Thursday, March 28, 2013

Create your own destiny...

before someone else does it for you!

Who is Winston Churchill? (PIC)

Chaos and anarchy can only achieve control-


The human race can remain active and productive-

living in harmony with nature...

without laying waste to the land!

It is unwise to vilify anybody.

Especially if they're sad!

Self-portrait at the beach (PIC)

sharka todd sitting at the beach

Photo by Sharka Todd

If you're doing something illegal...

you don't advertise the fact!

Pic by Sharka Todd

You are a room- JEFF FOSTER

By Jeff Foster

You are a room. Thoughts, images, sensations, sounds, feelings, are your contents. Your contents are constantly moving, shifting, changing, rearranging themselves, but the room of you always remains in perfect stillness. You are never limited, defined or contained, completed or threatened by your contents, which you effortlessly embrace, as a mother embraces her newborn baby.

Knowing who you are - the unconditional embrace of this moment's content - is true content-ment.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How our view of Reality is obstructed

by Ramana Maharshi

Look. This little finger covers the eye and prevents the whole world from being seen. In the same way this small mind covers the whole universe and prevents Reality from being seen.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Your life is a movie

by Jeff Foster,
25 March, 2013

Your life is a movie. The ultimate multi-dimensional, completely panoramic, ultra high-definition road movie. Staying radically open to the present scene, which is the present moment, is always the key.

Keep those fingers off the REWIND and FAST-FORWARD buttons. You don't need to return, and you don't need to know. The previous scene has passed, and the next scene will come in its own time, intelligently flowing from the present scene.

This moment can be trusted. It's the scenic route.

Image by Sharka Todd.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thinking is the barrier

Reflective lake at sunset
Photo by Ben Fewtrell

by Osho

Thinking, you are separated from existence. Thinking is not a relation, it is not a bridge, it is not a communication – it is a barrier. Non-thinking you are related, bridged; you are in communion. When you are talking to someone, you are not related. The very talk becomes a barrier. The more you talk, the further away you move. If you are with someone in silence, you are related. If the silence is really deep and there are no thoughts in your mind and both the minds are totally silent, you are one.

Whenever you are silent with someone, you are one. When you are silent with existence, you are one with it.

This technique says be silent with existence and then you will know what God is. There is only one dialogue with existence and that is in silence. If you talk with existence, you miss. Then you are enveloped in your own thoughts.

Try this as an experiment. Try it with anything – even with a rock. Be silent with it – take it in your hand and be silent – and there will be a communion. You will move deep into the rock and the rock will move deep into you. Your secrets will be revealed to the rock and the rock will reveal its secrets to you. But you cannot use language with it. The rock doesn’t know any language.

Confined in thoughts you will be in misery. Unconfined, beyond thoughts – alert, conscious, aware, but unclouded by thoughts – you will be joy, you will be bliss.

Osho, The Book of Secrets, Talk #57

Thursday, March 21, 2013

John Connally speaks about the JFK assassination

By Doug Thompson
Capitol Hill Blue

Connolly was both gracious and charming and told us many stories about Texas politics. As the evening wore on and the multiple bourbon and branch waters took their effect, he started talking about November 22, 1963, in Dallas.

"You know I was one of the ones who advised Kennedy to stay away from Texas," Connolly said. "Lyndon (Johnson) was being a real asshole about the whole thing and insisted."

Connolly's mood darkened as he talked about Dallas. When the bullet hit him, he said he felt like he had been kicked in the ribs and couldn't breathe. He spoke kindly of Jackie Kennedy and said he admired both her bravery and composure.

I had to ask. Did he think Lee Harvey Oswald fired the gun that killed Kennedy?

"Absolutely not," Connolly said. "I do not, for one second, believe the conclusions of the Warren Commission."

So why not speak out?

"Because I love this country and we needed closure at the time. I will never speak out publicly about what I believe."

Source and complete article here.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Anti-Obama sentiment is fuelling darkness- MATTHEW WARD

We and many other messengers in the light have told you the truth about Barack Obama, a highly evolved soul from a civilization far advanced in spirituality, intelligence and ancient wisdom. The highest universal council asked him to leave his homeland and accept the mission of leading the United States and your world into an era of peace, prosperity and unity.

We have explained that his mission, which transcends politics worldwide, is a provision of the Golden Age master plan that is aligned with Gaia’s vision of Earth’s residents living in harmony with each other and with Nature. Then Gaia’s planetary body and all of its life forms will be in balance, wherein all is light. We have asked you to send light to President Obama because it will hasten the day when that balance is attained.

Also we have mentioned in previous messages that the tenacity of the dark ones caused about a ten-year delay in your progress as a society. The delay didn’t deter Earth’s ascension one whit—her timing was predestined—but it severely curtailed Obama’s ability to carry out his mission because powerful individuals within the Illuminati still had the power to derail, distort or detour his efforts.

