Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nutritional needs of smoking marijuana: BUZUGEE


i believe [smoking MJ] takes your mentals and spirit to a whole new level of consciousness that you can and will never achieve consciously. the only negative thing about it though is that in the trance of your new consciousness and the awakening of all your senses, this saps your body of a lot of nutrients and hence why you get the munchies. your body is crying out for nourishment. now the trick in not destroying your body when smoking weed is to cure the munchies with green vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. stay away from fast foods. this is how people go crazy on weed.

Nobody is bound by any societal law...

but that doesn't stop the goon squad from acting on them!

It's not so much that marijuana should be legalized...

it's more that stupid laws should be ignored!

The creation of a terrorist threat is the perfect way-

to invade peoples privacy!

Remnants of “Hadrian’s Wall”

Photo by Sharka Todd

In full acceptance mode

The reductionist approach- MARY MIDGLEY

The reductive, atomistic picture of explanation, which suggests that the right way to understand complex wholes is always to break them down into their smallest parts, leads us to think that the truth is always revealed at the end of that 17th century invention, the microscope.

Where microscopes dominate our imagination, we feel that the large wholes we deal with in everyday experience are mere appearances. Only the particulars revealed at the bottom of the microscope are real.

This same reductive and atomistic picture now leads many enquirers to propose biochemical solutions to today’s social and psychological problems, offering each citizen more and better Prozac rather than asking what made them unhappy in the first place.

Source: Mary Midgley, The Myths We Live By, pages 1 and 2.

The swords of war only wound-

they never heal!

It's always consciousness in the driver’s seat!

The laws that someone else writes-

have nothing to do with me!

Just because something is manifested...

doesn’t necessarily make it the “will of God”.  If we are given free will then clearly what occurs is a result of our own actions and not a metaphysical "other"!

Bruce Willis in a hospital room

Unbreakable (film)

The house that almost wasn’t there (PIC)

What really happened at Roswell?

Source: The Contact Has Begun by Phillip Krapf.

See Matthew Ward's perspective on the Roswell crash here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A man prepares to enter a car.

Bruce Willis in Unbreakable.

“Close your eyes to pity, act brutally”- ADOLF HITLER

Ginnifer Goodwin lying in bed.

Day Zero (film)

Prot fought hard for equal rights for aliens.

Image: K-PAX (film)

Never venture too far from your exit point!

Image: Narnia, The Dawn Treader (film)

Eating dirt builds up immunity-

That’s what the doctors say!

Experience is its own reward!

The "strange" is registered purely as an anomaly, once its threat level–

has reached zero!

Image: 2001: A Space Oddity, edit by Sharka

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve-

while others wear their mind on their arm!

The seeker seeks optimality; the sage says “Relax…

Everything is already optimal!”

Why didn’t the top of this building topple to the ground-

leaving the lower part largely intact?

The ingathering has begun!

Photo by Sharka Todd.

Friday, February 8, 2013

What does scratching achieve?

Apart from feeling good, scratching moves the localised irritant under the skin over a broader area lessening the degree of irritation on the cells.

The aim of experience is to experience…

as experience is its own reward!

Things to like about trees (part 1)

Their fallen leaves provide a soft bed to lie upon.

Photo by Sharka Todd

Being blasted with cosmic rays

Photo by Sharka Todd

How the reptilian mind controls the world

From the David Icke entry in Wikipedia

In Infinite Love is the Only Truth (2005), Icke introduces the idea of "reptilian software." He says that there are three kinds of people. The highest level of the Brotherhood of the Snake are the "Red Dresses." These are "software people," elsewhere called "reptilian software," or "constructs of mind." They lack consciousness and free will, and their human bodies are holographic veils.

A second group, the so-called "sheeple"—the vast majority of humanity—have what Icke calls "back seat consciousness." They are conscious, but they do whatever they are told and are the main source of energy for the Brotherhood. They include the "repeaters," the people in positions of influence who simply repeat what other people have told them. Doctors repeat what they are told in medical school and by drug companies, teachers repeat what they learned at teacher training college, and journalists are the greatest repeaters of all.

The third group, by far the smallest, are those who see through the illusion; they are usually dubbed dangerous or mad. The "Red Dress" genetic lines keep obsessively interbreeding to make sure their bloodlines are not weakened by the second or third levels of consciousness, because consciousness can rewrite the software.

Death is real, but so is the survival thereof!

Frederic Myers and his famous book about the survival of death.

Frederic William Henry Myers (from wikipedia)

Myers was interested in psychical research and was one of the founder members of the Society for Psychical Research in 1883. He became the President in 1900.

In 1893 Myers wrote a small collection of essays, Science and a Future Life.

In 1903, after Myers's death, Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death was compiled and published. It was two large volumes at 1,360 pages in length, which presented an overview of Myers's research into the unconscious mind. Myers believed that a theory of consciousness must be part of a unified model of mind, which derive from the full range of human experience, including not only normal psychological phenomena but also the wide variety of abnormal and "supernormal" phenomena.

Frederic Myers may be regarded as an "important early depth psychologist", and his significant influence on colleagues like William James, Pierre Janet, and Théodore Flournoy and also Carl G. Jung has been well documented.

Frederic Myers service to Psychology by William James can be read here.

There is Coke at the top.

Voilent rabble on the march.

Liberty Leading the People, 1830, by Eugene Delacroix.

Regarding the 911 attacks, the question isn’t whether explosives were used to destroy the buildings-

but who planted them?