Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Truth and deception, its source in the inner worlds- STUART WILDE

Stuart Wilde and Khris Krepcik

The supply of pure information of the light is in an on-going tussle with corrupted information coming from the ghouls. They are the messengers of deception, full of spite, and darkness; seeking to send humans the wrong way.

It’s our karma to be misled—to exist in a dimension of useless information—just as we are fed the news by the media that has an agenda to misinform and accentuate the status quo, while depreciating or disallowing other news items. Philosophers, poets and alternative thinkers don’t get much time on air as they might contradict the official party line.

Perception comes in part from purity, as the light of celestial information is very pure. And you’ll need purity to block corrupt information:

What’s Needed:

* A soft, clean soul (no antagonisms)
* Balanced organic living, no perversions or distortions
* A warm heart and kindness
* Humility
* Meditation (24 minutes at the same time each day)
* Vegetarianism (I don’t know any meat eaters that can see properly but that is not to say they don’t exist but vegetarianism is best)
* No dogma, control trips, anger, & manipulation, “live and let live” must be the central tenant of your life
* Love humans even if they are evil
* Time in nature

These things listed above are what you’ll need in order to see.

Stuart Wilde

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