Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why PSI won't be proven to skeptics

Image: Cold Souls (film)

For the so-called skeptics amongst us to believe in something they require scientists and scientific establishments with strong reputations to conduct research that supports the contention.  In the case of PSI research there is a great barrier to established scientists and institutions working in the field- the lack of prestige such research generates.  There is also no money in it.  Only a scientist with no interest in building a career and participating in the current research funding model is likely to work in the PSI field.  And the results of this research are likely to end up in a dusty old journal that nobody reads.  So it's a dead end for an ambitious scientist and it's unattractive for even an unambitious scientist who just wants a solid unheralded career in science with a decent income.

Those who are experts in the PSI field say that PSI has already proven itself scientifically in a multitude of well-constructed trials.  However, this is irrelevant to many people, including skeptics.  They only trust scientific results when, either, they support their own cherished beliefs or when they are undertaken by scientists they are familiar with and hold in high regard.  As established scientists avoid PSI like the plague (to avoid having their reputations trashed) this will not happen anytime soon.  Otherwise, skeptics easily dismiss the undesired results generated by unknown scientists as being biased or the result of poorly constructed trials. 

For these reasons it is unlikely that skeptics will be convinced of the reality of PSI anytime soon.

Sharka Todd

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Did God "explode" into pieces (of consciousness)?

Image: Stephen-Van-Vuuren

If I was God I would split myself into trillions of pieces, each an individual soul, to explore and create worlds upon worlds!  These trillions of pieces would be self-aware entities, free to create, explore and encounter each other to their hearts content!  This is exactly what some say is already the case in the universe we know.  That is, the original being that created the universe, created it out of its own being, imbuing it with its own life, its own consciousness.  And so each life form contains within it the consciousness of the creator.  Literally, the universe we see and the worlds we cannot see are simply the creator exploring itself through myriad evolving life forms which provide an almost infinite number of perspectives on this almighty creation!.

Why stay as one being when you can split yourself into trillions of beings and experience so much more?

Sharka Todd

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Discovering truth for oneself

There is a phenomenal world out there to explore and understand, no doubt!  We would not be in such an environment if we were not meant to explore it!  (Here I am assuming meaning to our life).  Without assuming meaning, we could just say “why not explore it and see what works for me, what brings me pleasure and happiness?”

How we choose to interpret the world is up to us.  It boils down to what works for us as an individual, not what works for other people- what brings us happiness, what helps us achieve our goals. Beliefs that are seen as false or unproductive won't work for us and will be rejected.  Only those beliefs that agree with our experience and help propel us forward will be retained!

“Truth” is such a lofty word and is so often used to beat other people over the head with.  “Truth” is often defined by those with power and imposed upon those without.  However, even the most authoritarian ruler can't control what goes on in one of his subject’s minds!  This is one area where even the apparent slave is free.  And if we are a blind follower of someone else’s truth then we really are a slave of the worst kind- a mental slave!

Sharka Todd

Save us from the death cults!

Cartoon by Michael Leunig

Touched by the hand of God (pic)

Photo by Sharka Todd

Respect life is all I ask!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Beyond the 5 sense prison

Art by James in the Shell

The world is full of people who are blinded by the 5 senses and the messages they supply to the brain. They believe that is All There Is. And anybody who says Something Else might exist and that they may have even experienced Something Else, well, they are proponents of "woo" and therefore not worthy of paying any attention to, whatsoever! They may even be deluded or mentally ill!

The cult of "5-sense reality is All There Is" is the one that has most of the world in its grip. We are physical bodies trapped in a 3 dimensional box and there is nothing we can do about it! The true prison, indeed!  But many of our most advanced citizens, our deepest realizers, tell us otherwise. They say that the world we can see, hear, smell and touch is but a fraction of the true dimensions of reality that are available to us.

How do we access these other realms, these other viewpoints? Simply by withdrawing our attention from the 5 senses. When we do this we naturally experience other, "inner" worlds. Yes, materialists will say these worlds are simply the largely meaningless firing of the neurons of the brain when it is shut off from 5 sense data. But many who have had these experiences say otherwise. They say these are real worlds, organized and meaningful, and that we can inhabit and interact within them and learn from them.

Even in our waking life we can use input that comes from other sources than the 5 physical senses to enrich our lives and make improved choices. These subtle feelings or sensations that some call intuition, gut feeling or just "feelings" (in the Star Wars films, for example) can provide input that we can use in our decision making process to achieve a better outcome for ourselves and others.  why is this?  Because they come from a deeper, wiser, broader part of ourselves which isn't so stuck in time and space as we seem to be!

Sharka Todd

David Icke addresses this theme here: