Monday, June 15, 2015

Free will = God is not in control!

Many people who belong to the theistic religions say that God is in control of what happens on earth.  I disagree, but not because I don't believe in God, but rather, because I believe in free will!

Free will means the ability to do as we choose and to shape the world in our own way.  If free will truly exists then it means that conditions on earth will reflect the desires of the people that live on it, rather than the desires of a God (or gods) who may have created it.

Many people try to combine a belief in human free will with a belief in a God that is in control of our lives, but this makes no logical sense to me.  For example, if we allow someone to live their own life free of our interference then we cannot be said to be in control of their life.  This is the same for the situation on earth.  God could only be in control of everything if he overrode our individual free will.  This would mean God had no respect for our free will and, if so, why would he create beings with free will in the first place?  It's all in or all out.  Free will cuts both ways and if we can't accept that a free will being may do harm and allow to happen, then we shouldn't allow free will in the first place!

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Sharka Todd

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