Saturday, August 30, 2014

Interpreting the bible

The bible is there to be read by anyone.  You don’t need anybody to interpret it for you, just as we don't need anyone to interpret life for us!  Every interpretation will be colored by the prejudices of the interpreter.  I don't think there is a person alive who can claim to have an objective perspective on the matter.

If the path to God lies in the heart then we must read spiritual literature with an open heart and allow our heart wisdom to do the interpreting for us!

Sharka Todd

Fishing on the beach (PIC)

Photo by Sharka Todd

Mixing superstition with fact


Many schools of thought, both practical and metaphysical, mix factual information with superstition. This creates confusion in the student who earnestly attempts to unravel fact from fiction and those ideas which are useful from those which are not.

Some people swallow all the teachings of a given school in one gulp, thinking, illogically, that if part of a teaching is true, then all of it must be true. Such unquestioning obedience to authority and dogma creates a situation where outsiders tend to view believers as deluded and the whole school of thought as invalid, due to their perceived blind adherence to superstitious thought.

This is a shame because many useful facts and ideas are contained within many of these schools of thought, if only they can be sifted through and found.  But for this to occur we must have an open, inquiring mind, and not be subject to slavish adherence to tradition and the edicts of authority figures.

Sharka Todd

God, mankind and free will

If humans have free will then the problems we face on earth are man’s doing, not those of a creator god. Conditions on earth are, in general, highly favorable for leading a healthy and productive life.  We have all the requirements needed to keep the body healthy and the mind and spirit active and engaged.  What man chooses to do with these conditions is up to him.  He can live peaceably and productively, multiplying the bounty of the earth, or he can wage war on his neighbor, reducing life for everyone.

To blame a creator god for starvation, wars and even disease is to ignore the role man’s use of free will has in these matters.  Man’s conception of himself is all important here.  How he sees himself will determine how he expresses himself and what he strives towards.  And although there are streams of thought that exist that, if believed, would lead man to view himself as unworthy and inferior there are also schools of thought that stress the value and nobility of the human life.  In our own case we are free to believe as we wish and we are responsible for how this plays out in our own life.

Sharka Todd

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Everyone is entitled to their own reality


The only sin, as I see it, is interfering in other people's business when you haven't been asked.  I include in this category the action of government agents as well as private individuals.  Any use of force is a form of thuggery and is a violation of the free will of those being acted upon.  If only people minded their own business and didn't act from fear to attempt to control the lives of others there would be far less social problems and far more happy citizens!

Sharka Todd

Laws: just someone’s opinion!

Laws are just someone else’s opinion and unless you are likely to get caught breaking them, they are irrelevant!

Sharka Todd

Monday, August 25, 2014

The choice of the materialistic or spiritual hypothesis

Image: Sharka Todd

Our choice of belief in the materialistic hypothesis or the spiritual hypothesis depends on which of the two has the greatest ability to explain our own experiences and the experiences of those we know and trust.

If we experience an event that is outside the bounds of possibility for the hypothesis we hold then this hypothesis is automatically rejected and we are left to create a broader view!

Sharka Todd

God bless America!

and by America...

I mean the whole world!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The true achievement is attaining greatness-

 in one's own lunch time!

Are "epic missions" ego dramas?

Does the ego hide even in what appears to be well meaning commitments to save humanity from itself?  Isn't this just a savior complex?  We "wish to liberate all beings in samsara".  We want to save the world.  But does it need saving?  And are we truly here to save people from themselves?  This is what many religious zealots think.  They must "save" the fallen.

Surely we must pluck the log out of our own eye before we can help remove the speck from our neighbors eye! (Luke 6:41,42; Matthew 7:3,4)  And even when our vision is clear our neighbor may not want our help; they may not agree with our pronouncements!  Truly, we must save ourselves first, and them perhaps others will come to us if they need our assistance!