A large part of their effectiveness has come from people whose third density perceptions have been sending forth the energy of “anti-Obama” thoughts and feelings. That energy has been refueling the dark ones and enabling them to keep a strong choke hold on the president’s endeavors to move your world toward Gaia’s vision.

It is natural to question why that would include killing, and many feel that Obama’s approval of using drones shows that he is not of the light. That perspective omits this essential element: The drones’ purpose is to kill as few persons as possible while ending warfare as quickly as possible.

Always military forces in Earth’s civilizations have operated within the third density mentality that says eliminating the enemy is a patriotic responsibility and you keep at it until you’ve won. So for millennia both sides in wars annihilated each other, using the most current weaponry. Now that includes drones, which target individuals who are considered the masterminds of terrorism and cause fewer casualties than drawn-out ground battles would.

Indeed it is lamentable that those weapons claim the lives of women, men and children who are not harming anyone. A brutal fact of war is, many civilians are injured and killed along with combat troops—we won’t go into the immeasurable psychic damage experienced by all souls in war zones. Be uplifted by knowing that as hearts and minds continue to open, no soul will want to kill another by any means for any purpose.

Matthew Ward, March 11, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Response to a comment re Israel and 9/11

Original article is here.

The official conspiracy theory about 911 is equally as offensive, laying the blame with Islamic Arabs. Few critical thinkers trust or believe the Bush administration's narrative of that day, parroted by the corporate media. The controlled collapse of WTC7 and the witnessed bombs in the buildings on that day suggest the official story is just that, a story, used to encourage Americans to support wars of conquest.

The Queen on a skateboard (PIC)


Friday, March 15, 2013

Enlightenment is the problem (ARTICLE)

by Jeff Foster

The enlightened 'state' is not the solution. It is the unnecessary problem.

When we seek an enlightened 'state' outside of our present experience, our search immediately becomes a rejection and denial of Now, of life exactly as it is, and this 'NO' is the origin of all violence and suffering. In the name of a future freedom and enlightenment, we go to war with ourselves and violate a sacred moment.

The mind could never understand enlightenment, and that's why it invents the mirage of the enlightened 'state', to always keep the goal at a distance, to maintain the illusion of time, to prevent the collapse into Mystery it fears so deeply, in its innocence.

Secretly, we don't seek the enlightened state, experience or person, we seek the source of it all, That which is already enlightened, That which is always and already the light, That which never needs to reach or become the light in time or space.

And so the search for the light collapses in on itself, and all that is left is light, with nobody there to claim or own it, or even to call it 'light'. This is why anyone who claims to be enlightened cannot be enlightened at all. It's the very 'claiming' mechanism, the 'person' itself, that is exposed here in the ever-present universal Light of life. All claims of enlightenment and its absence become meaningless here, and melt into a radical and loving embrace of present experience, the embrace we always sought 'out there', in people, substances and seemingly separate objects. Love is the end of seeking love in time and space.

Love, as the effortless unconditional embrace of every thought, sensation and feeling as it arises and falls in perfect awareness, is the answer to everything, however clich├ęd that sounds to the cynical mind.

Jeff Foster

Monday, March 11, 2013

Alleged Israeli involvement in the 911 attacks (VIDEO)

A Press TV interview with Alan Sabrosky.

What is sin? (ARTICLE)


Dolores: What about sin? Is there any such thing?

Spirit: Sin is basically doing what you know is wrong. Doing it knowingly. You can’t sin if you don’t know that it is wrong. You have to have morals to be able to sin. This is where man differs from the animal, the fact that man has conscience. When he kills someone and he knows that it is wrong, that is sin. When an animal does it, he does it unknowingly; therefore, the animal is without sin. He does it mostly for survival or for food- never senselessly.

Dolores Cannon: Between Death and Life, Conversations with a Spirit


"Tears coursed down my cheeks. Under the spiritual scrutiny of that great, compassionate consciousness I felt like a crawling worm — unclean, filled with error and sin. Yes, I say sin, but not in the ordinary sense men use that word. Rather sin as sin really is. And basically sin is hypocrisy, falsity, the living lie! It is looking at your fellow man with a friendly smile upon your face with treacherous, malicious, or mocking thoughts in your heart. Sin is any and all deviations from absolute truth, perfect love, absolute honesty and righteous motives. Thus actual sin has little to do with Earthly standards of sin."

Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers

Is death painful?

Dolores: But the actual death itself, the leaving of the body, is that painful?

Spirit: No. The transition is one of ease rather than of duress. Pain comes from the body. The spirit feels no pain except remorse. That is really the only pain that a spirit can feel. A feeling that they could have done something... more. This is painful. But physical pain no longer has meaning because that was left with the body.

Source: Dolores Cannon: Between Death and Life, Conversations with a Spirit.

