday, November 22, 2010

More on the Godforce

Those who believe in the living force don't believe that the 'Originator' (the Godforce) gave birth to the universe and let it go at that, but rather that the Godforce is the creative force that underpins and sustains the universe and the beings within it, in every moment.

In this view, every physical law or form of energy is an expression of the Godforce, a qualification of what God is. God is the whole, the seen and the unseen, the sea of life and the entity or consciousness which views and experiences life through every life form that exists.

Sharka Todd

Saturday, November 13, 2010

God substance defined

The God substance is the inner ineffable substance experienced in consciousness of which the outer world is but a grosser outer reflection.

Sharka Todd

Fewer laws, less governing...

more freedom!

Friday, November 12, 2010

What is true royalty?

Each being is royal unto Itself. All beings are sovereign of their own domain. This is the rule of law- the law of free will that allows each to govern their own life in their own way.

Outer authorities would wish to to do away with our self-sovereignty, and their innumerable "laws", and the control of money and the means of production are ways they seek to do so.  Even still, the individual is still king of their own mental domain which can (hopefully) will never be usurped!  Of course, attempts to control human mental programming through the control of the media, social institutions and the education system have made inroads into individual human consciousness, but still we have the freedom to say "no" and plot our own course- as difficult as this may a times be!

Sharka Todd

Lord have mercy

One does not need to ask God to have mercy on one’s soul. God IS mercy, complete acceptance and non-judgement. But we do need to be merciful to ourselves and one another. For we all make mistakes and treating each other and oneself harshly only compounds the error.

Religion, fear, control

Religion is a creation of the priests in an endeavor to raise themselves and subject others to their influence. To this end they create a fictional god who is full of judgement and wrath. Ironically, the God Force or Central Atom is totally accepting and loving of its creation, having no judgement for any of us whatsoever. Instead the Central Atom upholds our very being allowing us the freedom to do as we wish.

It is only our judgement which exists and when we cease judging ourselves we not only become free but we also begin to act in a more benign and magnanimous way.

Sharka Todd

The British Empire

The British “Reptilian” Empire is one based on subjection and control; exploitation of the many for the benefit of the few. The idea that supports this empire is that it is not only ok but holy and good for those with worldly power to subjugate those who are without. It is a type of social Darwinism that is totally opposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ upon whom the state religion is supposedly based.  Colonialism itself, is a relic of a bygone age when subjection and slavery were openly practiced and appreciated.  Today this subjection is more hidden and the powers behind parliaments and social institutions are not in plain site, preferring to operate in the shadows so their control is not apparent to the population.

Sharka Todd

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What you deliver unto OTHERS...

shall in time be delivered unto YOU!

Images: The Tracker (film)

Possessions and spirituality

The spiritual life is not to be free of possessions, but rather to be free from possessions. However, it is certainly wise to keep possessions to a minimum to limit the amount of time we need to spend caring for them rather than going on with more important and enjoyable activities.

Love your enemies

A person shall not be measured by how they treat their friends but rather by how they treat their "enemies". For "enemies" are none other than our friends in disguise, sent to us to enable us to demonstrate our mastery of our emotional nature and our expression of compassion for all life.

This differentiates a true "man (or woman) of God" from a follower of "the evil one"- the disturbed mind. Treating the "enemy" with charity is the only path for the follower of the Christ (the personification of compassion/love).