Friday, May 29, 2015

Please do not condescend!

Some people believe we should adopt a mocking, condescending tone towards others who hold differing opinions to our own because of our supposed "superiority" to them.  However, I say this very behavior precludes the possibility of that superiority existing!

In truth, everyone has the right to hold an opinion, even if it seems ill-informed to us.  And if the person really IS ignorant it is unlikely that we can change that by treating them as a fool.  Instead, we just show our foolishness by acting as some kind of judge and jury of rightness!

It would be a more efficient use of our time to engage with those who are open to our viewpoint rather than attacking those with strongly opposing views.  And in this engagement we should treat our conversational partners respectfully as equals rather than as ignorant fools!  In this way we are likely to make more ground and have a more pleasant interaction that we don't later regret when we become a more empathic and conscious human!

(This was written in response to a video by a "skeptic" criticizing an alternative healer in a way that is so condescending, and in such poor taste, that I refuse to credit it!)

Sharka Todd

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Science: a brand used to peddle belief?

The question in any field of knowledge is: who is controlling the narrative?  That is where true power lies.
Oftentimes, science is just another way of peddling belief.  Science is a good brand now that religion has lost its command over the population.  Although the scientific method may be a sound concept, it doesn’t stop powerful interests from shaping the direction science takes, the questions it asks, and the wide dissemination of the answers it provides which suits their interests.  Findings which oppose their interests are buried and, better still, the study of scientific questions which could provide a different narrative are made taboo for scientists to ask.  Instead, areas which serve a particular world view and worldly interests are pursued, and their funding continued.

There is no level playing field in any area where powerful vested interests serve to gain or lose on a significant scale.  Science, which is generally very expensive to conduct and whose findings, when widely publicized, can powerfully impact on cultural beliefs, is shepherded into those areas that serve the interests of the power elite.  In this regard it is little different to the role religion played in previous eras.  That role is to maintain the position of the elites and to keep everyone else in servitude!

Sharka Todd

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A note to all "true believers"

The Wrong Man (film)

To all “true believers” out there I say:
Drop the doctrine and embrace the belief!

For doctrine separates, but belief in the One that is All and that is Good, unites!  And unless the human race can unite then the future looks bleak!

Sharka Todd

What is the will of Allah?

It is the will of Allah that everybody do their own thing!

Everybody CAN do their own thing!

Sharka Todd

Christianity's strange main narrative (and a logical alternative)

The strange main story of Christianity is this:
God had his only son killed to forgive man of his sins.

"What?" you ask.

It doesn't make any sense.  Killing someone could never help another, surely?

No wonder people are leaving Christianity in droves.
They got the story way wrong.

A story about Jesus that makes a lot more sense can be found here:

It says: Jesus was a man, not a god, who perfected himself in love and understanding, and offered suggestions on how we can do the same.

Yes, Jesus was a son of God, in the same way we are all sons and daughters of God.  No idolatry here!  And that's the problem with orthodox Christianity- they turned Jesus into an untouchable idol whose life meant little because he was so far above the rest of us that we couldn't hope to follow in his footsteps.  He was "the Son of God", while we are merely humans, born in sin and needing to be saved by the sacrifice of a supernatural being.

Hogwash!  We are all pure beings as worthy as any other- it is the church that is defiled!  And his death on the cross doesn't mean a damn thing except to show that religious and political leaders at the time were as vicious, cowardly and ignorant then as now!

It's the teachings that count, not a man's death on a cross- at least, what little we have left that has survived until today.

For more teachings I recommend the website above which helps puts the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that can truly help us move forward on our spiritual journey towards the enlightened state that Jesus embodied and taught about!

Sharka Todd

Monday, May 18, 2015

Death: an exciting new life or nothing at all?

Abyss (film)

Religion is the attempt of those lost in duality to make sense of oneness

Religion is the attempt by those immersed in duality (seeing existence as being made up of separate essences, consisting of the self and the other) to make sense of the experience of oneness (seeing all forms as expressions of the one essence- the "I", "the Self" or "God").

No words can adequately describe oneness, for words are products of duality.  Therefore, all attempts by religion to describe true spirituality (i.e. oneness) must fall short whether by accident or design!

All we can say is to look beyond the mind- which separates all things- to what lies beneath, where the true self lies!

Sharka Todd

When the light went out, it was on the dark side-

and when my light went out, I was on the dark side!

Sharka Todd

The Verdant academy (artists impression)

Nosso Lar (film)

In the books by Phillip Krapf ETs calling themselves the Verdant share plans for open diplomatic contact with the human race, including the building of a city in a previously desertified area for education exchange purposes.  Above is an artists impression of how that could look.

