Saturday, December 31, 2011

Leo Wanta and Illuminati controlled banks

Image: The Ascent of Money (Documentary)

by Matthew Ward

"Now then, I know of Leo Wanta through monitors in Nirvana, who know him to be of integrity and acting in honor in his long-time dedication to humanitarian causes through economic means. He is trying to get into circulation trillions of dollars cached in Illuminati banks—those last two words usually are synonymous—dollars they amassed by lending money they don’t have, but making loans anyway at usurious interest rates.

The London 7/7 terrorist bombings - MATTHEW WARD

"What happened in London was strategically staged to give President Bush and Prime Minister Blair full support from their respective governments, and hopefully but not necessarily public demand as well, for further erosion of civil rights and freedom of movement in exchange for promises of increased security from terrorism. A secondary purpose was to divert attention from the G8 summit being held safely distant, where, despite the official positive announcements of pledged debt relief to African nations and progress on environmental concerns, nothing at all substantive changed.

Chairman Mao's view on arranged marriage.

"In families in the West, parents acknowledge the free will of their children. But in China, orders from the parents are not at all compatible with the will of the children ... This is a kind of 'indirect rape.' Chinese parents are all the time indirectly raping their children ..."


Friday, December 30, 2011

God's sentence for every crime-

is a pardon!

It was said Mao Zedong went to bed with 2 virgins every night...

I never realized he was a John Lennon fan!

Civil disobedience-

can take many forms!

Ron Paul's foreign policy- don't push them...

and they won't push back!


the famous Italian painter.

Some people think Rupert Murdoch is a monster...

others, just a good business man!

Osama Bin Laden

Meanwhile in Japan…

A hostess club!

Be careful not to win the argument-

but lose the fight!

Opium smokers.

China, Qing Dynasty.

Shipping containers, Hong Kong.

The Ascent of Money

Buildings in China.

Subway train, Hong Kong.

Image: The Ascent of Money (documentary)

View from Freedom tower.

New York at night.

Marijuana plant.

An abandoned building- Ukraine

An abandoned building near Chernobyl.

Image: Life After People (documentary)

Better to be on ones’ high horse-

than unconscious in a wheelbarrow!

Everywhere I go: tennis courts …

and swimming pools!

Crossing the Atlantic at night.

Let the people talk-

they will anyway!

The coolest JOB in the world-

is the right job for YOU!

Often the choice given is between evolution and intelligent design-

when perhaps both factors are in play!

When guns are taken out of the community and the government becomes tyrannical-

the people have no recourse!

If one wishes to avoid all the “bullshit”-

one needs to go into silent retreat!

Foods that CAN be eaten raw…

should be!

This is a UFO…

to someone who hasn’t seen a plane before!

Bedroom studio.

Libertarianism isn’t every man and woman for themselves-

it’s about seeking agreements and not forcing things on people!

Sharka Todd

An apartment block in China.

The problem with being a CIA agent.

Matt Damon in The Good Shephard.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Body: A Containment Device.

The body is a containment device for the spirit. A containment and expression device, that is all.

It limits and focuses our attention (predominantly) through the five physical senses.

This enforced containment of the eternal spirit in the limited confines of a physical body has an empowering effect upon it. Though it be a long and difficult journey, to be locked in a body for so long, the rewards be great as the soul deepens and the power and steadfastness of the spirit within grows immeasurably.

The spirit can be likened to a beam of light. Before 'entrapment' in the body it is like a weak 60 watt globe. After many millennia of such encasement it can be transformed into a powerful laser-like device!

Universal charter.

1. Harm no life, intentionally.

2. Live peacefully alongside all other life forms.

3. Share the resources of your world with its inhabitants.

4. Don't intervene in the life of another being, unless invited by them to do so.

5. Enjoy the creation!

Amazing how it only takes 2 Sith Lords...

to rule the galaxy!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Current US presidential odds- Australian market


Overlooking the world.

The space brothers!

Silent time is essential.

Down below, things are happening!

The importance of motherhood.

A message from the Star people.

“The first fact the people of Earth must realize is that the inhabitants of other worlds are not fundamentally different from Earth men and women. The purpose of life on other worlds is basically the same as yours. Inherent in all humankind, however deeply buried it may be, is the yearning to rise to something higher."

"Your school system on Earth is, in a sense, patterned after the universal progress of life. For in your schools you progress from grade to grade and school to school, toward a higher and fuller education. In the same way man progresses from planet to planet, and from system to system toward and even higher understanding and evolvement in universal growth and service.”

“We see the Divine Consciousness expressing Itself through the growth of any and all forms, from the smallest to the largest. We have learned that nothing, no form, whatever, can be what it is without life passing through it, or supporting it. And the life we recognise is the divine Supreme Intelligence.”

(Source: George Adamski, Inside the Spaceships, 1955, p. 88-9 and p.91-2, 205-6.)

Arriving at the Bureau.

If it's not a love note-

it's nothin' at all!