Friday, June 26, 2015

Would a God of love pass judgement?

If we accept that human judgement of others comes from fear, as I do, then it follows that a being without fear would not judge.  He may discern but he will not judge.  The difference in these two terms being that discernment sees clearly what works and what doesn't in any given situation, but feels no compulsion to pass judgement about what is believed to be morally right or wrong.

If we believe God is love (1 John 4:8), then this means there is no fear in him, as love and fear are incompatible energies.  Therefore, without fear, God would not judge another.  Instead, he may discern that a given action or tendency in us is unhealthy or even dangerous, but he would not judge it as "wrong" and deemed worthy of punishment.  After all, we have free will to experience life in our own way and life, through its mirroring action returning to us what we have metered out, allows us to learn from our mistakes without the need for punishment from God.

Those who have experienced the after-death realm are united in saying that the only judgement that occurs after death is judgment of ourselves by ourselves, upon experiencing our past life review.  Beings who have advanced spiritually have no need of judging others as they realize we are all learning and that when we know better we will do better.  The important thing is that we self-correct when we discover that there are better ways to do things!  That is the purpose of seeing errors in ourselves: to self-correct.  It is of no use that someone else see our faults if we can't see them ourselves.  And, of course, a God of love would forgive us our sins and only hope that when we see the results of our errors we endeavor to d better next time!

Sharka Todd

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