Thursday, June 2, 2011

Minimising PARANOIA in drug use

Any mental stimulant has the potential to cause paranoia in the individual. This is not unique to cannabis, but also includes the use of large doses of coffee, too long spent in rooms with insufficient air, the experience of heights. The body is placed in overdrive under these circumstances and the result for some individuals is large doses of fear, a.k.a PARANOIA!

There is a solution to this, of course. Paranoia arises with the thought "something is wrong". This thought is often connected to the physical experience of something being VERY WRONG IN THE BODY- insufficient oxygen intake. A revved up system needs revved up inputs to keep the body from beginning to signal very strongly that SOMETHING IS WRONG!

The intake of watered down juice or some other substance with safe and healthy doses of readily available energy also enhances this process.

Generally such periods of enhanced NUTRITION and OXYGEN needs are quite limited in terms of time. To deal with such periods effectively swift outdoor breezes, preferably cool, or the use of a room fan and the glass of readily available juice can be used.

Sharka Todd

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