Head space: the final frontier! (PIC)

Lola Creton starring in Goodbye First Love (film).

Hugo Chavez's cancer was intentionally created

Hugo Chavez with short hair after cancer treatment

by Matthew Ward

We also cite Hugo Chavez, recently deceased president of Venezuela, whom mainstream media in the United States have portrayed as a bad guy who worked against that country’s best interests. What Chavez worked against was the Illuminati’s dark influence in that country, his own and other Latin American nations, and he was quite successful in driving them out of Venezuela.

Chavez was not wrong in thinking that his cancer did not occur naturally. The media under Illuminati control labelled him a “conspiracy theorist” because they have conditioned you to believe that anything with that designation is pure nonsense. Chavez’ determination to rid his country of their tentacles and to improve the lives of those who are down-trodden did not fit with the dark ones’ agenda. They felt that a public assassination could start a firestorm instead of making it easy for them to regain control of Venezuela’s abundant natural resources, and since they had the means to initiate cancer, that’s what they did. His body just didn’t give out nearly as fast as they expected.

Matthew Ward, March 11, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hitler's distorted creativity: a view from the afterlife

Adolf Hitler relaxing with friends

by Dolores Cannon

Spirit: To give an example of how damaged these souls are that come to the “hospital” [in the spirit world], in your [physical] plane there was one called Adolf Hitler. He was not sent to the hospital because his soul was not that damaged. He was sent to the learning portion of the plane, the retreat. He needed a quiet time of reflection because he had become- well, another metaphor- his nerves had become jangled.

The problem in that lifetime was that he was an extremely creative person. He would have been a creative genius but he had no outlets for it because the Depression culture he was raised in did not allow for creative outlets. There was an inordinate amount of energy behind this creativeness, as there always is in these geniuses. It had to have another outlet somewhere and it warped his outlook on life and hence his thoughts, and it developed into the final outcome. That which happened reflected mainly on his father‘s karma rather than his.

How hemp threatens the corporatocracy (5.27 min VIDEO)

Some people seen on TV are clones

"Some influential individuals you see in TV film clips are clones of the [original] persons who have died." (MATTHEW WARD)

This is to maintain the power structures that are in place around these people beyond the death of the original identity.
read more about this

Friday, March 8, 2013

STOP! - by Jeff Foster

Jeff Foster

Stop. Whatever is happening in the circumstances of your life, stop. Just for a moment.

Gently begin to acknowledge what is HERE, in this moment.

Come out of your conclusions about life, your ideas about the past and future, and begin to notice the sensations, feelings, thoughts that are present, right here and right now. Notice what is ALIVE here. Let your present experience - sights and sounds and smells - become totally fascinating, the most curious dance in all the universe. You are seeing, tasting, touching, hearing the world as if for the first time. This is your Garden of Eden.

Notice how thought is always giving names and labels to things. A car, a tree, a foot. It even labels what you are feeling - "sadness", "anger", "fear", "disappointment", "expectation" and so on. And then judges it as good or bad, right or wrong. Is the feeling the word? Is the judgement the feeling? Try the following today as an experiment:

Instead of calling it 'sadness', drop that label for a moment, and sink deeply into the raw sensation in the body. Feel deeply the sensation in the stomach, the chest, the back of the head. Assume that you don't even know that it's sadness yet. Allow that unnamed life energy to dance and move freely in the sacred space that you are.

Instead of calling it 'anger', drop that heavy and loaded word, and directly contact the intense raw sensation in the belly, chest, throat. Feel directly the intensity of it. Feel the sheer aliveness of it. You are alive! You are alive! Allow life to move without blockage. Notice that these waves of energy are already allowed, without you having to allow them. They are allowed because they are LIFE, and all life is sacred.

Instead of calling it 'fear' - or 'boredom' or 'frustration' or 'powerlessness' - drop that second-hand conclusion, and directly contact the raw, first-hand sensation in the body. Is this energy really against you? Allow it to burn, fizzle, prickle, dance, move, as if for the first time. You have never met this energy before. It is fresh in this moment. It is really a threat to life? Is it really blocking anything, except an IDEA of how this moment should be? Is it really the enemy?

What is sadness, when it is not named? What is anger, when we no longer call it 'anger'? What is fear, prior to the word 'fear'?

What happens when we profoundly contact these life energies without the protection of words and history?

What happens when we stand naked in front of life, and stop pretending to know?

What happens in just a moment of unconditional acceptance, no matter what is going on in the story our lives?

Every moment is an invitation to stop, acknowledge, and deeply allow all of life to move.

Jeff Foster, March 2013

There’s only one time to peak-

and that’s NOW!

The friendship between Barack Obama and Julia Gillard (PICS)

US President Barack Obama with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Hitler and the Nazis (PICS)

Images: Apocalypse (documentary series)