Sharka Todd

Treating dogma as fact

It's important to realize the difference between dogma and fact. Dogma is something we've only heard about; fact is something we've actually experienced for ourselves!  Dogma refers to stories or beliefs dressed up as established facts.  They are passed down from generation to generation where they become established as unassailable "truths"!

It always amazes me when people speak about dogmas as established facts.  Dogma as supposition is fine, but unless we experience something directly for ourselves, in a incontrovertible way, it remains speculation, not fact! It's important to anyone with a questioning mind to realize this!

Sharka Todd

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

God v gods: mutually exclusive?

underground cavern with religious art
Image: John Carter (film)

Some atheists make the point that the belief by humans in so many gods means that they can’t all be true.  This is based on a misunderstanding.

Gods, generally spelt with a small “g”, refers to those beings that are generally not physical but are powerful creators, particularly in comparison to humans.  There may be an almost infinite number of such gods.  These gods may include the gods spoken of in the Hindu religion, for example.  When speaking more broadly, humans could also be termed gods, because of our almost unlimited ability to create. 

God, with a capital “G”, generally refers to either the lord of this universe or to the lord of all creation, including all physical universes and non-physical realms.  This God would equate to “Allah” for the Muslims and “God” or "Jehovah" for the Christians.

This God is generally viewed as the original creator of the physical realm and, perhaps, all other realms.  This doesn’t rule out the possibility that this God has created other beings (such as the archangels) to assist in the creative process; a delegation of creation, if you like.  Clearly, humans would also fit into this category.

While we are on earth our creativity is limited to this sphere but if we are eternal beings, as many believe, we may eventually be engaged in increasingly greater creative pursuits elsewhere in creation, which may result in us being viewed by others, less powerful, as "gods"!

Sharka Todd

Here is an offsite article on this topic entitled: One or Many Creators?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Earthly authorities as God's representatives

We are taught obedience to authority figures early in life- in schools, at home and through the media. The obedient child is said to be the good child and the child society and God will reward. By obeying earthly authorities we will get good grades, have a good life and go to heaven.

Authorities are sold to us as God's representatives on Earth. That is the message that is promoted early in life. They are not to be questioned or doubted as they are so much more knowledgeable than we are.  Instead, we are supposed to see ourselves as subservient to them.

It's hard for many people to see beyond this conditioning and to begin to view authorities as human and therefore, fallible, and whose will is not the will of God

This is a form of maturity that not everyone is capable of. Instead, many still cling to childish notions of unassailable authority, which they must obey or expect punishment in this life or the next.

See also: Personal authority and a non-interventionist God

Sharka Todd

Friday, August 15, 2014

People channel both light and dark

In the picture above we have Julie Bishop, an Australian conservative politician who currently serves as Australia's Foreign Minister.  As we can see from the photos she has the ability to project both light and darkness.  When she channels darkness (LHS) we can see her facial features rearrange and lose their pleasing, balanced appearance that appears when she is in a "light" frame of mind (RHS).

Ms Bishop is famous for her "death stare" with which projects evil intent at the recipient.  When she is in this state she is clearly channeling a low, dark energy that she has allowed into her aura.  It is this that she needs to abandon if she is to become a full-time resident of the realms of light.

One only hopes that over time Ms. Bishop will "slay" her demons and commit herself to working with the lighter side of her nature, rendering her impervious to the attempts of fallen beings to control her through her "dark" side!

Sharka Todd

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bradman- the first born child!

 The first born son shall be called “Bradman”, followed by “Hendrix”!

The pernicious nature of “totalitarian" belief systems

Image: Equilibrium (film) edited by Sharka Todd

“Totalitarian" belief systems are those which claim to contain the one and only truth.  They claim that other viewpoints are not only wrong, but are in fact, evil.  This can lead to the persecution of people who hold onto alternative beliefs. 

Such “totalitarian" belief systems tend to be created by those who wish to have power over others.  By claiming their truth as the only truth and all other viewpoints blasphemous, they set up divisions in society and provide rationale for the persecution of others.  

