Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scientists: hypnotised by matter

 scientist looking down into microscope

Scientists are “hypnotised” by matter and their 5 sense impression of the world.  For them this is all that exists!

But for the spiritually minded, matter is just the "surface" layer of reality.  For underneath it is perceived to exist Life itself- the true inner light of creation.

This inner light is Life itself, consciousness experiencing itself, ever changing, ever evolving!

But to observe this inner reality we must raise the frequency of our consciousness and take our attention off perceiving the purely physical nature of this world.  We must employ our whole being in this pursuit and not just focus on our vision alone.

The ability to see the more subtle dimensions of life is dependent on us raising our own vibration to meet that which is present in these higher dimensions.  When our consciousness is functioning at a low level- a low rate of vibration- all that will be apparent are those things that also vibrate at this level.  This will result in physical matter appearing to be the only reality.  The result of this is we feel we are "trapped' in physical matter, like a fly in a bottle, forever limited to exist with a body that will die in time.

However, when we identify with being the inner life that exists within matter and is ultimately free from it, we feel liberated, free to enjoy this material realm while not being subject to it.

Sharka Todd

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