Saturday, January 26, 2013

Whereas once brainwashing was of a religious nature-

it is now scientific!

Pic: Richard Dawkins in the documentary series The Enemies of Reason.

Within every creation there is a consciousness-

that holds the balance!

The human madness...

"Their brain too big!"

Image: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (TV show)

If you say “It is the world of Starsh”-

What does that even mean?

Bare feet help you to receive subtle energies from the ground-

and this helps to calm and ground the body!

Photo by Sharka

The barefooted ones are often held in high regard-

for their simple elegance!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


FINDINGS: 5% of UFO sightings are inexplicable and the best hypothesis to explain them is the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH).

COMETA was a high-level French UFO study organisation from the late 1990s, composed of high-ranking officers and officials, some having held command posts in the armed forces and aerospace industry. The name "COMETA" in English stands for "Committee for in-depth studies."

The study was carried out over several years by an independent group of mostly former "auditors" at the Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defence, or IHEDN, a high-level French military think-tank, and by various other experts.

The group was responsible for the 'COMETA Report' (1999) on UFOs and their possible implications for defence in France. The report concluded that about 5% of the UFO cases they studied were utterly inexplicable and the best hypothesis to explain them was the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH). The authors also accused the United States government of engaging in a massive cover-up of the evidence.

Source: Wikipedia, COMETA

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sophie Lowe and Mark Leonard Winter starring in Blame.

Image: Blame (film)

The true Christian belief is that it is better to be killed…

Jesus crucified on cross, painting

than to kill!

If we accept second hand knowledge as truth-

where is our independence?

Determining whether REAGANOMICS is, or isn’t, true-

is not my concern!

I’m re-calibrating my life, starting at...


Image: "Matriculation" short film from the "Animatrix" compilation

“Innocence is a pure motive.” Andrew Cohen

Neither condemn nor condone.

Too much ego, too much death cult.

Margin Call (film)

Transdimensional entities are now here to help. STUART WILDE

The trick is to call them in to your life,
at night when it is quiet, say to the God Force,
“Oi, send in some helpers!
I’ve been plugging away on my own for a long time and I’m hurting.
I could use some real help. Thanks.” STUART WILDE

So you see, both sides of the political spectrum are right-

from a certain point of view!

Image: Star Wars, The Clone Wars (TV series)

Accepting everything as the will of the force-

Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, deleted scene
reduces inner struggle and makes life simpler and more joyous!

Libertarianism is a very philosophically attractive belief system-

but we must work with what we’ve got!

Ray Jardine’s lightweight hiking shelter.

Image copyright Ray Jardine.

What if you have been lying in Satan’s lair…

for 2 years?

You must purify and simplify-

to see the Lord!

Creator Gods spew out universes-

for us to live in!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Barack and Michelle Obama in a private moment (PIC)

Official white house photograph.

The role of angels in our world - MATTHEW WARD

Photo by Sharka Todd

This season also is a time of giving thanks for the blessings in your lives. Many of you will be hearing or singing Christmas carols that refer to angels, and while that music is indeed stirring, it places angels at a specific time of the year and in a long-ago setting, far removed from your daily life. Nothing could be further from the truth! Foremost in your thankfulness should be the angels, whom you can rightfully think of as God’s arms forever gently enfolding you.

These collective energies of light have the mission of safeguarding, assisting and comforting you, and they are ever vigilant so they can instantly respond to your needs. A guardian angel, or gatekeeper, is assigned as your primary constant unseen and silent protector, helper and guide; but most angels are free agents, always available as reinforcements for the guardian angel whenever the need arises. You can call upon the angels for assistance at any time, but even if you don’t believe in them or don’t think to ask them for help, the energy of your anticipated need reaches God; and in the divine communication system, His emissaries immediately know how to respond.

Many people in life-threatening situations have been saved by angels’ intervention, but if the consequences of dire circumstances are within the souls' pre-birth chosen experiencing, the angels cannot interfere. They are, however, permitted to relieve extreme mental or emotional anguish. Without that angelic buffer between clear thought and desperation, wise behavior and irrational action, or miscalculation and its results, many physical lifetimes would be much shorter than soul contract choices.

Contrary to common opinion and depiction in art, angels do not have wings. They have the ability to manifest them if they wish and sometimes they do. However, in life-threatening situations the energy is so intense that some individuals can see the angels' etheric bodies; if they believe that angels have wings, they perceive wings even though none exist—that is how strongly your beliefs create your reality.

At times angels may appear to be as solid as your bodies seem. They can work through entities in a human form but with suprahuman capabilities, and souls in the lower angelic realms can spend a lifetime in Earth’s density. They manifest a human form and, with great diligence and tenderness, serve wherever they see the need—if you think of someone as being an angel, you may be absolutely right.