We find this feature in political philosophies, mainstream religions and fringe cults.   In each case those inside the movement are taught that their way of looking at the world is not only the best way, it is in fact the only right way, and that all other views are not only wrong, but evil.  Often the concept of "the will of God" is invoked.  Those belonging to these "cults of belief" are told that their view is the only view that God approves of.  All other views are taught to be not only against God's will, but in actual opposition to God, and therefore, evil.
This is an effective way of creating an "us and them" mentality.  This can help with group bonding but has the effect of isolating the group from outsiders who sense the disrespect and intolerance these cultish groups hold for their views.  Also, insiders to the cult begin to fear and loathe outsiders because of their "evil" beliefs and behaviors and their fear these may "infect" them.  This sets the scene for future conflict.

These cultish belief systems deny the individual the inborn right to hold their own unique perspective on the world.  Such independence of thought is seen as a great threat to totalitarian belief structures as it makes people uncontrollable.  Therefore, independent thinkers are vilified by such "cults of belief" and independent thinking in general is labelled as evil by such groups.  

This kind of attempt to control people's thinking is clearly the effort of fear-laden people with control issues and only by seeing it as such can we free ourselves from their efforts to enslave our minds!

Sharka Todd

Monday, August 11, 2014

Joy Division (tshirt)

Starring One Direction.  Image edit by Sharka.

My response to a Christian fundamentalist on YouTube

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Avoiding arguments- how to deal with the tempter

by Jesus through Kim Michaels

(1) Why does God allow you to be tempted?

You may think that God should have taken the Serpent away from this world so that you were not tempted. However, that would be a violation of the Law of Free Will. God gave you free will, and you have the right to choose what you will believe and what you will allow to exist in your world. Human beings chose to believe in the serpentine lies, and therefore it is human beings who allow the Serpent and his representatives to remain on Earth.

God can remove the serpents at any time, because truly Archangel Michael has the power to consume the Serpent with the fire that consumes all unlike itself. Yet until a critical mass of people separate themselves from the consciousness of the Serpent, the law does not allow the Serpent to be removed.

In order to make progress on the spiritual path, you have to see through and replace the decisions that caused you to move away from oneness. Therefore, the law allows the Serpent to tempt you. When you take a step closer to oneness, it is allowed that the forces of this world tempt you with the decisions that caused you to move away from oneness. You must be confronted with those decisions, so that you have the opportunity to consciously put them behind you. Thereby, you permanently remove them from your being, so that they cannot pull you down any more.

In order to rise to Christhood, you must separate yourself from the consciousness of the Serpent. One might say that a wrong decision is like a stick of iron in your energy field, and the magnetic pull of the consciousness of this world is constantly pulling on that iron, thereby pulling on your mind and emotions. So only by throwing out that stick of iron will you be free from the magnetic pull.

My point here is that as you walk the path to Christhood, you will make things easier for yourself if you will make the effort to learn how to recognize the tempter. Truly, that tempter will come to you every time you take a step forward on the path and this is the way it will be as long as you are here on Earth. There will not come a time when you are no longer tempted. As long as you are in a physical body, you will be tempted, yet the higher you move on the path of personal Christhood, the easier it will be for you to see through the temptations and therefore walk right through them as if they never even existed. That is when the prince of this world comes to you, but he has nothing in you.

(2) How to deal with the tempter

How do you deal with the temptation? You deal with it the same way I did when I was tempted by the devil. You rebuke the tempter and his temptation, you rebuke the false idea by affirming the truth. Take note that I rebuked the devil, I did not argue with him or reason with him. I simply stated the truth that refuted the devil’s temptation. I did not attempt to convince him that he was wrong because had I done so, I would have become involved in a dualistic argument that would have tied me to the consciousness of the devil.

You see, when the tempter presents you with a particular idea, it is not his primary purpose to make you accept that idea. His overall purpose is to tempt you into arguing about the idea, so that you are pulled into the dualistic state of consciousness. You are thereby tempted to engage in a dualistic argument, and the tempter does not care who is right or who ends up being convinced.

