Sunday, December 14, 2014

Are things "the will of God"?

Although I believe creation is good in the broadest sense I don't accept that what happens on Earth is necessarily the will of a God. If God exists I believe "he" leaves things up to us to decide and sadly, many choices we make are destructive rather than creative.  Hence, conditions on Earth are far from ideal!

If God has a specific desire for our lives, beyond allowing us to freely experience, then clearly there is no compunction to follow it.  Therefore the sum of actions on Earth by people will not equate to "the will of God".  "The will of God" could only manifest if every person carried out "the will of God" in their own lives and clearly this is not the case as such a thing would mean we had no free will and were just automatons, like many materialists believe.

Even if there is a God or Great Spirit separate from the individual this doesn't mean that "he" has any desire to influence our lives in any way.

The idea that there is a God who has plans for our life is one promoted by certain religions but it necessarily doesn't flow from a belief in the existence of a creator.  There are also many who believe in a creator, but one who has endowed us with free will, not to test us with either obeying or disobeying "his" will, but rather one who has the grace to allow us to live our lives as we see fit and to learn our lessons in our own time.

Sharka Todd

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