Sharka Todd

Transcendent realism- art by Adi Da

Rachel Brosnahan, House of Cards

with Michael Kelly.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spiritual royalty and ego royalty

There is spiritual royalty and ego royalty.  One rules in heaven and the other in hell!  One respects the free will of their subjects and the other does not!  One leads by inspiration, the other controls by fear and by promoting distorted "truths"!

Sharka Todd

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Science v spirituality (brief)

Science is the study of the varieties of form that appear in consciousness whilst spirituality is the experience of the oneness that underlies all appearances- the consciousness we all share!

Sharka Todd

Oneness in essence, not appearance

When you recognize the difference in appearance of all things but their oneness in essence then you are well on the way!

Sharka Todd

Friday, May 15, 2015

Medicine and skepticism

When the people who promote and sell something also collect the data on its effectiveness, I tend not to trust the results and assume the products effectiveness is being overstated.

True independence in studies of medical procedures and substances is rare, which is why many questionable interventions are much hyped and promoted by those who practice and profit from them, yet when a more independent, balanced study is done it turns out the procedure is of limited worth.

Well-constructed, independently performed, double-blind studies of medical procedures are rare, which is why much of what is currently practiced as medicine is hardly scientific, as is claimed.

I believe it pays to be skeptical of anything we are being sold, whether by a doctor, a car mechanic or anyone else who is invested in the product, and to closely research it ourselves, when we are able.

Sharka Todd

Thursday, May 14, 2015

An abundance of natural vegetation is needed for a healthy environment

Pic: Sharka Todd

Plants are important to keep moisture in the ground and the soil stabilized

Natural vegetation should be left untouched in hollows, on steep ground and on top of hills, if we want to keep a healthy environment.  In this way we will keep water in the soil and reduce erosion while providing habitat for insects and larger animals.

Ideally, 50% or so of any local environment should be given over to natural vegetation, if we wish to provide a home for our animal friends and an interesting, health-giving and beautiful environment for humans to inhabit!

Sharka Todd

"Anarchists" and violence

Pic: Christopher Hurren

Why would anarchists, who want no laws, do something that would result in the tightening of laws? That is not anarchy, that is terrorism, and plays right into the hands of the police state. True anarchists cheerfully disregard the law (where possible), while leaving other people and their property alone. This results, in time, in the relaxing of laws. After all, laws only exist because of the fear people have that someone will come and interfere with their lives and well-being in some way.

As we each learn to respect one another and each other's possessions we will find that the creating and policing of laws will begin to decline, leaving us all free to live in peace!

Written in response to the following article: 
"Anarchists claim responsibility for embassy bombs"

Sharka Todd

It's important to relax and have fun!

People trust you more when you are having fun and they begin to let their guard down as they begin to have fun as well.  We've all got foibles and funny stories to tell!

Sharka Todd

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My goal- timelessness!

My goal is to live a timeless existence, enjoying the natural rhythms of life, unhurried, focusing on those things that bring me pleasure and bring light and beauty into the world!

Sharka Todd

Freedom and the "will of God"

When something happens some people call it “the will of God” while others say “God allowed it” and still others say “God had nothing to do with it”!  If we believe in God and in the gift of free will for mankind then we have to side with the 3rd claim!

Sharka Todd

The name of Christ has been usurped!

House of Cards

Although religion has dragged Christ's name through the mud and distorted his message that doesn't mean it's not important!  He is an example to be followed, not an idol to be worshipped!  And a clear path has been laid out and it can be found here.

Sharka Todd

Monday, May 11, 2015

Distinguishing dark souls

The Devil's Advocate

by Matthew WardFeb. 18, 2006

The eyes are a direct reflection of the soul’s frequency
To distinguish between light-filled souls and dark, look into the eyes.  The eyes of a lighted soul shine with aliveness; dark souls’ eyes are dull-dead, devoid of warmth or light.  A person with a lighted soul can hold a steady gaze when talking with you; a person with an “ordinary” dark soul or who is heavily influenced by darkness keeps glancing around, unable to meet the light in your eyes.

Strategic touching
Dark entities know that the nape of the neck and lower back are especially vulnerable to their entry into a body’s energy system. Someone who grasps you in either or both places probably is NOT being playful or affectionate—the darkness in them is trying to infiltrate you.  This doesn't come from that person’s intellect or conscious awareness; it’s an automatic response to their influencing dark entity’s attempt to interrupt your energy flow so its streamer tentacles can enter.

Tone of voice, choice of words, topics of conversations 
Indications of dark entities working through a person are gossip; sarcastic, hurtful or boastful remarks; unjustified criticism or blame; monopolizing a conversation; in a large group, insensitivity to others’ conversations by speaking out loudly; obsession with talking about fearful subjects.  When you’re listening to someone and can’t tell whether the person is speaking from ego or soul, mentally ask your soul and pay attention to your immediate reaction—it is instinct, one way the soul communicates with the consciousness.  ALWAYS listen to your soul voice—it never lies.  Soul knows when lies come from other sources and alerts you via your instinct, intuitive thoughts and sensations—trust them.