The tempter’s only goal is to keep you trapped in the consciousness of duality, and even if you think you have won the argument, you can still be trapped in that consciousness. Therefore, you might think you have won the battle, but you have lost the war. The tempter has won because he has managed to keep you trapped in the dualistic state of consciousness.

Yet take note that I was not silent in the face of the devil’s temptations. I rebuked the devil but I did so in a way that was non-attached. I stated the truth without arguing or reasoning. Also, take note that I cast the money changers out of the Temple, when they had entered the house of God and were parading their wares of false beliefs, false doctrines and dualistic ideas. Take note that I challenged the scribes and the Pharisees and anyone else who promoted dualistic ideas. This is the essence of the path to Christhood, namely that you do not remain passive in the face of evil.

View the complete article here.

Beware the false teachers

by Jesus through Kim Michaels

There are true teachers and there are false teachers. The true teachers will seek to help you establish a clear contact with your Christ self, so that you can get answers from within. The false teachers will always seek to insert themselves between you and your Christ self. They will use many different lies to do this, and you need to learn how to recognize them.

Some of the more obvious lies are found in the major religions of the world, including the Catholic Church. They claim that you cannot know truth on your own, but that truth can be known only through the scriptures and the doctrines of the Church. This is an obvious ploy that all mature spiritual seekers have seen through lifetimes ago, and that is indeed why they are on the spiritual path instead of sitting in their Catholic churches passively receiving from the pulpit. Yet there are many ploys that are far more subtle, and they come in many enticing disguises.

If you will spend some time meditating on this and seeking direction from your Christ self by using the tools I give on this website, including the rosaries of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael, you can quickly learn to recognize the lies. The tempter always comes to take you away from your inner sense of oneness. You can see an example of this by studying how I was tempted after my stay in the wilderness. This situation was really a symbol of what happens when you walk the spiritual path.

Sometimes, in order to make progress on the path, you need to withdraw yourself from the world, not necessarily in a physical manner, but you withdraw from the consciousness of this world, the activities of this world and the beliefs of this world. You come apart from the consciousness of duality, so that you can be undisturbed and go within to establish a connection with your Christ self.

Yet when you have established that connection, you come back into the world, and you must anticipate that the consciousness of this world, the prince of this world, will be right there to tempt you away from the oneness you attained while you were apart. Therefore, the prince of this world will come to see if he has something in you, whereby he can tempt you into a dualistic reaction that takes you away from oneness.

View the complete article here.

The mind of anti-christ

by Jesus through Kim Michaels

The mind of anti-christ is the mind of duality. This mind sets up two dualistic opposites, two relative extremes, such as the polarities of good and evil. When you are trapped by this dualistic mind, you think in terms of black and white. Yet this is nothing but a smokescreen, set up by the prince of this world to fool those who have not yet attained a glimpse of the Christ mind. For example, many Christians are so concerned about anti-christ that they have been fooled into thinking that it always appears as the devil himself. Therefore, they think that an idea which is anti-christ is easy to recognize because it is dark or contradicts the Bible (especially their interpretation of the Bible). Yet in reality the entire range of dualistic consciousness is the consciousness of anti-christ.

Take note of what I am saying. Surely, many of the dark, egotistical or manipulative ideas are expressions of the mind of anti-christ. Yet what most people, especially many religious people, will not acknowledge is that even most of the ideas and practices that human beings call “good” are also expressions of the mind of anti-christ. This is a truth that will make many people uncomfortable, yet it is a truth that must be acknowledged by all those who are willing to step on to the path of personal Christhood.

What is the essence of the path to Christhood? It is that you increase your ability to discern between that which is of God and that which is not of God, between that which is of the mind of Christ and that which springs from the mind of anti-christ. The mind of anti-christ is the mind that keeps you separated from God and prevents you from knowing, “I and my Father, meaning my I AM Presence, are one.”

