Saturday, July 25, 2015

Greece and the Illuminati, an update: MATTHEW WARD

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Many of your analysts think that the Greek people’s resounding “No” on the recent referendum put their country on the road to irreversible economic ruin. The country will manage. “No” put the Illuminati on the road to irreversible economic ruin.

Friday, July 24, 2015

There are many gods who collectively make up God

Text below from the book "Letters from a living dead man":

Earth is either a placement for trainee gods…

or something else!

Sharka Todd

The dark takeover of religion

True religion affirms the oneness of creation and the divinity of the beings that reside within it.  It describes a path that leads from the delusional view of the self as being limited and lacking, to one that reflects one's true nature as a powerful creative being.  Any religion that doesn't affirm the power of the individual and their innate oneness with the creation and its creator is a flawed and false one, in my view.

What do we see when we look around the most popular religions in the world?  The idea that the individual is flawed and largely powerless, and must beg for scraps of mercy from an all-powerful God.  The gap between the individual, who is described as inherently sinful and limited, and God, who is inherently perfect, is stressed.  Of course, this makes no sense.  As an extension of the Godforce we are as perfect as God is.  Indeed, we are God made flesh.  The process of life is one where we realize that we are The One and that there could be no other One but the Self, which we each are.  Instead, false religion stresses the separation between the self, who is poorly, and God, who is great.

The idea of the sinful, powerless individual promoted by much of religion is seen by many as an intentional concept put forward by dark elites who have the goal of gaining power over vast segments of society and who have attempted to achieve this through the takeover of popular social movements such as religion and science.  By promoting the view of the self as small and insignificant through these social movements elites attempt to keep the population subjugated and willing to act as slaves for the elites rather that reclaiming their true spiritual power.

The current dark teachings of religion are in direct opposition to the teachings of their original founders who stressed the divinity of the individual and their oneness with creation and God.  When one accepts one's true nature one's consciousness is elevated and one's actions come into alignment with the true will of God which is for people to multiply their talents and contribute to the glorification of this creation.

Sharka Todd

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Children's rights- the next step!

The United Nations has a convention on the rights of the child, which is a step forward for mankind, no doubt, but ignores the primary human right which I believe all humans should possess- the right  to self-determination!  That is, the right to choose one's own path, to the best of one's ability.

Because children are not seen as mature enough to make their own important life decisions adults are given that role.  This is fair in the case of very small children but as the child grows and matures I think they should be given increasingly more autonomy and the freedom to make their own important life decisions.  Unlike many people, I actually think that if children had greater control over their life there would be a better outcome, not only for them, but for society in general.

As it is today, children and youths are treated as babies until they reach their late teens when they are given some control over the direction of their life.  The compulsory schooling system offers children and youths very little control over their life which results in a disconnect in many children and the building of resentment against their adult caregivers, and society in general, due to their lack of control.  If they were given more command over their lives, and access to a broader range of interesting activities during their schooling years, then I believe young people would engage more deeply with life and contribute more richly to the culture in which we live.  As it is, we encounter many problems with youth who find their considerable energies and talents largely wasted or stymied as they are forced to sit in classrooms and carry on with largely boring and irrelevant classes that have been foisted upon them.

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Sharka Todd

Children are becoming more willful, which I think is a good thing-

as they need to free themselves from the tyranny of (misguided) adults!

Sharka Todd

We’re here to make our own world, our own rules...

our own reality!

Sharka Todd

Bad v evil: who will gain control?

It’s a complicated life, for a human!

God is what we’re aiming for, or being, as the case may be!

Spontaneity is dead. Everything happens to a schedule now.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Should God "fix everything"?

Some people want God to come in and “fix everything” but how can He do that without interfering with our individual free will choices- the very thing He created us to have?  For the way things are is a reflection of the free will choices of everyone involved and to come in and change things would mean overriding this free will.

