Thursday, February 12, 2015

Did God, alone, create everything?

Photo by Sharka Todd

Many esoteric schools teach that God, or the original cause, created an innumerable number of independent free will beings, out of "His" own being or consciousness, in order to carry out the work of creating worlds, rather than doing it all "himself".  Therefore, to blame or thank God for everything that exists on any given world may be inaccurate.  Instead, our thanks or blame may be to these "lesser" gods who are involved in the various creative processes on that world.

On earth, the human race exercises a great deal of control over current conditions, both physical and psychological, and for these conditions the human race is collectively responsible.  Over other things, such as natural processes, we appear to not be responsible and the creation or maintenance of those things may be in the hands of other creative beings we are unaware of.

The idea that the one God is in command of all things is clearly in error if "lesser" gods were created to carry out creative work in the cosmos.  If any of these beings begins to create in a way that doesn’t promote all life, but is in opposition to some of it, then we will have unfavorable conditions under which some beings will live.  Some would say then if this is the case the God of All should intervene and fix these things but it may not be in the power of such a being to do so or His respect of the free will of His agents may be absolute.

An example of this kind of God is described in The Return of Light, a book available here.  I do not vouch for the accuracy of the book, as it speaks of matters outside my experience, but it may help those who struggle to understand how there could simultaneously exist a loving creator and yet worlds of darkness.

Sharka Todd

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