Thursday, October 2, 2014

Drugs and free will

Some people are pro-drugs and some people are anti-drugs.  I am neither, I am pro-freedom.  That is, I honor the right of the individual to choose.  I believe that free will is a divinely gift and by honoring one another’s free will we are honoring the one that created us.  I have no sympathy for those who wish to control the behavior of others, except in the rare cases of those who physical assault, harass and steal from others.  All other behavior, generally speaking, I believe are the business of those conducting them and no-one else.  In other words, I do not support drug prohibition.  I believe in knowledge and acting with intelligence and making one's own mind up about what one wishes to do.

Sharka Todd

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Was 2012 the year of awakening- ABRAHAM-HICKS

Interesting take on 2012 and the expansion of mass consciousness by Abraham-Hicks.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Atheists, Christians and the Light

I have met atheists who are high in the light and full of goodness and I have met Christians who are dark, ignorant and full of malice.  Truly, what one proclaims oneself to be is often greatly removed from what one really is.  One's light quotient depends upon living with an open heart and viewing the world with benevolence and compassion.  Self-deception is all pervasive.  Very few people can look in the mirror and receive an accurate reflection of who they truly are.  For this reason many people, upon death, are surprised at the realm they end up in.  "I was a good Catholic", they think.  But the true contents of our consciousness are often not what we wish or believe them to be.  Our afterlife reality is a reflection of our mind before and after death.  It is up to us to create thought forms that are beautiful and reflect the light of the Lord rather than the darkness and ignorance of the separate human ego.

Sharka Todd

Jesus died for our sins?

Many Christians parrot the phrase that Jesus "died for our sins".  Interestingly, this sacrifice happened before we were even born.  Certainly, anyone who is crucified for teaching people about Spirit is dying as a result of someone's sinful behaviour- but clearly not for possible future people whose sins have yet to occur!  In the case of Jesus it seems the sins of certain Jewish church elders were the ones responsible for his death.  Anyone that feels the need to kill a messenger of truth because it threatens their esteemed position in society is certainly in the grips of the dark ones.

Although Jesus' ministry may have, indeed, saved many future humans from stumbling around in a spiritual fog it doesn't necessarily mean he "died for our sins".  I choose to see his life as a great success because he got the message out that we are spiritual beings who are responsible for our own salvation and that this can be achieved by following the path he has demonstrated.  That is, by loving God and our neighbour as ourself!  This is the path of unity/oneness/non-duality which sees the "I" in the other, and acts accordingly!

Unlike many, I don't accept that by claiming to accept Jesus as one's personal Lord and Savior that one is automatically saved and will sit at the table with God and the prophets in the afterlife.  I actually think that how we conduct ourself and what our beliefs and motivations are will determine where one is located spiritually in this life and any future life.  So for me, Jesus gave us some of the tools by his teachings but it is up to us to make decisions in our daily lives that are in alignment with the promptings of spirit if we truly wish to be "saved"!

Sharka Todd

Cold reading and psychic powers

I have visited with a number of psychics and have never experienced "cold reading".  A good psychic doesn't need to ask you any questions except to ask what questions would you like answered.  When I receive a reading I say very little and just listen.  They are the ones who are being fed information and it is up to me to listen to it!  If they seem to be fishing for information as cold readers do then you know they are poor at their profession and are unworthy of one's time and money.  Some may say that the psychic is reading the client's body language- and this is something that can't be stopped- but only a very limited amount and type of information can be gained from body language alone.

An intelligent client knows when the information being presented is going beyond what can be ascertained from body language and "cold reading" alone.  This is what gives one faith in the process. Those that haven't had this experience are in no position to judge.  For them to say psychic powers don't exist would be like someone who has never experienced love saying love doesn't exist!  It would be sheer foolishness!

Sharka Todd

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Where does truth come from?

Truth doesn’t come through experiment, necessarily, but by awakening one’s spiritual senses.  For objective truth is a banal thing compared with spiritual truth.  For spiritual truth is the truth of the heart and the truth of our existence!  As the teacher rightly said: "the kingdom of heaven lies within"!  And the secret to unlock the door to the kingdom of heaven is to unfold the spiritual facilities that lie dormant within each of us.  And the way to do this is to open the heart, which is the key to the soul, not the intellect!  Open the heart and all will appear with increasing beauty which will eventually reveal the spiritual underpinnings of this physical world!

When our heart is open it provides the expanded, spiritualized perception that allows the intellect to be used in a way that provides real wisdom and can lead us on to greater glories and creations.  But without an open heart the intellect is a dead-end and can only lead to increasing depression and destruction!

Sharka Todd

Is God an equation?

Some people seek for meaning in life in an equation.  These people are called mathematicians and physicists.  Others seek for meaning in experiences.

The idea that a mathematical equation could somehow give meaning to life seems odd to me, yet many scientists continue to believe that math is the only proper way to understand life.

For those of us who place experience above math we are seen as believers in "woo".  Saying "God is love" is woo, whereas saying "E=MC2" is true wisdom, something that can be objectively verified, and therefore is real. 

Perception is seen as unreliable by many and everything that relies on one's perception, that others may not necessarily share, is seen as meaningless in understanding truth.  This is how far we have fallen into the cesspit of so-call objectivity!  People have lost faith in their own experience and have handed the baton for determining truth over to science.  However, science can only describe such a small fraction of the human experience that to depend entirely on it to describe truth is to make our human understanding so much poorer as a result!

Sharka Todd