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How to recognize a truth

baby crying with chandelier

If there are not tears in your eyes by the end of it, then you have not realized a truth!

Impermanence (PIC)

Nothing more skeptical than SKEPTICAL MAGAZINE!

Magazine cover by Sharka Todd.

Monday, October 20, 2014

God doesn't know until we know

by Matthew Ward

Several years ago, when two men were courting my sister, my mother asked God which she would choose or neither. God said, “I don’t know.” My mother asked how He could not know since she is a part of Him, and God replied, “Yes, and as soon as she knows, so will I.”

Matthew Ward, October 19, 2014

Stoodley forest park, Tasmania

Photos by Sharka Todd

The Illuminati - Matthew Ward

The Illuminati are an alliance of disparate groups that own or have infiltrated every organization, institution and corporation that impacts life in your world, from governments to banking and commerce, religions to education and media, military, entertainment, legal and justice systems. The alliance, which is pyramidal with a handful of individuals at the peak and many, many minions at the bottom who have no idea that they are working in league with a malevolent force, also is known to you as the secret government, one world government, new world order, the cabal or the elitists.

{...} the Illuminati continues hiding truths and fomenting wars, destruction, disease and impoverishment just as many generations of dark ones had done before them.

From Matthew's Message, October 19, 2014