The mind of anti-christ is the mind of duality, and as long as you are trapped in that mind, you can go around in circles for an indefinite period of time. It is quite possible that a person doing this can believe that he or she is on the path to salvation. Such a person will often set up an outer standard and say that as long as you believe in all the right doctrines, do all the right things and don’t do any of the wrong things, your salvation is guaranteed. This is the sense of righteousness shared by the scribes and Pharisees of old, and you might remember that I denounced their righteousness and clearly stated that unless you go to a higher level of righteousness, namely the righteousness of the Christ consciousness, you cannot enter Heaven.

Part of an article: Anticipate the Tempter by Kim Michaels.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

What I mean by "God"

Simply put: the divine inner essence of all things.  What Andrew Cohen would call our true nature.  This is what I see as being underneath the rugged exterior (i.e the persona or ego) we have created to deal with this inharmonious world!

I see "God" as the source and sum of all being, which we each are.  It is the pool or source from which we draw our existence and is the origin of life and the source of it's continual replenishment!

For a description of this underlying reality, see the following article written by a scientist who experienced a revelatory expansion of consciousness.

Sharka Todd

Honoring free will is divine!

Many "believers" are fighting for more control over other people's lives.  I'm not one of them!  Free will is a divine gift and if we are to be perfect as our father is perfect (Matthew 5:48) we should imitate the father by honoring the free will choices of other people just as the father does, where this is at all practical!

Sharka Todd

Conflict only feeds the ego

Conflicts and debates fuel the lower part of our nature and are best avoided if we wish to operate from a spiritual perspective.  Debates and arguments draw us away from our open, accepting stance and place us in a restricted, competitive, forceful mind-space which is at odds with a spiritual viewpoint.  Attachment to showing or proving intellectual superiority is a path to the dark side, as Yoda might say.  Any weakness we have can draw us away from a broader, spiritual view, towards a smaller, more parochial perspective.  

To guard against this happening, we must be on the alert for any feelings of dis-ease or restriction within our bodies which signal that we have entered into the "enemies turf"- that is, the realm of the ego.  That is the time to back down and ease away from the subject of our conflict and to focus on something more peaceful and productive!

Sharka Todd

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Christianity and the fear of meditation

Image by Sharka Todd

There are those who belong to a certain branch of Christianity who teach that meditation is an evil practice.  They claim this is so because it is used by people who belong to different belief systems than themselves, which makes these belief systems evil, in their eyes.  They fear that if a Christian practices meditation they may become swept up in the beliefs of this alternative system and "convert" or that, alternatively, that by quieting ones mind, the person may come into contact with "evil spirits".

Considering their prophet, Jesus, once said "the kingdom of heaven is within" you would think they would be keen to embrace meditation.  After all, meditation is clearly the best way to shut out the external world and quieten the mental chatter to enable us to experience our inner world where the heaven Jesus purported to can be found. But no, instead they are afraid of this very thing! Rather than look within, they compulsively turn their attention outside themselves, preferably on their "holy book" for fear that something may enter their mind that is not in accordance with church teachings!

This adds an extra difficulty for the fundamentalist Christians who truly desires to experience spiritual growth. They are in fear of themselves and instead become easy prey for the lords who rule the churches and feed their followers with beliefs that suit the continued control and growth of the church!  If a person is not willing to look within, and meditation is perhaps the best tool for this, then it will be nearly impossible to achieve any degree of spiritual independence, which is required as well move along the spiritual path towards self-mastery!

Sharka Todd

Life is not a battle

Painting by Sarath Dissanayake

Life is not a battle, nor is it a struggle, it is simply a letting go… into higher and higher states of understanding and bliss!

