Saturday, November 5, 2011

The JFK assassination- facts disprove the original story.

"Every rifle when it’s fired has it’s own distinct sound. The sound recordings of all the bullet’s fired in Dealey Plaza the day President Kennedy was assassinated, prove without a shadow of a doubt that there were three different rifles each firing 2 or 3 shots, from three different directions at the some time.

Jackie Kennedy testified before the Warren Commission, that she had crawled on to the back of the car to retrieve a piece of the president’s skull. And that she had put the piece back on his head, and pulled his hair back down over it; and held his head on her lap as they rushed to the hospital. Her testimony was stricken from the Warren report, because it proved without a shadow of a doubt, that the fatal shot came from the front, and that there was more than one shooter."


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