Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Consciousness cannot be explained

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Consciousness is the space in which explanations occur and is prior to all explanations.

Every explanation for consciousness is just a thought- an object in consciousness.  Consciousness just is, that is all we can rationally say about it.  “Explaining” it is just a nonsense- a conceit of the ego.

We can speak about the conditions required in a physical body to enable consciousness to function through that body but we can't speak about consciousness itself.  This is because it has no physical or mental characteristics which can be described.  Instead, it is the screen on which physical and mental events occur.

We can speak about physical experiences, sensations in the body and thoughts- all objects in consciousness.  We can speak about the intensity of consciousness as we can with the intensity of light.  Sometimes it is dim, sometimes it is powerfully bright.  But this does not explain consciousness, itself. However, it does make it clear that the power and clarity of our consciousness does depend on bodily process whilst our consciousness is focused through a body.

Consciousness is that place where experience occurs.  We can only speak about the experience and not the mental space in which it occurs.  It is prior to language which is experienced as an object in consciousness also, as all things are.  Consciousness just is, and that is the whole story!

Sharka Todd

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