Sunday, June 9, 2013

People who try to control you often begin-

by telling you what’s wrong with you!

Image: Unbreakable (film)

I need that oxy!

If you take none of it too seriously-

you’ll be OK!

You could kick ass and take names…

but what would be the point?

All battles are between egos-

Everything else is at ONE!

Not everybody believes in “evil spirits”-

but for those who do lavender is said to be a great repellent!

It's sometimes important to “blend in”-

to the background!

Photo by Sharka Todd

Myth is not a distortion of fact, but the womb-

through which fact must come

p. 83, The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A Seth Book by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts.

A lot of people are striving to one day “fully exist”...

but why not fully exist right now!

Photo by Sharka Todd

The history of man is very simple: first came...

the discovery of fire-

And then the iPod!

To have “beginners mind”…

is all you need!

Up shit creek without a paddle,

but luckily the stream is taking me
where I want to go!

The decay of Morass.

Image edit by Sharka

In sales there is a saying: “know thy stock!”

The drug kicked in.

Photo by Sharka Todd

My better half.

Photo by Sharka Todd

Libertarianism is a personal philosophy,

not a political one-
For you can’t legislate personal freedom!

Photo by Sharka Todd

One must sometimes take the long-term view!

Photo by Sharka Todd

The Jedi’s extrasensory powers didn’t help much with Order 66-

except for Master Yoda!

Images: Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith

Debt-based schooling and debt-based housing is a strange reality-

which means people are forever trying to “catch up” financially!

But thankfully, when we are born we owe nothing!

Everything is always renewing itself,

whether that thing be “alive” or “dead”!

Photo by Sharka Todd

Everything you think you are and that the world is-

is just an opinion!

Photo by Sharka Todd

The answer to most personal questions-

is to go within and find out!

Balancing three independent forces-

gravity, wave energy and wind!

Photo by Sharka Todd

Fighting for the football!

Carlton v Greater Western Sydney, June 2013.

Everybody is the same now.

When all stories have ended-

freedom can commence!