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The choice of mental focus-

is the primary freedom!

This planet is “fallen”, meaning the divinity and magnificence of the being-

is not fully recognized!

The creation of Light Warriors to destroy darkness

"We have seen how our Creation was invaded by an alien darkness against which it had no defenses. Heru has explained that Angels, Ascended Masters, Creator Gods, and other Beings who were created in Light have had to stand against the Darkness in order to prevent the Fallen Universes from collapsing entirely. None of the Beings in this Creation were made to be warriors.

When it was finally seen that the Dark Invaders were both soulless and irredeemable, our Creator formed an entirely new Creation. From this Creation were born the Beings whom we call Light Warriors. Light Warriors are created for one purpose only - to eradicate the Darkness in all its manifestations. They traveled to our Universe hidden and cloaked in the Omniversal Energy. On August 12, 2004, Heru told us that the uncloaking had begun."

Source: The Return of Light (book)

Delays in the start of the Golden Age.

“… however, even once the Omniversal Energy had been released, there was a last-ditch effort by the Dark to stop it from reaching Earth. The timeline on Earth was distorted, bringing this time lag about, so that you are in fact not in linear time where you were supposed to have been. Earth's timeline has been rifted, somehow taken out of its proper place and distorted. These Beings are very clever.

Elora: If the timeline hadn't been moved, when would the Omniversal Energy have reached Earth?

Heru: It looks like around 1976. [Elora: That's a long delay.] Yes, and much damage has been generated due to that delay.

[Elora:] Light Workers who were awakened during the 70's will remember the tremendous sense of anticipation that was felt during that decade, and the feeling that the great shift on Earth was imminent. We know now that these intimations were based on the fact that the Omniversal Energy should have arrived on our Planet around 1976. It is tragic that the Dark was able to move Earth out of its timeline and therefore delay the coming of this great event. From this point, however, we can look forward in the knowledge that no more delays can or will occur. “

source: The Return of Light

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Dark forces update, March 2008.

The dark forces are extremely concerned about their inability to launch more plans for your incarceration, and are aware that the net is closing in on them. Martial Law is the only weapon left that will return full power to them, but they are being denied the opportunity to create the circumstances to bring that about.

The Light does not resort to any measures that may harm people or interfere with their freewill. However, we can play the same game as the dark, with the benefit of knowing exactly what they plan. On the other hand, they indulge in all manner of controls to try and find out what the opposition is planning.

Their surveillance and ability to listen in to all of your conversations is using advanced technology, and there are few places where you are safe from their prying. Their problem is that masses of information are useless to them unless they can process it quickly, and they are sinking in a mire of often unimportant and miniscule details.

(source unknown)