Thursday, May 21, 2015

A note to all "true believers"

To all “true believers” out there I say:
Drop the doctrine and embrace the belief!
For doctrine separates, but belief in the One that is Good unites!
And unless the human race can unite then the future looks bleak!

Sharka Todd

The will of Allah

It is the will of Allah that everybody do their own thing!

Everybody CAN do their own thing!

Sharka Todd

Christianity's strange main narrative

'Tis this: God killed his son Jesus to forgive man of his sins.
"Wha....", you ask?
Doesn't make no sense.  Killing someone could never help another, surely?

No wonder people are leaving Christianity in droves.
They got the story way wrong.
A story about Jesus that makes a lot more sense can be found here:

It says: Jesus was a man, a man who perfected himself and offered suggestions on how we can do the same.  Yes, he was a son of God in the same way we are all sons and daughters of God.  No idolatry here!  And that's the problem with orthodox Christianity- they turned Jesus into an untouchable idol whose life meant little because he was so far above the rest of us that we can't hope to follow in his footsteps.  He was Son of God, we are born in sin.  Hogwash!  We are all pure beings as worthy as any other- it is the church that is defiled!  And his death on the cross doesn't mean a damn thing except to show that religious/political leaders were as vicious, cowardly and ignorant then as now!  It's the teachings that count- what little we have that have survived until today.  For more teachings I recommend the website above which helps puts the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that can truly help us move forward on our spiritual journey!

Sharka Todd

Monday, May 18, 2015

We are being fed lies by "demons"

Many Christians accept that the world is run by demons (John 12:31) yet they still believe the lies that are being fed through the mainstream media and the various institutions of power.  I believe this is a mistake.  Few of us are able to differentiate between the lies and half-truths we are being fed by "the world"-  we just don’t have access to the true information- so I think it's best to be skeptical of all of it!

Sharka Todd

Death: an exciting new life or nothing at all?

Abyss (film)

Religion is the attempt of those lost in duality to make sense of oneness

Religion is the attempt by those immersed in duality (seeing existence as being made up of separate essences, consisting of the self and the other) to make sense of the experience of oneness (seeing all forms as expressions of the one essence- the "I" or "the Self").

No words can adequately describe oneness, for words are products of duality.  Therefore, all attempts by religion to describe true spirituality (i.e. oneness) must fall short whether by accident or design!

All we can say is to look beyond the mind- which separates all things- to what lies beneath, where the true self hides!

Sharka Todd

When the light went out, it was on the dark side-

and when my light went out, I was on the dark side!

Sharka Todd

The Verdant academy (artists impression)

Nosso Lar (film)

In the books by Phillip Krapf ETs calling themselves the Verdant share plans for open diplomatic contact with the human race, including the building of a city in a previously desertified area for education exchange purposes.  Above is an artists impression of how that could look.

Sharka Todd