Sunday, December 23, 2012

We can't know something by thinking about it

When science tells us what things are, it is engaging only the intellect.  There is no "feeling" sense being engaged by this process.  To understand things fully they must not only be thought about but felt.  For this reason we are equipped with a feeling nature.

The human is not a machine equipped only with an intellect.  We are far more advanced than that.  Beyond the 5 senses are the feeling senses which work more subtly.  We must "tune into" this part of our nature to gain the insights this part of us presents.

Those who engage only the intellect to understand life or part thereof are not connecting in any real way with that which they study.  For that to occur we must place our attention on the thing itself (not the thought of the thing) and, without thinking, pay attention to feelings it evokes within us.

This will tell us more about our focus of attention than a never ending process of deductive reasoning ever could!

For more on this topic see this article by Stuart Wilde.

Sharka Todd

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