Sunday, May 1, 2011

Who was Bin Laden, REALLY?

Was Bin Laden REALLY the "poster terrorist" to pave the way for the oil companies into the Middle East?

Was 911 REALLY the work of wealthy elites to further their profits and control?

Bin Laden remains a shadowy figure, steeped in mystery. He is blamed for many atrocities, but where is the proof? No court of law has convicted him of any crime to date and many of his supposed "admissions" have proven forgeries. All we know is that he was actively involved in military training in the era of the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Since then he seems to have remained "on ice"- perhaps preparing for his role as the "Chief Terrorist" in the Bush administrations global "War on Terror" which began in 2001 and continues to this day.

Matthew Ward (spirit) on what REALLY happened on 911 and WHY.

Sharka Todd

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