Friday, May 16, 2014

The aims and dangers of science and religion

At their core, both science and religion represent the search for truth- science the physical truth of existence and religion the psychological or spiritual truth.

Problems arise when those with fearful motives use these endeavors to create a fear-based world view that seeks to punish and control others. This explains the development of religions into political systems that attempt to control and limit the actions and beliefs of its followers. When science turns into “the scientific establishment” a similar process tends to occur. We find an elite is created which seeks to gain and maintain control over those who view them as "authorities".

Those not driven by fear do not seek to control the thoughts and actions of others and such people do not use science or religions as a weapon to attack others with. A powerful person is one who allows the freedom of others and enables them to find their own path to truth and knowledge.

Sharka Todd

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