Tuesday, June 24, 2014

John F Kennedy (spirit) on the 2004 elections

As a graduate of earth school I still have some feeling left for the place. For this reason I wish to reach out once again to the people of earth to express my viewpoint on the current political situation.

In America, power is centred around a man known simply as "Bush". This man is a world wide symbol representing the power of the father who imposes his will upon the son. This father image represents the parent who gives the child what he thinks is best for it, regardless of the child's own wishes. This represents a belief in an authority OUTSIDE the individual, hence the discussion of "God's will" and of "good and evil".

His opponent in the political race is Senator John Kerry. John Kerry is a Vietnam vet who is leery of Government intervention. He saw people around him die because of the wishes of the Government and this made him question the notion of outside authority.

Many individuals struggle to come to terms with the notion of a non-interventionist God. People, in their fear of individual responsibility, look to outside sources to make decisions for them. So they join a church or the military. To take full responsibility for ones own actions is too much to bear for many. As a result we have a political situation where a large portion of the population places their trust in individuals they have little true awareness of. As a result "the wool" is often pulled over the populations eyes.

The ultimate aim for all of us is to become our own authority and to make decisions for ourselves. This is the purpose of creation. We are created to freely decide our own life. There is no God telling us how to live.

There are approaches to life which have more favorable outcomes such as those given by Jesus in his sermon on the mount recorded in the Christian bible.

However, the creator, in its infinite generosity has given us each the greatest gift of all- FREE WILL.  And the whole point of free will is that it is ours to use and the responsibility for its use lies solely with us. No-one else can be held to blame. In this regard we are all students learning how to use our free will in a way that is most pleasing to ourselves.

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