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Computers, young people and killing: what is happening?

Excerpt from a September 2000 article by Jelaila Starr titled:
The Indigos: Children of the Web

The children, some of whom are in their late 20’s, that we call the Indigos, are from a 5D race of beings that travel through the universe creating technological webs for planets in the ascension process. They come from a hive or web mentality, meaning that they are mentally linked. In the web mentality, everyone in the web knows everyone else’s thoughts. In races like these, and I have worked with several over the years, they have reached a point in their evolution where the denser emotions of anger, rage, resentment and bitterness have been completely suppressed. This means that they are not connected to their lower 3 chakras but instead live in the upper 4 chakras. This creates a society of great harmony, though little individuality, and one whose emphasis is mental, logical and therefore technological.

This race has become very proficient at creating webs and, I am told, they have become known throughout the universe as the “Spider People” or the “People of the Web.” Because of their unique abilities, they are often asked to assist planets in ascension by creating a web interface between the dimension the planet is leaving and the dimension into which they wish to ascend. That interface or bridge is what we call the Cities of Light.

The People of the Web have emotions; they feel joy, peace, love and satisfaction. But, I am told and as I have experienced in working with them, they are limited in the range of their emotions, only feeling those of the upper chakras. This means they don’t feel anger, passion, rage, guilt and shame or intense sexual desire or excitement like we do. Therefore, when they come to a dense planet like earth where the full range of emotions is available and experience emotions of the lower chakras, they have difficulty assimilating them. And learning to assimilate, feel and express these denser emotions is what they desire in exchange for their service. In their world they have reached a plateau in their spiritual growth and for them to continue to spiritually evolve, they need to re integrate the denser emotions of their lower chakras.

This race of beings has incarnated into families on earth, I believe since around 1970 though some may have come earlier. When they enter a family, they unconsciously establish a mental web within the family unit. This mental web allows them to access and feel all the emotions of the other family members.

When everyone in the family is expressing their own emotions, speaking their truth and being honest about their feelings, the mental web is a wonderful experience and allows the Indigo child or Web child to feel the full range of emotions moving into and out of his/her emotional body. This enables them to gently integrate the feelings of the lower chakras in a balanced way. But, when the family is not in its integrity, not expressing their feelings and not speaking their truth, the unexpressed emotions reach a toxic level and when those toxic emotions move into the emotional body of the Web child, he/she reacts and acts them out in order to release them and thus reduce the level of emotions to a safer level.

Their reaction is often incomprehensible to us and our lack of understanding only adds more pain to their already overloaded emotional bodies. We are not used to seeing children who don’t pay attention, demand respect, act out in class, become irrationally angry, are hopelessly bored and choose isolation over interaction. In our bewilderment we turn to drugs and medicate our Web children, thinking that by suppressing their emotional bodies and their pain, we can borrow enough time to find a cure.

The answer I am told is a very simple one. We must move to a higher state of integrity, express our emotions, and speak our truth. In short, we must learn to be real and especially when relating with these children. They demand respect and integrity as part of their world. They are used to it and when it is lacking, they respond to let us know. In the most extreme cases, when there is too much anger, the Web child explodes and because they do not know how to handle the denser emotions of earth, they do what they do naturally and that is to eliminate the cause of the anger in order to survive. This is what the Spider woman (see complete article) was trying to tell me. In the dream the “bug” was anger. This race is not accustomed to feeling anger so it is like a bug or virus to them and so they use their skills to rid themselves of it and its carriers, which in this case are other humans.

I am not saying that all Indigos are this way. It seems to be those Web children who have grown up in families with family behavioral patterns that encourage and even demand suppression of the denser emotions, but not always. What I am saying is that they have the ability to rid themselves of things that are harmful to them just like we humans do. We use our technology to create vaccines to eradicate viruses that kill us; they are no different. In their case they use guns, and in the future, computer technology to eradicate what they think threatens their survival.

Since earth is now in ascension mode, the People of the Web have come here to create the technology that will enable us to bridge to the 5th dimension. The younger ones are often fascinated and sometimes obsessed with Nintendo and other computer games. The older ones, the ones in their late teens up to around 30 are the Spider people working on cutting edge technology that will meld the human mind with the computer.

By the year 2007 the Web will look much different than it does today. I am told these Indigos will create the Internet in such a way that we will have to have the utmost integrity to be able to use it and gain access to the 5D portion of it. This is what the security issues of today are heralding for tomorrow. They will create technology that scans our DNA and also our emotional bodies to ascertain our integrity level. If we have not reached that level, they will have technology built into the Internet that will shut us out of the 5D areas, thus, keeping us either individually or collectively from ascending into 5D. This will not be done maliciously on their part, but as a logical means of survival. They understand the level of integrity and honesty needed in 5D because they come from there. These technologies simply ensure the ongoing safety of those worlds by not allowing anyone of a lower frequency to enter.

Allow me to offer an example. Notice the age of the people who create most of the computer viruses. They are usually between the ages of 16 and 25. Though they are using the viruses to express their anger, we need to be aware that this is their first expression of their true abilities to create software that eradicates. These young people are angry at our lack of integrity, our choice to be dishonest, our lack of respect for ourselves and for them. They know that they cannot trust us, and they feel that the fears that block our integrity can threaten their safety and the safety of their home dimension. Computer viruses are just their first step in creating the technology that will ensure their survival and protection of their 5D world, technology that will also lock us out of that dimension. In other words, they are just warming up so please pay attention!

I’m no expert at the Web and computers so if my explanation seems a little vague and simplistic, I offer my apologies. I do struggle to put words to what I see in the visions.

So, I ask you to look at this objectively and don’t get frightened over the realization of the power this race has. They are here to help us, but we must help them in return by keeping our part of the agreement. We must help them by clearing all the emotional blocks that keep us from being in our integrity and being compassionate so that they can experience the full range of human emotions and thus, as I said earlier, re-integrate them back into their society.

I believe that we must begin to wake up and understand these children. We acknowledge that they are different from us, we acknowledge that they have a hard time with the denser emotions of anger, shame, guilt, blame etc., but do we realize why? Or are we too busy putting them on a pedestal and talking about how special they are while all the time turning our backs on their pleas for understanding, respect and their needs to experience all emotions in a balanced manner?

These are the children that are being labeled ADD and ADHD. But I say that we cause their emotional/physical/mental imbalances by our stuffing of our feelings, our dishonesty, and our fear of expressing our truth. I would even go so far as to say that if everyone began expressing their feelings and speaking their truth, the majority of these kids could be cured very quickly since their imbalances are the expression of our imbalances. I believe that if their family webs could be cleared of the toxic levels of unexpressed feelings these kids would settle down and become emotionally and mentally peaceful and happy which, I understand, is their natural state of being.

The Spider woman came to tell us this. I now believe that she came to alert us to the real situation, asking us to see what is happening. She wants us to understand her people, our children and do what we, as humans know how to do, express our feelings. I feel that the Children of the Web came in service to create for us the technology through which we can bridge to the 5th dimension and in return we agreed to help them experience the full range of emotions and the balanced expression of those emotions for which humans are known. But if we refuse to fulfill our part of the agreement, they can just as easily create the technology that will lock us out. The choice is ours. What will we do with it? There is no time to lose.

In humble service,
Jelaila Starr, messenger
The Nibiruan Council

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