Monday, March 11, 2013

What is sin? (ARTICLE)


Dolores: What about sin? Is there any such thing?

Spirit: Sin is basically doing what you know is wrong. Doing it knowingly. You can’t sin if you don’t know that it is wrong. You have to have morals to be able to sin. This is where man differs from the animal, the fact that man has conscience. When he kills someone and he knows that it is wrong, that is sin. When an animal does it, he does it unknowingly; therefore, the animal is without sin. He does it mostly for survival or for food- never senselessly.

Dolores Cannon: Between Death and Life, Conversations with a Spirit


"Tears coursed down my cheeks. Under the spiritual scrutiny of that great, compassionate consciousness I felt like a crawling worm — unclean, filled with error and sin. Yes, I say sin, but not in the ordinary sense men use that word. Rather sin as sin really is. And basically sin is hypocrisy, falsity, the living lie! It is looking at your fellow man with a friendly smile upon your face with treacherous, malicious, or mocking thoughts in your heart. Sin is any and all deviations from absolute truth, perfect love, absolute honesty and righteous motives. Thus actual sin has little to do with Earthly standards of sin."

Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers

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