Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Science and the richness of life

Science is predominantly about that set of phenomena that are measurable and repeatable, whereas life, as lived, is about all phenomena, predictable and unpredictable, measurable and immeasurable.  As a result, life is far richer and more spontaneous than what science is able to describe.  This is why many people take issue with the notion that the descriptions of reality science provides represents the whole truth of life on earth and that no other means of gaining knowledge are of any value in this pursuit.

Science has proven a very useful tool for the advancement of human knowledge but it cannot deliver a complete view of reality, in my opinion, and needs to be combined with other ways of knowing to provider a fuller view and a richer understanding of life and our place in it.

We need to be aware of what science is good at and where it remains empty-handed so that we can have a more balanced view of its value and the value of other types of knowing which may not be able to measure a phenomenon but are able, still, to prove to us that these things are real.

Sharka Todd

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