Friday, February 26, 2016

Don't necessarily weaken government, but de-corrupt it!

The government needs to be more powerful than any one (or group of) corporations, colluding with each other.

Of course, much of the existing political process in America is influenced by corporations and wealthy and powerful individuals, to an extent which effectively makes much of the government an extension of the corporate world rather than a servant of the public.

Some believe the answer to the problem of undue corporate influence lies with reducing the size or power of the government to reduce their ability to be used by corporate power houses.  They believe this will help free markets to be returned and the resulting positive effects throughout society they believe this will bring.

Another alternative is not to weaken the government but to strengthen the systems in place for minimizing the corruptive influence of big money.

I believe any nations government need to be overseen by powerful, independent, anti-corruption organisations and the Supreme Court needs the same process to occur to it, so that corrupt justices siding with corporate benefactors are done away with.

The answer doesn't lie in weakening the government, but in de-corrupting it!  After all, a well functioning government is needed to promote the interests of the people, often against greedy, self-serving corporations!