Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My view on vaccination, freedom and disease

I'm reasonably strongly anti-vaccination for myself (but wouldn't rule out receiving one if I felt a genuine need) but I believe others should be free to decide for themselves whether they wish to be vaccinated against any given  disease or not.  This is due to my respect for the God-given free will we each are born with, although many others would seek to take it away, often under the banner of "the public good" or even "in our own interest".

Putting foreign contaminants directly in the blood I find distasteful and anti-nature, and I am not confident about the long term benefits to our health that such a procedure has, but I believe others should be free to undertake such procedures, if they so desire.

If we are not allowed control over what is put into our own bodies then we are in a dark world, indeed!

My own view is that disease is created by the soul as a message for us to change our ways.  With this view, vaccination makes little sense.  See the video below of AJ Miller who discusses this view.

Sharka Todd

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