What ruins romantic affairs?

The jumping to conclusions is what ruins romantic affairs.  Never assume you know how things are between you and your lover as there is a danger you may be lost in your mind, where anything is possible and delusion is common!

It’s important to remain in the state of "not knowing" and to be open to what arises between you both, particularly when you are together, but also when you are apart.  Your perceptions will only be accurate when you are in this state of "not knowing", which ensures you are not lost in a mental dream where you already think you know how things are between you both and then impose this idea on the relationship.  Instead, by keeping your awareness poised and present in this state of "not knowing" you can pay attention to the feelings that arise between you both which tell you about the current state of the relationship and what may be required to improve it.

Subtle feelings are what signal truth, not thoughts about a subject, and to be open and aware of these subtle feelings we must be "out of our mind", meaning: not lost in thought!  This is difficult to do when we have spun a romantic dream around the subject of our lover.  This makes clear perception of the situation very difficult and this dream is fed by continual thinking about the lover with rose colored glasses.

To remain present and in touch with the true situation between us both we must not fall into a romantic dream.  Such a dream is likely to end in a rude awakening when reality fails to meet our romantic expectations, particularly when previous signs of emotional disconnection have been ignored or misread by us!

Sharka Todd

Saturday, May 9, 2015

What makes a cult?

A Scanner Darkly + Sharka Todd

Making people feel bad for the doing the "wrong" thing!

To me, a cult is a movement of people where pressure is exerted on individuals to remain within the group and thinking as the group thinks.  Individuals are usually welcomed into the cult with open arms but if they attempt to leave, emotional and even physical pressure is brought to bear to discourage them from doing so.

I don't think the beliefs of the group are what makes it a cult.  However, cults tend to have authoritarian power structures where members are strongly encouraged to follow the dictates of the leaders of the group and strongly discouraged from thinking and acting independently.

You cannot have a cult that respects the free will of the individual and where the free flow of ideas is allowed.  If it did so, it would be a healthy movement with free entry and exit, rather than being a controlling cult.

However, it may not be apparent to new members, or those considering joining, just how controlling the organisation is, and so they may be caught unaware when they realize how much pressure is brought to bear to keep them within the group and thinking as the group thinks.

Sharka Todd

Moving beyond seeing the body as a machine

Ex Machina (film)

From an article by Saint Germain through Kim Michaels

Understanding true healing
(...) Likewise, you see [the consciousness of mechanization] in the field of health, where people have been seduced by modern medicine and materialistic science into believing that their bodies are a kind of biological robot, a kind of mechanical device. And if some kind of disease manifests, it is because something has gone wrong with the body machine. So we need to have the mechanics in the garage – called a hospital – go in with their mechanical devices or their chemicals and fix what has gone wrong with the machine, so it can again run properly.

This, of course, is a total denial of the true art of healing, which is not a mechanical process; it is a creative process. And it starts by the realization that you are more than the physical body, because you are a spiritual being. But it also starts with the realization, that the body is not a mechanical device through which your spiritual being is expressing itself. No, the human body is not a device. It is an expression, a projection, of the state of consciousness of the spiritual being that inhabits the body.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Truth is prior to thought

Thoughts are the story we tell ourselves about a thing and not the thing itself.  The closest we can get to understanding or connecting with a thing is through observing it without thought.  As soon as we begin to think we place a screen between ourselves and the thing we are observing and are no longer in touch with the thing, itself.

This message has been shared by sages throughout the ages with a recent example being Krishnamurti, the idiosyncratic Indian mystic.

Zen Buddhism also focuses on the importance of thoughtless perception which is why they are hesitant to label things and promote a doctrine.  Instead, Zen teachers encourage students to hone their own perceptive ability through meditation and to come to their own conclusions about life.

Sharka Todd

See also: Using subtle feelings to navigate through life by Stuart Wilde.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The problem with placing REASON on a pedestal

Many people lionize reason above all other human attributes but the problem with reason is that it can be used to justify anything, as it is totally free of any moral grounding.  When everything is seen as relative and there are no moral absolutes then everything is up for grabs and, therefore, anything goes!  We see this operating everyday when people use reason to justify immoral acts.  For almost any action, good or evil, can be justified with recourse to reason.  Therefore, we need more than reason if we are to live a productive life that is helpful and not harmful to our fellow beings!  We need moral values that come from our feeling nature and our ability to empathize, in addition to our ability to reason things out.

Sharka Todd

See also: The end of the world, not the earth by Barry Long

Richard Dawkins in a cafe (PIC)

When our city is taken over by foreign troops-

Paris during World War 2

we just treat it as a change in management!

Sharka Todd