Thursday, May 17, 2018

What is the vaccine push really about?

Some people think the vaccine push is about health, some think it's about money, and others think it's about control.

I think it's mostly about control and the depopulation/health deterioration program of the power elite.

Some would ask: why do the power elite wish to damage people's health?

The answer is: to make them easier to control and to make them more likely to die prematurely.

The depopulation agenda is widely accepted among truth seekers, and the power elite haven't tried too hard to disguise it. Instead, they regularly speak about their desire to see the world population reduced dramatically, and it's quite obvious various power levers are being pulled to achieve it, with varying levels of success.

As a result, I avoid all the unhealthy practices that the power elite promote through their various minions who are paid to push poisonous practices marketed to appear healthy and fun.

Instead, I focus on natural health practices, including eating a high proportion of living foods, that have stood the test of time and aren't being promoted by corrupt corporations, as they do their intentionally poisonous products.

This still raises the question: why has the vaccine push become some much stronger in recent years?

Why are the power elite, who control governments, so keen to push vaccines NOW as opposed to years gone by?

Well, one reason is that the internet has woken people up to the fact that what their governments, institutions and TVs are telling them about vaccines and other things is in many cases a lie.

Correspondingly, the desire to vaccinate has reduced among the population as they become aware of the dangers that have previously been successfully covered up.  Such a cover-up is impossible now in the internet age.

To increase vaccination rates, or even to maintain them, now requires increasingly tyrannical measures being introduced by governments.

The other reason given for the enhanced vaccine push is the current overwhelming spiritual awakening of the human race, which threaten the status of the power elite who are used to ruling unchallenged.

Childhood vaccines, in particular, are designed to harm the child's nervous system and brain function.  This is an attempt, not only to dumb down the child, but to ensure that it's spiritual powers are damaged for life, making then easier to control.  En masse this means a controllable population is maintained.

This goes against the natural trend we are part of, which is the awakening of the human race.  So controlling forces are trying to stop this process by mass poisoning of the children. Very sinister, but typical power elite behavior, who see the common man as just cattle they own and can treat however it suits them to do so.  This has been the case for thousands of years of tyrannical rule, however today it is better disguised, but not from those willing to question and apply critical thinking skills to what is going on around us.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Why natural health folk reject the tools of modern medicine

When natural health folk reject the tools of modern medicine it isn't because they are "anti-science", it's because they reject the assumptions on which modern medicine is based.

Specifically, they don't view illness as a symptom of a "lack" of pharmaceutical medicines. Instead, they connect it to other things- emotional stress, nutritional deficiency, unhealthy lifestyle, toxic poisoning, lack of rest, lack of appropriate exercise, etc., that they seek to address to regain health.  As a result they seek for cures outside the pharmaceutical sphere, in most cases.

This doesn't mean they will always reject the pharmaceutical option, but it is likely to be low on their list of cures to try.

The reason for this is their belief that the body's needs are for natural products, not synthetic ones, and that the synthetic ones are generally symptom suppressors, that are toxic, to one degree or another, and don't help health in the long run, but only harm it.

So it is not a rejection of pharmaceutical "science", it's a rejection of the philosophy behind it, and no number of glowing drug studies is likely to change that belief.