Sharka Todd

Fundamentalists and their "epic dramas"

Fundamentalists of many different shades- both religious and philosophical- see themselves in a grand battle between good and evil.  They believe the Earth can only be saved by vanquishing evil (those who don't share, or who actively oppose, their beliefs) or by converting everyone to their beliefs.  We see this amongst those who subscribe to scientific materialism.  They believe they are on a quest to rid the human race of irrational beliefs that are holding us back from the glorious advancement that would be possible if only we could be rational, for once!

Another example of fundamentalism resulting in an epic drama is found among "communists".  They believe the only way for the human race to advance is to throw off the shackles of capitalism and the elites who rule through it.  Of course, this ignores the fact that elites have used many social and economic systems to rule throughout history, including communism itself.

In recent times it seems the most virulent and dangerous brand of fundamentalism has been found among those who classify themselves as "Muslims"- followers of the teachings of Muhammad and his book, The Quran.  Although the vast majority of Muslims seem to be peaceful there is a small and vocal minority that has the goal to have their beliefs take over the world, or at least certain portions of it.  To this end they seek the take over of legal systems by what is known as "Sharia Law".  Certain groups are even willing to kill to achieve this aim.

Another group, Christian fundamentalists, do not generally seek to take over the world by force.  Instead, they was waiting for the re-emergence of their messiah to herald a new age where non-believers are judged and punished and believers are rewarded for their steadfastness.

In all the above cases we can see that those who hold to these fundamentalist positions believe they are part of the select few who are either doing God's will, or are at least acting rationally for the benefit of mankind (in the case of materialists).  They see themselves in active opposition to people holding different beliefs, who they view as a hindrance to the development of God's kingdom on Earth.

This belief in an epic drama results in such people focusing their attention on fighting or attempting to change other people.  As a result, they ignore the log in their own eye whilst pointing out the mote in others' eyes (Matthew 7:4).  Consequently, they stagnate in their personal growth and do not grow towards God as we are each designed to do.  Only when these epic dramas are seen as the illusory ego games that they are, is it possible for us to continue on our path of growth in consciousness.

Sharka Todd

See also:  Freedom from Ego Dramas by Kim Michaels

The power elite: unified in intent, not action

(click on article to enlarge)

Source: Ascended Master Answers by Kim Michaels

The power elite have created a divided society- KIM MICHAELS

(Click on article to enlarge)

Source: Ascended Master Answers by Kim Michaels

The only way to make slavery work

Image: Django Unchained (film)

The only way for slavery to truly work (to benefit the owners) is to get the slaves to police each other. That way the owner is free to carry on with their own affairs without having to spend the day controlling others. To this end a manager is required, one that can be completely trusted to represent and protect the interests of the owner. Interestingly, this mirrors the situation in the business world.

(Of course, slavery is morally wrong and ultimately works to the detriment of all.  However, in many ways it is similar to what is called "wage slavery" today and similarly works to benefit a few from the labor of many.)

Cost-benefit of a military life

Image: Modern Warfare game, edit by Sharka Todd

If you join the military they will take away your freedom and may send you off to a distant land to kill or be killed, but hell, the pay is good!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Should children's free will be respected?

Today, there is a war going on- in classrooms and in homes- between children and their caregivers over whether children should be allowed to choose their own path.  In short, the battle is being fought because the free will of children is being usurped by the adults around them, many of whom (such as teachers) are agents of the state.

The basic concept behind adults imposing their will on children is the idea that children are too young and inexperienced to make their own decisions wisely.  Therefore their choice making ability is taken away from them in many instances. 

One key area where this occurs is in schooling.  Very rarely is the choice of whether to attend school, how often to attend school, or what to study in school given to the child. 
Instead, the decision is made by the state, which is believed to know what is better for the child than both the child and its parents.  Because schooling is such a time-consuming activity for children the inability of the child to have a say in this matter immediately gives the child of feeling of powerless over its life.  This can lead to feelings of anger and depression in the susceptible child which can last for many years and can end in violent actions or suicide.

