Friday, November 18, 2011

Jesus' current view of biblical teachings:

"...the continual reference of these epistles [Paul & Peter] to my being God is all wrong and must not be believed; also, the statements that my blood washes away sin or that I died on the cross for the salvation of men or that I took upon myself the sins of mankind and thereby relieved them from the burden of their sins and the punishment which they must suffer in expiation of their evil deeds and thoughts, are all wrong."

"Again, when it is said that from the beginning the Father had foreordained my death on the cross that man might be redeemed from the penalties of sin in all men who lived thereafter, are all wrong and have no foundation as facts in the plan of God of the salvation of man and the restoring of the harmony of His universe and the eradication of all sin and error from the world. Neither Paul nor Peter wrote these things, and never did I teach them, for they are not in accord with the great plan of salvation which I came to earth to declare and explain to my apostles first, and then to the whole world. "

You can read the complete text here.

Author: James Padgett.

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