Friday, July 24, 2015

The dark takeover of religion

True religion affirms the oneness of creation and the divinity of the beings that reside within it.  It describes a path that leads from the delusional view of the self as being limited and lacking, to one that reflects one's true nature as a powerful creative being.  Any religion that doesn't affirm the power of the individual and their innate oneness with the creation and its creator is a flawed and false one, in my view.

What do we see when we look around the most popular religions in the world?  The idea that the individual is flawed and largely powerless, and must beg for scraps of mercy from an all-powerful God.  The gap between the individual, who is described as inherently sinful and limited, and God, who is inherently perfect, is stressed.  Of course, this makes no sense.  As an extension of the Godforce we are as perfect as God is.  Indeed, we are God made flesh.  The process of life is one where we realize that we are The One and that there could be no other One but the Self, which we each are.  Instead, false religion stresses the separation between the self, who is poorly, and God, who is great.

The idea of the sinful, powerless individual promoted by much of religion is seen by many as an intentional concept put forward by dark elites who have the goal of gaining power over vast segments of society and who have attempted to achieve this through the takeover of popular social movements such as religion and science.  By promoting the view of the self as small and insignificant through these social movements elites attempt to keep the population subjugated and willing to act as slaves for the elites rather that reclaiming their true spiritual power.

The current dark teachings of religion are in direct opposition to the teachings of their original founders who stressed the divinity of the individual and their oneness with creation and God.  When one accepts one's true nature one's consciousness is elevated and one's actions come into alignment with the true will of God which is for people to multiply their talents and contribute to the glorification of this creation.

Sharka Todd

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