Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The highly conscious puffer fish.

Photo by Sharka Todd

Schools not school

I personally believe in schools△, but not in school².

△Schools of Art, Drama, Commerce, etc.
²Primary School, High School etc.

I think it's good to offer people choice and not force things on them, no matter what age they may be!

The one size fits all approach we currently take to schooling where kids are grouped according to age rather than interest and ability is against the flow of nature and counterproductive. And most importantly, compulsory schooling, where children are offered no choice as to what classroom they must attend and what lessons must be learned, fails to respect the God-given free-will of all creatures.

School tends to turn people into passive receivers of information and experiences and this does not help them become a self-motivated and active contributor to a dynamic and changing society!

To enhance the multiple free-choice schools approach, each school that offers specialized education could have an open day or offer introductory courses.  This would give potential students a taste of what the school provides and would enable them to make a more informed choice as to whether to commit to a more detailed learning program.

In this way the individual would be driving their own education program.

Sharka Todd

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