Friday, April 24, 2015

"Sky-daddy" concept of God superceded

The Christian “sky-daddy” concept of God has given way to the “all around and within you- daddy” concept popular among modern spiritual enthusiasts.  This is part of the movement towards recognizing the unity of all creation and its unity with its creator whom some still call "God" and others call "All That Is".  This is in contrast to the outdated notion of separation- of one life form from another and the creator from its creation.

Sharka Todd

“Best practice” in the logging industry

Photo by Sharka Todd

1.    Clear cut large areas of forest, shocking and disfiguring the surrounding environment and removing the home for a large number of animals and insects
2.    Use heavy machinery to push remaining vegetation into piles.
3.    Burn these massive piles, sending smoke and CO2 into the air for miles and polluting the lungs of all around.

Sharka Todd

Illuminati are against talks with Iran

"After years of punitive measures against Iran for its nuclear development program, a series of talks between leaders of that country and others recently produced a framework for a diplomatic solution, with both sides making concessions to reach that initial stage of cooperation. Most in your world welcomed this as a positive albeit tenuous first step, yet it was soundly denounced by the increased negativity of individuals within Illuminati ranks or under their influence who want this issue handled with military might. Only the peak of the Illuminati still are holding onto the delusion that further destabilizing the Mideast will let them gain control of that region and continue their march toward global domination."

Matthew Ward

The Honey Sacrifice poster

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blaming God for our mental suffering

I have heard people blame God, or even Jesus, for their suffering, when that suffering has been created by the thinking patterns they have fostered over many years. I find the blaming of some other being quite strange in these circumstances, when the fault lies clearly at their own feet!

If we accept the reality of free will then we accept that we are the creator of our mental patterns and any suffering or happiness that may go along with them.  Of course, our life experiences will impact on our thinking, but it is still up to us to decide what we wish to focus on, what we choose to ignore and how we choose to interpret the events of our lives. No one else can do it for us.

It should also be realized that the way others act towards us is a result of their own free will choices. For a God to take control of how others treat us would require "him" to override their free will. If all our free will choices are honored at all times, then this can't happen.  Therefore, others may treat us in ways that cause us suffering as part of their free will, but it is still up to us to make the choice of what to make of that experience. We can see it as a learning experience, a chance to learn detachment or we can continue to focus on it as a victim. The choice is ours and is our responsibility, not God's! For unpleasant experiences are just part and parcel of living in a world with other free will beings and it is up to us to make of them what we will, not God!

Another line of thought that blames God for one's own faults is the idea that "I was made this way" (to suffer).  The problem with this kind of thinking is that we really have no idea how we were "made".  If we think this present birth (or conception) was our origin as a separate being then it is hard to argue that as a baby we were plagued with negative thoughts.  This seems highly unlikely!  More likely, this type of thinking was learned over time and therefore, can be unlearned.  If we accept that our origin lies before our current birth then it is hard to say what we were like in those early days before the "weight of the world" descended upon us but it is likely to be very different to how we are now!

Contrary to the idea that we were somehow made to suffer, I would say that we learn to suffer and that to be free of mental suffering is part of discovering our "true" nature.  To find this true nature we need to look into ourselves, past the opinions we hold, and I believe we will find something very good and positive, indeed! 

To this end, I recommend the following talk by Barry Long about connecting with one's true nature:

Sharka Todd

Thinking v. feeling one's way through life

 "Trust your feelings, you must!" Yoda

The two approaches to living are to think your way through life and to feel your way through life.  Thinking looks at the past and projects it onto the future when making decisions whereas feeling involves a moment by moment decision making process.  Feeling your way through life is a process of sensing the force around and within you and acting from there.  Thinking ignores the living force and acts on old programs, instead.

For a more detailed view on this topic: Using subtle feelings to navigate through life - STUART WILDE

Sharka Todd

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The central dynamic on Earth- KIM MICHAELS

Jesus perfectly understood the central dynamic on earth. This dynamic is very simple and can be learned by reading Jesus’ words carefully. The dynamic is that most human beings are trapped in an illusion. This illusion makes us think we are separated from our source, from God and the spiritual realm.

Some people are so deceived by this illusion that they deny the existence of a spiritual realm and spiritual beings. Others believe there is a spiritual realm, but they are convinced that they are separated from it by a barrier that they themselves cannot cross. Only very special people can cross that barrier and they themselves can enter heaven only by obeying a religion on earth.

What Jesus taught and demonstrated is that this is a complete lie. You are not actually separated from the kingdom of God because it is within you. What does this mean? It means that the kingdom of God is a state of consciousness.

Right now most people are in a state of consciousness dominated by separation. This is the state that Jesus called “death” and it makes you convinced that you are separated from God. Yet this sense of separation is a complete illusion, cleverly created and upheld by the prince of this world. This prince will do anything in his power to keep you trapped in the illusion of separation, including using an outer religion. This outer religion makes you believe that if you accept its doctrines and follow its rules, you are guaranteed to be saved after this lifetime.

Jesus preached that the kingdom of God is at hand, meaning you will never attain it in the future. You will attain it only in the NOW because the key to the kingdom is to overcome the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of anti-christ, and raise your consciousness until you can embrace the consciousness of Christ. This is how you escape death and attain the life that the Christ consciousness offers to all.

Kim Michaels

Full article here.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Scientific consensus

Scientific consensus is a changing thing.  If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be science, it would be religion!

Sharka Todd

It makes sense to vaccinate if...

It makes sense to vaccinate if you run a sizable risk of catching a serious disease for which there is a vaccine and you have faith in the product and its effectiveness.

It doesn't make sense to vaccinate if you have an insignificant chance of catching a serious disease and the vaccination runs significant risks of side effects or if the disease itself is not serious for someone with the health constitution that you currently possess.

Sharka Todd

Creating fear is of the dark side

Using fear to weaken and control others is a dark use of the force even if we believe we are using it to achieve "positive" ends.  The means we use should be worthy of the ends we seek for our actions to be holy and good!  This means we don't project fear onto others or use fear to control them but instead, if they present a danger, they are contained using physical means!

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