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Fallen beings feed on human fear and anger- KIM MICHAELS

Edit of an article written by Kim Michaels in the book: Lord Maitreya's Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

Power Elite 6: Understanding the rationale behind irrational acts 

The basic equation is that a fallen being can only absorb light of a lower vibration, which is why such a being cannot steal spiritual light directly from others. It must get those who have spiritual light to misqualify that light, to lower it to a vibration that the fallen being can absorb. It does this by getting people to engage in any type of activity that lowers the vibration of their mental and emotional energies. An obvious example is any activity that causes you to feel anger or fear. Yet many activities will feed your spiritual light to the conglomerate of fallen beings and beasts, which is why Jesus told you to be aware so you do not cast your pearls before swine (Matthew 7:6).

You now see that although human beings commit many acts for which they have no rational or logical explanation, there is a rational and logical explanation for why people commit such acts. The stark reality is that these people have become tied to the conglomerate of fallen beings and beasts, and thus their minds are – at least part of the time – controlled by, even taken over by, this force. The dualistic force can manipulate people – by pulling on their mental and emotional bodies – into committing actions that misqualify light. When you look at the action itself, you can clearly see that it accomplished nothing positive and had no constructive purpose for anyone on Earth. As just one example consider how many battles have caused people to be killed without actually accomplishing anything decisive or constructive for any society. Yet the action was not motivated by a desire to accomplish a constructive purpose on Earth. It was triggered by the desire to produce misqualified energy that feeds the fallen beings and the beasts behind them. 


A substantial number of the people on Earth have their minds so controlled by dualistic forces that they are literally like cows that live only to have their energies milked by the dualistic force. One obvious example is how addicts live and breathe only to get their next fix. Yet even many so-called normal people feed one or more of the planetary beasts through seemingly innocent activities, such as smoking, drinking, watching excess TV, sex addiction, gossiping, pornography, buying the latest consumer gadget or fashion, or watching a violent sports activity. Basically, any activity that can be addictive will feed one of the planetary beasts, as will any activity that causes you to feel negative emotions or think negative or selfish thoughts.  

Most people are not completely taken over by dualistic forces, but they do have ties that allow these forces to steal their energies on a more or less frequent basis. These are the people who have the potential to take action and free themselves and the Earth from the influence of dualistic forces. The first step is to become aware of how they are personally influenced by dualistic forces and then extricate themselves from that influence. The second step is to cry out to God for the Light of God to banish these forces – and the state of consciousness out of which they spring – from the Earth. And the third step is to go out and challenge the influence of such forces on individuals and on the institutions of society. If people knew better, they would do better, but who will help them know better? Certainly not the forces of duality and the institutions they control, including most religious institutions.

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