Sunday, May 4, 2014

God, religion and freedom

God has nothing to do with religion or religious intolerance. For these are purely the works of man and his attempt to control his fellow man!

If life is the expression of a creator we call God then clearly the will of God is for us to live freely, making our own decisions as we see fit. For this is how life presents itself to us. Only our fellow man attempts to limit our freedom.

As for the religious books, although some parts of these are obviously well intentioned, it is clear that these are the works of men with limited consciousness for they are full of rules and regulations. I don't believe they are rules and regulations given by the originator of life. What we are given from the originator is just wide, open, free life, which we are able to live as we choose, no strings attached!

This doesn't mean our actions are without consequences, but these consequences are the natural result of systems set in place that are clearly observable if we pay attention to our own experience, learning from our mistakes.

"Love your neighbor" because this makes life more pleasant for you and your neighbor, not because to refuse would send you to some eternal hell imagined by the priestly caste to control the population and give them some false sense of power over them!

Sharka Todd

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