Sunday, July 31, 2016

Political corruption and the banning of hemp

Considering hemp is one of the most useful plants known to man, the banning of its large scale (industrial) farming is a sign of the deep level of political corruption at play in our world.

Industrial hemp, though related to the cannabis sativa plant, doesn't have the drug component of that plant, and so it's banning cannot be considered part of the failed, duplicitous "war on drugs". Instead, its' banning is clearly a corrupt move to protect environmentally and socially unsound chemical production industries and the profits they provide to the greedy and immoral "1%".

To vote any political leader in who doesn't support the full legalization of hemp is to vote in a corrupt candidate who is no friend of the people, only a friend of the "1%". This should be made abundantly clear by those with a voice to express it, as loudly as possible!

The clock is ticking and the Earth and its' people can't afford to continue to cow-tow to the greedy, corrupt 1%, who have been only pursuing their own interests for decades now, and are willing to destroy the earth and its' people to achieve them.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The needless burning of unwanted vegetation

A lot of burning of unwanted vegetation goes on in the countryside, here in Australia, and probably around the world.
Heaven forbid the vegetation should be left to provide habitat for animals and insects, to enrichen and help structure the soil, and to generally improve the local environment!

I guess it's just too "untidy" for the anally retentive minds of the property owners to handle.  Everything must look like a lifeless 1950's suburban yard.  So as a result we get a lifeless, boring environment that is hostile to life and the air full of sickening smoke, just so some tight asses can have a "tidy" property!

The Illuminati and BREXIT by Matthew Ward

SOURCE: Message from Matthew, 29 July 2016

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