Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Who is doing the devil's work?

People who think everybody else is doing "the devil's work"
 are often in that camp themselves!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

How to see an alien world in the clouds

I have invented a visualization game involving clouds which I find very interesting.  It entails looking at certain cloud formations and seeing them as the surface of another world.  To do it there needs to be a combination of high and low clouds and blue sky in the same area.  The clouds that are higher in the sky are focused on and are seen as the surface of the alien world, the closer (brighter) clouds are seen as clouds floating over that world and the blue skies are seen as shadows or forests on that world.

This process gives the impression of viewing a planet from a few kilometers above it and at an angle.  The shapes on sees are very interesting and invoke different landscapes and terrains.  I do this lying on my back, of course and the key is to focus the eye on the most distant, higher clouds that represent the planets surface.  Higher clouds and lower clouds will move in different directions and so it will appear the lower, brighter clouds are clouds moving over the surface of the alien world which is represented by the higher, less bright clouds which are still brighter than the gaps of blue sky which appear dark in comparison with the clouds and can be seen as shadows on the alien world created by sunlight or by the existence of forests.

Sharka Todd

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Spontaneous generation and the death of naturalism

Above: a diagram of the simplest known self-reproducing living form

Naturalism (a.k.a. physicalism) is the idea that life on earth spontaneously arose from simple proteins and then evolved through genetic mutation and natural selection into the various life forms we see today.

The theory of naturalism stands in contrast to supernatural theories involving the actions of one or more gods or non-physical beings creating life on earth.

For some time naturalism has been quite popular but it has a number of sticking points that make it hard to believe for many people.  Perhaps one of the hardest things to explain using naturalist principles is how the original life form(s) began on this planet.  If we do away with extraterrestrial intervention or the supernatural actions of a God or gods or other extra-dimensional beings, to focus on naturalistic explanations, we are left with only 2 options:

(1) that life spontaneously arose from non-life on Earth, or,
(2) that the seeds of life arrived on Earth via a meteorite and took root.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Darwin's theory of evolution is philosophy, not science

Untestable theories aren't science. The theory of evolution is an example. It is too broad to test conclusively, so therefore it isn't science, just speculative philosophy, and those who teach it aren't scientists, in my view.

Certainly, some observations may seem to support the theory, and others negate it, but there is no test that can be conducted that can conclude all (or any) species of plant or animal experienced Darwinian evolution to get to where they are today.  There are just too many variables and unknowns to reach such a conclusion.

All we can do is speculate and that isn't science, which makes it strange that so many people think Darwin's theory of evolution is an important scientific theory. It isn't, because it's untestable and therefore impossible to prove or disprove. This makes it outside the domain of science, which can only speak authoritatively about things it can conclusively observe and test for, but places it within the domain of philosophy, which is full of such speculative theories.

See also: The only evolution that matters

Sharka Todd

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It’s not brainwashing when it’s the truth!

LSD, spiritual experiences and science

Written in response to a comment on Deepak Chopra's experience of "God" while under LSD.

I had read all the posts the day before but for my second comment only targeted your first post which you don't appear to have retracted, even if you have added to it.  It's wise to not be so absolute, particularly with so little knowledge of the matter at hand (Deepak's actual experience under LSD).

Words can be used to make absolute statements but I understand they are only descriptions of things and not the actual things themselves- something many forget including those deeply attached to a "scientific" description of reality.

As for testing revelations of "God"- that is fair if such testing is possible. But the truth is peak experiences cannot generally be tested as they are a function of consciousness, not a function of shuffling objects around.  So they can't be repeated by another (or even the self again, perhaps) as they are unique to the person experiencing it, and due to a unique set of circumstances.

This is where the scientific method breaks down- it is only useful for repeatable, common experiences and not something unique and internal to the individual.

Follow up comment responding to someone else::

No, I'm not saying you need drugs to have a peak experience or that you can't have repeated peak experiences on drugs. I am saying that peak experiences come of their own accord but that set and setting will effect the possibility of it happening.  A sunny day at the beach or in the mountains is a good start but it can happen anytime, anyplace.  It relates to mood.  Someone in a low mood will never have a peak experience.

Drugs are useful mainly because they take people out of the repetitive, mundane thinking that most seem lost in and allows the light of truth to filter in, so to speak.  Anyone not suffering from depression will know of what I speak!

Comment 3:

I have spoken unclearly.  Scientific testing can be used to see whether (for example) psilocybin results in a test group having (what they report as) a spiritual experience.  But whether something IS a spiritual experience is not something you can judge scientifically. Only the individual having the experience can judge.  It's not as if spiritual experiences entail seeing giant figures outside yourself, for example.  It's an internal process, knowable only to the individual having it.  Such experiences rarely result in some kind of revelation that is testable scientifically, it's usually more abstract than that.

Sharka Todd

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hallucination & revelation compared

Hallucination implies false data is received,
 Revelation implies true data.

Only the experiencing self will know the significance
 of an experience that is wholly internal-
 while outer events will be visible for all to see!

Revelations only exist for those who experience them-
 Others will have to wait their turn-
   and become fallow earth
  to become worthy of it!

Sharka Todd

Spiritual awakening on LSD by Jaritheskater

I experienced my spiritual awakening through LSD as well. I had used it 3 times before, a couple of years before the breakthrough. In those years i had built up a huge scientific, materialistic ego, considering myself atheist. My brother and some friends were getting into spirituality while i was still deep in the science delusion. When i took the LSD this time, it started to make my mind create random worries, and the visuals seemed to be affecting my consciousness, which is why it was almost too intense.

Then, after worrying for about 10 minutes about random bullshit, and the visuals getting so intense i felt like i was going to die (or pass out), because it seemed too much to handle, suddenly my ego dies. There are no words to describe what i perceived exactly, because there are so many details, but it was the biggest relief i have ever experienced in my life. Suddenly all my worries were gone. The visuals had gotten twice as hard, but were no longer directly affecting my consciousness, so i could enjoy them. I perceived first hand how we are just the consciousness observing the 5 (6) evolution-limited senses, filtered through a random human body. I suddenly broke the ego-barrier, which was stopping me from being open minded, and i literally perceived bars of information stream directly in to my head from the universe, which was only possible because i broke the barrier blocking me from it.

I realized everything from reincarnation, holographic universe, infinite consciousness, definition of you, and soooooo much more, everything that comes with an awakening. I received the full load that night, the acid absolutely squashed my ego.

LSD isn't harmful, or addictive, it is actually proven to be a VERY effective cure for alcoholism, other addictions and many health issues and mental problems.

LSD has caused me to be free, please don't hate on lsd without knowing anything about it. And by not knowing anything about it, i mean you haven't tried it. Taking it is the only way to understand. It is unexplainable in these very limited words.


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