Monday, August 31, 2015

Truth v stories about truth

Many people confuse stories about truth with truth, itself.

But what is truth?
Truth is "what is".

How do we know "what is"?

Through the senses we gain a glimpse
but "what is" changes every moment.

So stories about "what is", invented by religion, science, etc. are just that.  Stories.
Some may point towards some kind of "sensed truth" or "thought truth" but they still remain only stories and not truth, itself, or "what is"!

Sharka Todd

Stop burning vegetation needlessly!

I see people burning vegetation on their properties and polluting the air when the natural purpose of dead vegetation is to house animals and insects and to feed and structure the soil.  To burn vegetation needlessly is not only a waste, it actively degrades the environment and reduces its ability to sustain life.

Sharka Todd

Beauty has been numbered, truth is a formula-

and we have now found the God particle!

Sharka Todd

All the words in the books are ancient history....

Only now is real!

Sunday, August 30, 2015