Monday, October 5, 2015

Atheist has spiritual awakening on LSD

by Jaritheskater

I experienced my spiritual awakening through LSD as well. I had used it 3 times before, a couple of years before the breakthrough. In those years i had built up a huge scientific, materialistic ego, considering myself atheist.

My brother and some friends were getting into spirituality while i was still deep in the science delusion. When i took the LSD this time,
it started to make my mind create random worries, and the visuals seemed to be affecting my consciousness, which is why it was almost too intense.

Then, after worrying for about 10 minutes about random bullshit, and the visuals getting so intense i felt like i was going to die (or pass out), because it seemed too much to handle, suddenly my ego dies. There are no words to describe what i perceived exactly, because there are so many details, but it was the biggest relief i have ever experienced in my life. Suddenly all my worries were gone. The visuals had gotten twice as hard, but were no longer directly affecting my consciousness, so i could enjoy them. I perceived first hand how we are just the consciousness observing the 5 (6) evolution-limited senses, filtered through a random human body. I suddenly broke the ego-barrier, which was stopping me from being open minded, and i literally perceived bars of information stream directly in to my head from the universe, which was only possible because i broke the barrier blocking me from it.

I realized everything from reincarnation, holographic universe, infinite consciousness, definition of you, and soooooo much more, everything that comes with an awakening. I received the full load that night, the acid absolutely squashed my ego.

LSD isn't harmful, or addictive, it is actually proven to be a VERY effective cure for alcoholism, other addictions and many health issues and mental problems.

LSD has caused me to be free, please don't hate on lsd without knowing anything about it. And by not knowing anything about it, i mean you haven't tried it. Taking it is the only way to understand. It is unexplainable in these very limited words.


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