Saturday, March 28, 2015

Yoda v the Skeptics

“Trust your feelings you must” YODA
“No, trust the doctor or the scientist, they are the experts!” SKEPTIC

Sharka Todd

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beliefs and religious teaching in schools

Originally a comment made on an article about religious teachings in schools found here:

Everyone has beliefs.  In fact, our psyche is a reservoir of them.  We believe we are a worthwhile person, we believe in evolution, we believe when we die we will cease to exist, we believe our wife loves us, we believe in the validity of the scientific method for ascertaining truth, etc.  Someone who says "I don't believe in evolution, I know evolution is true", is in denial.  If we haven't experienced something directly we don't know if it's true or not, though we may have strong opinions about it. 

Everyone has a worldview that is a combination of beliefs about things that we surmise from the words of others and things we have actually experienced ourselves.  For some people this includes a belief in a higher power and for others it doesn't.  Either way, it's still beliefs.  The idea that the universe was created by an intelligence is certainly no more irrational than the idea that it just popped into being from nothing, which is a belief held by many.

Indeed, a variety of beliefs should be taught in schools and the source of the knowing (or surmising) should be made abundantly clear!  I am actually of the opinion that religious and spiritual studies is a worthwhile pursuit, and that it should cover a number of religions and other spiritual belief systems to give students an idea of what is "on offer" out there.  It is the lack of choice and the focus on one system of belief, be it religious or secular, that I think presents the real danger.

Sharka Todd

Message to 911 truthers

There are those who attempt to shed light on an issue-
And there are those who only wish to disrupt communications.
The disruptors should be treated as trolls and ignored*.
When this is done en mass the disruptors will be made ineffective-
And clarity will emerge.

*freeze them out, don't interact with them.

Having observed the battles during the mid-2000's between those interested in 911 truth and those who actively opposed it- it is my suggestion to those of good will who support 911 truth that they completely disengage from discussing the topic with opposing (anti-truth) forces. It is energy wasted that could be used constructively.

Anti-truth activists should be treated as trolls, as they mostly are, and ignored, for they are not interested in truth, only in wasting the precious resources of those of good will who seek it. For amongst us- in human form- are those unclean ones who hate truth and laugh in the face of those who seek it. Discuss the topic with those of open mind and with no others. "Anti-truthers" are unworthy of one's attention and waste our precious resources and focus!

Sharka Todd

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Are humans “clever apes” or are apes-

 unselfconscious humans?

George Bush Sr NWO speech on September 11, 1991 (VIDEO)

10 years to the day before the 911 terrorist attacks, George Bush Sr gave his famous New World Order speech to Congress. Apparently September 11 is an important date for the occultists who try to rule the world.

Sharka Todd

People overly interested in truth may end up dead!

Tim Russert interviewing George W Bush.

Matthew Ward claims he was murdered for investigating "forbidden" areas where darkness hides.

The forest compound

Photo by Sharka Todd