Libertarianism: a personal philosophy, not a political one

The longer I live the more I feel in accord with the philosophy of libertarianism- live and let live. This philosophy is based on the golden rule- to do unto others as you would have them do unto you- as very few people want other people to interfere in their affairs and this philosophy of liberty reflects this.  The basic premise of this belief is to let others live as they choose, as long as it doesn't impact on my own ability to live as I choose.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Nature's heirachy of consciousness- MATTHEW WARD

Now then, every person and every thing in your world emits vibrations in consonance with each form’s consciousness level, and that is determined by the amount of light in each. The atoms in inanimate objects—say a pebble, football, nail and chair—have minimal consciousness; exceptions are crystals and gold, which have a high degree. The consciousness level of soil is higher than objects and so is that of slugs, worms and short-lived insects; higher on the scale are the species of insects that have a well-developed hierarchy and clearly-defined working system within it.

The plant kingdom has a very high level of consciousness. Trees have intelligence and emotions that few people would even consider possible and extend far beyond the acorn that knows how to become a mighty oak and the apple seed that knows how to bear fruit. Tiny flower seeds know their colors and whether to blossom for a season or flourish year after year. The generally unseen, therefore unknown souls in the Devic kingdom, who work hand-in-hand with all of Nature, also are highly advanced consciously and emotionally.

Humans and other high orders in the animal kingdom have the highest level of consciousness—instinct, intuition, memory, learning and reasoning capability, and the widest range of feelings—but only humankind also is endowed with conscience and Creator’s gift of free will. Although each living being and each inanimate thing serves a purpose in the evolutionary process of all, it is the human population that sets the pace.

Whereas all other life forms on Earth operate within their respective innate guidelines that work in harmony with Nature, people can choose to act in godly ways or not, to heed conscience or not; and their collective choices determine the civilization’s evolvement status. As humankind evolves via the light in spiritual and conscious awareness, so do all the other forms on the planet, and the collective vibratory emissions advance the entire world.  And, as a world advances, life becomes increasingly simpler and joyous!  It is only in third density’s lower vibrations that a civilization creates all the complexities born of negativity.

Message from Matthew, 3 Aug 2014

Life as an unfolding movie- MATTHEW WARD

Image by Sharka Todd

You are in the cast of billions, all of whom are given free rein to act however they think best fits the scenario at hand.

So, behaving in accordance with respective personalities and characteristics, a few actors are ruthless in efforts to monopolize the scene while others strive for a team effort to serve the interests of all.  Some members become angry about the way the story unfolds, others are pleased, still others are discouraged, and many in the cast are confused.

Some actors behave unreasonably, others urge cooperation so things can proceed smoothly; and as some rise in prominence, others fade. Some cast members feel their parts are too small, others feel theirs are too hard; some think the film will be a success, others are afraid it won’t be.

Cast members die, newborns come into it. And, since each actor’s main focus during filming is his or her part, it is only when the entire cast views the completed production that they can see why all of the roles were necessary to make this motion picture of unprecedented stature and scope.

Message from Matthew, 3 Aug 2014

What brought down flight MH17? MATTHEW WARD

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We have been asked about the speculation that the United States government had a hand in downing the Malaysian plane in Ukraine and the accusations that the Russian government did. Our colleagues in Nirvana say neither is responsible—it was the work of the “black ops” arm of the Illuminati-controlled faction of the CIA, the same force that is egging on the pro-Russian separatist movement in Ukraine.     
That faction, which operates independently of all governments’ oversight, respects no national borders. Wherever some citizens are dissatisfied with their elected leaders, the agents either instigate or exacerbate uprisings to heighten tension, implicate whatever national leaders would be appropriate and help the dissidents obtain weaponry and supplies. “Black ops” personnel, like the rest of the Illuminati, feed on negativity, and their means of refueling themselves is creating negativity-laden chaos, fear, death, injury, sorrow and destruction. 
 Message from Matthew, 3 Aug 2014

See here and here for articles that support the above contention.

If you are fighting something or someone...

the matrix has you!

Image: The Matrix Revolutions (film)

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