If the way we learn is through experiencing the effects of our free will choices, and if the purpose of life is for us to learn to use our creative energies wisely, then what would be the point of a creator coming in and overriding these choices to meet some kind of abstract standard?   It would make no sense and what possibly could be gained from it?  People wouldn't learn and would still go on making the same mistakes and wouldn't become worthy caretakers of this beautiful planet or of any other realm we may one day inhabit.

Respecting human free will means that humans will create both positive and negative conditions on earth as a result of making wise and unwise choices.  This means people, animals and the earth will benefit from mankind's wise, life giving choices and suffer from man's destructive choices.  This is the only way it can be when beings are created with free will which is then honored.  To do otherwise would mean interfering with our growth process.

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Sharka Todd

No "holy book" but life, itself!

blue bird on post with rainbow in background

A “freebot” doesn’t have to plug into a power outlet-

Ex Machina (film)

or a data exchange center-
to function indefinitely!

Sharka Todd

Monday, July 6, 2015

The advantage of contradictions in the Bible

It’s a positive thing that the Bible contains many contradictions which means it cannot be the 100% true word of God* as many claim.  If it was 100% internally consistent it would only encourage people to rely too heavily on it rather than connecting with their own inner living experience of truth.

We should remember that Jesus warned against becoming like the Pharisees who were overly concerned with the written word of scripture but couldn't recognize the living Christ when he appeared in their midst in the form of Jesus of Nazareth.

Scripture can point to truth but it cannot hold it, and as the human race progresses we become ready for increasingly enlightened teachings that more closely approximate truth, and which previous generations were not ready to accept.  This is demonstrated in the teachings Jesus gave of a loving God which went beyond previous teachings of an angry, judgmental God.  As humanity grew to be able to accept that teaching, so it continues to grow to accept more advanced teachings today.

*Of course God could have intentionally channeled inconsistencies into the Bible for reasons of His own, perhaps to encourage us not to be too reliant on it, at the expense of our own living experience of truth.

Sharka Todd

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Children and truth tellers- Absolut Goebbels

Image text and edit by Sharka Todd.

Teachers should not be prison jailers- children need choices

I think the job of teacher and prison jailer should be kept separate. Somehow they have become merged in the modern schooling system, where children don’t have a choice whether to be in a certain classroom or not.  This is bad for the child and bad for the teacher.  It's impossible to teach someone who doesn't want to learn and if they don't want to be in the classroom they just become a disruptive influence.  This puts the onus on the teacher to "control" the child, which is really a nightmare for anyone but the most mean-spirited and controlling of people.  As a result, teaching attracts controlling types rather that those with a true vocation for education and a love of children.

Rather than the current limiting system it would be far more effective to give children a choice on where they go and what they do with their time.  This would make them happier and feel more in control of their life and would help to reduce the overwhelming resentment many youths feel towards the "adult" world.  this doesn't mean 2 year old should be given complete freedom but it does mean that children should be given as much choice as they can handle and soon as they are able to handle it rather than keeping them under adults tight control until they reach adulthood.  This would enhance their decision making ability, helping them as they mature, rather than them being trained to be passive receivers of experience.

Sharka Todd

Judgement, love and God (Part 2)

Image: Sharka Todd

Judgement and love cannot coexist, therefore if God is love (as many believe) then there is no judgement in Him.  Therefore, if this is true, stories of punishment and eternal suffering caused by a judging God are pure fabrication.  Indeed, those who have actually experienced the Light- which they equate to God- claim that it consists of pure, unconditional love and that, in fact, it is only ourselves that judge.  To a thinking and feeling human this makes sense.  The idea that a being responsible for this magnificent creation would be a miserable, judging monster as some believe, makes no sense except in the minds of those equally miserable.

It can be understood why the belief in a judging God became popular among certain religions when we see how this gave elites within the religious structure power over their fellow man.  Without putting the fear of punishment into people they could not be controlled, and so such fear was of eternal punishment and of angering God was created to achieve this end.  But thankfully such fears appear unfounded, for the Lord is far more generous and magnanimous than what many humans give Him credit for!

Sharka Todd

Note: the prefix Him for God is used purely for simplicity.  God, being a non-physical being, is presumably beyond gender!

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