Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Backwards looking girl.


Streaking towards the planet

PIC: Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking DVD

Cloud formation.


Waiting at the lights.


Headache in the city.

Photo by Sharka Todd

In the city it's crowded! (PIC)

PIC: The Ascent of Money (documentary)

“And by ultimate wisdom I don’t mean physics”

Andrew Cohen

It hurts to be excluded!

Event Horizon DVD, edit by Sharka.

Space shuttle launch.

Government-endorced health care

THX1138 (film)


Given the corruption of the global financial system...

it must be allowed to fall!

Top image: Gladiator (film)

There are the mind controlled-

and the spirit controlled!

Using external technology to reach for God…

doesn’t work!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Take a step back...

and see the bigger picture!

Image: Earth from Above (film)

Military service deemed unethical!

Chain-of-command interferes with God-given free will, and is an abdication of personal responsibility.

By turning our free will over to another we can never be sure we are operating according to the guidance we are receiving from Spirit within.

Therefore, individual responsibility for decision making must be left up to the individual in a 'God friendly' organization.

Sharka Todd

Are drones being flown by drones?

STORY: NATO drone aircraft bombs Pakistan and (unintentionally?) kills 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Story here.

Read an interview with a drone pilot here.

Twilight in the tree house.

Friday, November 25, 2011