Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spiritual experiences under Ketamine- DM TURNER

Kungurtsev also found that Ketamine produced spiritual experiences, as well as long term changes in the spiritual outlook, of most of those who tried it:

"It is interesting that many people who never thought about spirituality or the meaning of life reported having experiences that one might read about only in spiritual texts or Eastern teachings...

For many patients it is a profound insight that they can exist without their bodies as pure consciousness or pure spirit. Many of them said that as a result of their experience, they understood the Christian notion of the separation of the soul and the body, and that they now believe some part of them will continue to exist after death.

There were several cases where people reported contact with God, but this is usually not an anthropomorphic figure. They describe an ocean of brilliant white light, which is filled with love, bliss, and energy."

DM Turner
Photo by Sharka Todd

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