Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The key to political power

The key to political power is owning the global thought space and injecting your preferred narrative into it.  This is why gaining control of the messages coming out of the mass media and respected institutions is so important to those seeking power over mankind.

Thankfully, the internet, a somewhat democratic medium, has thrown a spanner in their works by allowing stories that don't suit the power elite's agenda to circulate widely.

However, danger lies in the concentration of power on the internet, particularly by Google and Facebook, which provides the opportunity to direct inquiry into approved channels and to censor material deemed "offensive".

This is what the mainstream media has been doing all along and if the internet was to go down that path then we'd once again be limited to the views and opinions our would-be "masters" would prefer we held, rather than being exposed to a wide variety of opinions that don't necessarily suit the power elite's agenda for us to be exposed to and to hold.

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