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Who was behind the 7/7 London bombings?

July 16, 2005

What happened in London was strategically staged to give President Bush and Prime Minister Blair full support from their respective governments, and hopefully but not necessarily public demand as well, for further erosion of civil rights and freedom of movement in exchange for promises of increased security from terrorism.

A secondary purpose was to divert attention from the G8 summit being held safely distant, where, despite the official positive announcements of pledged debt relief to African nations and progress on environmental concerns, nothing at all substantive changed.

The four young men identified as the suicide bombers had nothing to do with the events. They weren’t even mind-controlled pawns, but simply innocent young Muslims who were picked by a London CIA segment to be the ones blamed for the death and destruction caused by that segment.
A large group within the CIA, which only superficially is an intelligence gathering agency to serve the security of the United States, is composed of Illuminati leaders and operators with diverse nationalities, political persuasions and belief systems, but with one aim: world domination.

As the stakes became higher, individuals’ egos and domineering elements emerged within the one-time cohesive Illuminati, and two major factions developed. With the infighting came carelessness over the past few years, and that, combined with the ever-increasing intensity of light on the planet, led the dark ones to use desperate measures to retain their control.

Keen minds are seeing that terrorist activities have become clumsily staged and absurdity marks the official statements about them. We are gratified by the abundant Internet reports with clear analyses of many suspicious facets of the bombings that mainstream media are not yet daring to mention, and as more clear-thinking people clamor for the truth, the facts will come out. Not only about those events, but others also ascribed to “homemade” or global terrorist groups.

What comes then? The rest of the unraveling of the control by the dark minds that have planned, financed and initiated wars and other violence; ruled through fear and unjust laws; illegally amassed nearly unimaginable fortunes; suppressed opposition; and trampled human rights.

Mother, I know that you never wish to be put on center stage; however, it is necessary for explaining what is happening on Earth from a universal perspective. Once you recovered from illness, you consistently have felt your energy surging—quite different from wellness with high energy, more like a synthesis of sensations and thoughts that “things are popping.”

Indeed! And people who are much more energy-sensitive than you have felt accordingly stronger reactions physically, emotionally and mentally. The light was increasing its beaming intensity at the recalcitrant ones of dark inclination, and in their desperate fear of losing their footing still further, they were strongly lashing out with negative energy streamers. This resistance versus the momentum of the light was fireworks, energetically speaking, so “popping” is an apt term here.

And finally I have arrived at the point for the answer to your question. This morning you awakened with a strange sense of stillness, and you were puzzled about the sudden change. But your wondering vanished as you went about doing all that you needed to do until a short time ago, when you thought to ask me “What’s up with this weird stillness I’m feeling?” and I said I wanted you to record my reply.

The “popping” that came from the clash of energies subsided because a substantial number of the souls to whom the light has been beamed have embraced it. Whereas in weeks prior to this the flow of intense energy was erratic due to the frenzied interaction of negative and positive charges, with the receptivity of those many souls, the positive—or light—flow became calm and steady. It isn’t exactly correct to say that “gentleness” entered the picture, but that word came to mind with the image of the gentleness of a mother rocking her infant.

Your thought of “stillness,” Mother, is fine insofar as your sensation, but believe me, there is anything but stillness going on!

SUZY WARD: What IS going on, sweetheart?

An incredibly strong and unstoppable momentum that will result in major changes by the end of this calendar year. Although mainstream media still are Illuminati-managed, the reins have been loosened enough so that perceptive minds looking beyond the “news” are seeing patterns of government deception, denial and exposure emerging.

Demands for honest investigations will result in their coming about, as will changes in leadership. In short, the year 2005 marks the turning point from the old to the new, and the next few years will be a time of transition to a peaceful, harmonious world. In previous messages I have mentioned what can be expected, the speed with which new technology will be implemented and environmental restoration will come with the help of your space family, and the corresponding changes in behavior and attitudes of peoples worldwide, so I won’t repeat that.

What I do want to repeat is this: Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It heals pain and fear. Pain and fear is what motivates the darkness to conceive and execute their heinous crimes to create pain and fear in other souls. Light—the other side of the coin from love—is the cure for hatred, prejudice, revenge, oppression, killing. We beseech you to not only join us in lighting the way for the souls lost in darkness so that they may find their way back to the peacefulness and fulfillment within love, but to teach others.

As the truths that have been hidden from Earth’s peoples for millennia are revealed in the coming months, you who have long awaited this will not be surprised—you will rejoice! But you represent a small fraction of souls with factual knowledge and spiritual knowingness. The majority will be shocked, and when initial disbelief fades as conclusive evidence continues to be presented, those with firm convictions that their beliefs and knowledge are right will experience denial, then anger and betrayal. They will need your loving supportiveness to reach understanding, acceptance and joy that the time of taking their rightful place as members of our universal family is here.

Matthew Ward,
July 16, 2005

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