Saturday, September 14, 2013

How the dark side uses dissention to attack

A shattered energy body channels the dark forces.

The dark side will use other people's (and animal's) shattered minds and bodies to attack you.

This occurs when the other has lost their calm and becomes agitated causing the harmony of their energy body to be shattered and resulting in disarray in the physical body. This disharmonious state causes the soul to channel low and disharmonious energies from the lower mental realms.

These "lower energies" have been described as belonging to "the dark side" due to the destructive nature these thoughts tend to portray, attacking and belittling the object of their attention.

After the storm has passed the person may ask themselves where did that violent intent come from? The answer is that they opened the door to the lower realms where energies of hatred and malice abound by the disharmony they created in their body often because they felt their cherished beliefs were under attack!

Sharka Todd

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