Another extraordinary angelic service is making the music that is referred to as “the sounds of the spheres” or “choirs of angels.” The vibrations of their majestic tones reach you at soul level and uplift weary spirits and help heal broken hearts.

Although angels are not your only unseen helpers—spirit guides and other souls in spirit or physical realms also are God’s emissaries at your beck and call—they are exalted by all the others, and rightly so. As co-creations of the archangels and Creator, they are the only souls who never separated spiritually from the Oneness. They are of a purity that is rare outside their own realms and their love for humankind is unconditional. So when this season of holy days and festivities ends and the new year begins, be aware of and grateful for the constant presence of angels in your life.

Source: Message from Matthew, December 5, 2010.

The Roswell UFO crash- MATTHEW WARD (SPIRIT)

Matthew was discussing a UFO program that had recently aired:

The “official” line on the Roswell incident wherein a crashed spacecraft was for decades declared a weather balloon was exposed, but the admission that it was a secretly developed plane also is a lie, and there was no mention of the ET who survived in captivity for a few years after the crash.

Naturally nothing was said about governments’ collusion with ETs, who exchanged their knowledge of technology for noninterference in their experiments with humans with whom they had soul contracts. Nor any mention of the ET emissaries who offered governments even more advanced technology for guarantees of disarmament so your world could live in peace for the benefit of the entire universe.

Q. Were Roswell ETs future humans traveling back in time to adjust the future?

No. The four crew members of one of the civilizations that are helping Earth were in a small spacecraft on a reconnaissance mission in that area. Two were killed in the crash; one lived briefly; the other, who was not seriously injured, was taken by an Air Force general to a base hospital and soon afterwards, was flown to a base in the Midwest where he lived for over a year. Although never abused, he knew that never again would he see his family or homeland, and it can be said that he died of a broken heart.

Source: Matthew's Messages, March 13, 2005 and December 5, 2010.

See also the Verdant ETs perspective on the Roswell crash here

I’m sorry boss, I didn’t realise I was fighting-

for the Illuminati!

Image: Saving Private Ryan (film)

Soldiers at a loss

Beach walking footwear.

Photo by Sharka Todd

The inner vitality that gives life to form- SETH

Physical form is one of the camouflages that reality adopts. The camouflage is real, and yet there is a much greater reality within it - the vitality that gave it form.

Your physical senses then allow you to perceive this camouflage, for they are attuned to it in a highly specialized manner. But to sense the reality within the form requires a different sort of attention, and more delicate manipulations than the physical senses provide.


Photo by Sharka Todd

Every part of our character that is "unholy" will be revealed-

and will cause us suffering!
This, then, provides the motivation to improve it!

Whatever one believes in, one will tend to experience-

Ghosts at the cantina, restuarant

whether real or imagined!

Image: Spirited Away (film)

Humans are the plotters and planners!

Chancellor Palpatine in his office in the senate building, Star Wars Episode 2, Attack of the Clones

Image: Star Wars Episode 2, Attack of the Clones edited by Sharka

Joining the military is the height of irresponsibility-

because we are handing over our decision making authority to someone else!

Was George W. Bush cloned?

From MATTHEW WARD (2004):

Yes, the President Bush seen publicly is a clone. It was only when he became governor of Texas that it occurred to the powers that be to have him cloned. By that time, alcohol had seriously compromised his physical and mental status, so the first clone could only be a poor specimen.

Because the art and science of human—or even animal—cloning is far from perfected on Earth, there is deterioration with each successive clone, so a replacement cannot be in much better condition than the predecessor. And since the brain’s storage unit cannot be downloaded into a physically-ready clone until a new one is required, because all knowledge to that date must be included, by now there is little chance that Bush’s mental condition will improve.

Source: Matthew's Message, August 9, 2004.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A response to James Randi's comments on biblical historical accuracy

It's largely a mystery what happened 200 years ago, let alone 2000.

We can gain philosophical ideas from many sources, including the Bible. As for 'physical facts'- moments are fleeting and people's recollections of them vary.

I believe it's best to experience things first hand and if we wish to remember them later, take notes!

Sharka Todd

When you are walking along the beach, you don't know-

who is watching!

Pic by Sharka

'My Delirium' album cover by Sharka.

Stones have a role to play!

Image by Sharka Todd

The pubic area has been covered...

to keep people calm!

Image by Sharka Todd

The day will come when you can only lie and not stand up-

George Washington surrounded by friends on his deathbed

and then, finally, you will see God!

Public health warning.

Image by Sharka Todd

Holographic 3D television set.

Pic by Sharka Todd