Monday, January 23, 2017

Justice is either automatic or not at all

Many people believe justice is only dealt out at the end of our life by a God who observes and judges our every deed.

Others place their faith in justice in man. They hope or work for changes in social systems to bring about a fairer, more just society.

A third group see all events as just because they see them as the outworking of the Law of Attraction- a metaphysical law that is always in operation.

This Law was taught by Jesus and is being taught by many "new age" gurus though their is disagreement over exactly how it operates.

The law of attraction concept is based on the idea that what we give out, in terms of thought and action returns to us in terms of our experience. This concept or belief sees the outside world as a mirror to our inside world of thoughts and feelings.

The Law of Attraction teaches that justice is automatic and built in to our realities framework. There is no need to wait for a future life to receive justice or to wait for society to change its lumbering laws to achieve it.

The Law of Attraction is seen as one of God's unchangeable laws that keeps the universe operating in a fair, balanced and predictable way.

The existence of The Law of Attraction doesn't negate the need to create fairer social and economic systems, but it does mean that once you understand how it operates you wont be suprised by what life brings you as you will be able to trace its cause to your previous thoughts, feelings and actions.

Above: AJ Miller explains his perspective on the Law of Attraction.

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